A loud gong suddenly woke me up early in the morning. The sun had yet to arise and the entire city was silent, well at least all but my house was.  My mother had prepared all night in secret in order to transform our home to an ideal training environment.

“Wake up Kevin it is time to start your training. Come on now get up we have only got one year now we don’t have time to waste.”(Veronica)

I groggily lifted my upper body and stared with glazed eyes at my mother. Still half asleep I barely heard she said and tried to fall back asleep.

“Oh no you don’t.” (Veronica)

As I was about to climb back into my cover my mother reached over and plucked me out of bed. Lifting me by the scruff of the neck much like how a lioness pick up her cub, my mother dragged me out of bed.
“Now hurry and throw this on we have an hour till sunrise, just enough time for a morning run. Meet me down in the back in five minutes. If you are late then there will be punishment.”

My mother quickly tossed me some clothes that was very similar to a track suit. Just out of curiosity I decided to inspect it and was quite surprised.

[quart=Quality, Type]Uncommon, Full Suit/Light Armor[/quart]
[quart=Defense, Durability]+5, 50/50[/quart]
Training Suit

Extra Effects:
+Health Increase (+50)
+Training speed Increase (+10%)
+All Regen Increase (+10%)

This was the first piece of actual armor I have received and its effects were amazing. It not only increased health but also increased regen and the rate I earn stat points. Basically it was a cheat armor that will help me grow no matter how strong I was.

I quickly put on the brown leathered training suit and made my time stairs as fast as I can fearing that I might be already late. There is no telling what mom would do to me if I was late.

I exited the house and into the cold morning air. Half jogging I made my way to my mother who was waiting in the now cleared backyard. All the grass and trees were stripped and the barren land now hosted several dummies and stone circle sat at the center.

“Huh mom what in the world happened to our backyard?”

“Ho, ho, ho. Your father and I have been preparing this for years. Now enough talk go run laps around the house till I am tired.”


After an hour running I was finally allowed to stop running and was made to do 5 sets of iron man work outs (100xpushups, 100xsitups, 100xsquats, and 100xsupermans), than was sent to run again. All in all it took 6 hours till I finished. By afternoon I was extremely tired, hungry, and drenched in sweat.

The intense training however brought amazing results. My agility increased (+4), strength (+5), and Endurance (+3).  

I laid down under the shade from the house and tried to control my harsh breathing. My heart was pumping so fast my chest felt like exploding and my legs, arms, and core screamed in agony. As I laid there my mother walked up beside me with a gentle smile on her face.

“Good job son you actual finished he workout.” She reached down to stroke my head but my stomach growled loudly. “Ha I guess you would be hungry after all that.”

After eating my fill of sandwiches and rehydrating with lots of water I went back outside to start my own training of martial arts using the dummies. Because of my connection with the internet I was able to learn almost any martial art available on the web. Thus I began my training in mastering martial arts.

A few hours and tons of mistakes later I finished up my training. Felling exhausted I ate dinner and went back to sleep. For the next 3 months this was my life. Eat Sleep Train than do it all again.

Over the months my stats greatly increased. My Strength, Agility, Endurance, and Perception shot up like a rocket till I finally hit a wall with my growth. I also unlocked a new Skill called Martial Arts. Basically based off my knowledge and use of a martial art I could increase its damage output.

Over the months however I ignored my other skills so sadly they remained stagnant.  

[quart=Name, Race]Kevin, Human[/quart]
[quart=Level, Experience1, 0/20[/quart]
[quart=Class, Class Experience] Scholar (Student Stage 1), 57/100[/quart]
[quart=Fame, Notoriety]0, 0[/quart]
[quart=Health, Energy]190(140+50), 100[/quart]
[quart=Strength, Perception] 43, 61[/quart]
[quart=Endurance, Intellect]30, 105[/quart]
[quart=Agility, Luck] 65, 0[/quart]
[quart=Regeneration, Energy Absorption]1%, 1%[/quart]
[quart=Honor, Divinity]0, 0[/quart]
[quart=Attack, Defense] 11, 9(4+5)[/quart]
Status Window
Magic Resistance
Unallocated Stat Points

Class Bonuses
+For Every Level (+2) Intelligence
+For Every Level (+2) Perception
+SPEED READING: Reading Speed (x2)
+MENTAL PROCESSING: Thinking Speed (x1.2)
+QUICK LEARNING: Able to understand anything once taught or learnt
+SCHOLARS AURA: Regeneration and Energy Absorption Unlocked
+BRANCH OF LEARNING: Allowed to learn techniques from other classes. (Current Class Limit: 1)

Other Bonuses:

(Training Suit)
+Health Increase (+50)
+Training speed Increase (+10%)
+All Regen Increase (+10%)

Extra Classes

Skill Window

Class Skill (Scholar):

(Passive Skills)

Analyze (Beginner Lvl:3): Allows the identification of people, objects, and skills

Focus (Beginner Lvl:2): Extreme concentration on a specific target(s) causes your world to slow (Duration: 2s)(Time Slowed 10%)

Scholars Aura Key: Allows entry to Libraries and Knowledge Temples, as well as other hidden Scholar places

Knowledge Well: The user is granted a perfect memory, as well as an unlimited capacity for knowledge

(Active Skills)

Mind Sweep (Beginner Lvl:2): Allows the user to see everything within their perception sphere. (Current Radius: 3m)(Cost: 10e/s)

Energy Condensation (Beginner Lvl:2): allows the use to condense raw energy to form temporary items.(State-Dependent Energy Use)(Energy Reduction: -20%)

Energy Infusion (Beginner Lvl:2): Allows the user to infuse any amount of energy into an object, Effects vary.(Infusion Rate: 25:1)  

Other Skills:

(Passive Skills)

Explosive Resistance (Beginner Lvl:1): Due to constant threat of explosions your body had adapted to take the heat and concussive force from the blast. (Damage From Explosions: -5%)

Martial Arts (Beginner Lvl:2):
Able to learn martial arts skills faster (+6%)
Jujitsu (Beginner Lvl:4): Damage fro related skills (+8%)
Karate (Beginner Lvl:2): Damage for related skills (+6%)
Krath Maga (Beginner Lvl:1): Damage for related skills (+5%)
Roman Greco Wrestling (Beginner Lvl:5): Damage for related skills (+9%)
Muay Thai (Beginner Lvl:1): Damage for related skills (+5%)

I gladly woke up early in the morning and sought to start my morning run around the neighborhood. With my increased stats I literally jumped down the stairs and bolted for the front door when I was stopped by my mother whom was waiting there for me.

“Wait up son you aren’t going to be running today. I got something else in plan.” Just as she finished her sentence she tossed a medium sized pouch of coins over to me led me out the door.”
Walking with a very brisk pace we walked throughout the streets and into the third ward. Struggling to keep up with mothers pace amongst the crowd I trailed behind but eventually caught up to her when she finally stopped in front of Iron Lion’ Den, one of the many forges in the city.

A small smile curled along my lips as I finally deduced what we were doing here.  I am finally able to get my hands on an actual weapon.

Seeing my excitement my mother couldn’t help but to smile herself. “You finally realized it did ya. I thought about it and I think it’s time you actually bet something a little funner to practice with besides of pebbles and sticks. Now come on let’s get on in. the owner Gray is an old friend of mine that I know would be excited to finally meat you.”

As we entered the store front of the forge a gust of stale, metallic, hot air filled my lungs. Being taken by surprise I inhaled the air and was sent to a coughing fit for a good while till a skinny lanky men with a leather apron gave me some water.

“Nice to meet you. Judging by Veronica standing here I assume that you are her infamous son the scholar.” (Gray)

Taken a little aback by his claim “infamous” I couldn’t help but be peaked with interest. “What do you mean by infamous.”

“Come on now boy everyone talks about it. You going rage and beating up that group of killers during the ceremony.” (Gray)

Slightly embarrassed I felt blood rush to my cheeks. Well I guess that is just how things are when you live as nobility in a small city.

“Now stop embarrassing the boy. Any ways it is time that we get Kevin suited with a proper weapon.” (Veronica)

“Hmm a weapon eh. Hmm.” Observing me like a prime beef cattle he circled around me while poking and pinching me. “Hmm interesting.” (Gray)

“Boy mind telling me what are your stats.” (Gray)

“Sure I don’t mind. Let’s see uh lvl 1 Human Scholar, 190 health, 100 energy”

“STOP wait did you say 100 ENERGY!!!” (Gray)

“Uh yeah is that something wrong.”

“This is amazing. Do you know how many people will kill to have energy? No one has ever been able to control that naturally. Only enchanters and alchemist are able to work with it and it takes 100 mana just to create one energy. This is unbelievable. Show me. Show me.” Slightly drooling from his mouth he had the same look my dad had whenever he sees some priceless magical tech.

“Uh uh” slightly afraid I looked towards mother but she just gave me a thumbs up so decided to do it anyways.

Walking over to a barrel filled with cheap swords I picked a random one and quickly analyzed it.

[quart=Quality, Type]common, Blade (One Handed)[/quart]
[quart=Damage, Durability]1-3 (12-14), 20/20[/quart]
Dull Iron Sword

Extra Effects:


Status Update

Congratulations!!! Through your constant training and persistence you have raised Analyzed to Beginner Lvl:4

Awesome analyze stopped growing for a while after I analyzed everything at my house. Guess you have to really analyze a variety of new things to increase it faster.

Taking the sword I walked to the middle of the store room and activated Energy Infusion and infused 25 of my energy. A soft silver hue glowed around the sword. Thinking it might be fun I went ahead and Analyzed the blade again.

[quart=Quality, Type]common, Blade (One Handed)[/quart]
[quart=Damage, Durability]1-3 (12-14), 20/20[/quart]
Dull Iron Sword (Energized)

Extra Effects:
+Energized (+1) Energy Damage (Unblockable)

Seeing this Gray eyes filled with wonder and excitement. “Unbelievable, Amazing, boy do you know the magnitude of what you just did. Hundreds of year’s people have been trying to infuse energy directly unsuccessfully if I might add and here you are doing it with little effort. Veronica you got to let me study your,” BONK

Before he could finish mother punched him on the top of his head. “You are not studying my son. Now we came here for a weapon. We have humored you long enough now if you please I would like to get down to business.” (Veronica)

“Ow now come on Veronica you still never change. Always such a brash woman. Hitting someone when you get annoyed. I don’t think that you realize it but your son holds the key to a new evolution of knowledge.” (Gray)

“Gray you either get some weapons out right now or I am going have a conversation with your wife Prim about you going to the Silver Lantern and gambling again.”(Veronica)

“It’s not gambling its investing in a potentially profitable probability, and please don’t tell Prim. Remember last time she nearly dropped and anvil on me when I was asleep. I know that I will respawn but it still gonna hurt.”

“Get to it than you’ve got ten seconds to procure some weapons.”

Scrambling like an uncoordinated madman Gray ran throughout the room grabbing weapons off the walls and out of various barrels. Finally after exactly ten second Gray leaned over huffing loudly while a variety of common and obscure weapons were displayed on the counter.

“Huf, huf, huf, now why don’t huf you pic (cough) a weapon that suits your fancy haa.”

Walking to the left of the counter I started to browse through the arsenal. Several swords of various shapes and sizes were displayed along with maces, morningstars, knives, staves, and bladed gauntlets. Along the selection though the one thing I was looking for was amiss.

“Excuse me uh, Gray but do you have any bows?”

“Ha bows you sure are funny boy. You should know that bowmen are looked down upon in this kingdom. The only ones who ever use them are hunters and them meager elves. It’s not a weapon a true warrior uses.” (Gray)

Sensing my sadness mother decided to speak up. “Now Gray my boy wants a bow. I know that you have got to have at least one in the back and let him just see it.”(Veronica)

“Really. Surely you know what others might say about a warrior using it.”(Gray)

“Yes I am. Besides if they want to talk smack we will just have to show them up now don’t we Kevin.”(Veronica)

Filled with excitement I nodded eagerly. For me I have always yearned to learn how to use a bow, even in my other life. Bows fascinated me. On earth every culture has developed their own version of this ancient weapon. Every culture from Asia, to Europe, to the Americas, have developed the bow. In this new world this is the weapon that I wanted to master.

After going into the back for about twenty minutes Gray finally returned with a 5ft tan bow, and a quiver of arrows. Now this was left here by a traveling merchant a couple years back. “I had to restrung it and tighten it up a bit but it should be good now.” (Gray)

Taking it into my hands I identified it.


[quart=Quality, Type]Fine, Recurve Bow[/quart]
[quart=Damage, Durability]10-20 (21-31), 50/50[/quart]
Fine Yew Recurve Bow

Extra Effects:
+(Peirce) Ignores 5 Defense

+Strength (40)
+Agility (50)
+Perception (50)

“Now that bow should have a pull strength of around 40lbs. It should just be barely enough for you to use it.” (Gray)
“This is amazing.”

Feeling excited I grabbed an arrow from the quiver and tried to notching it. As I pulled back my arms shook from the strain and suddenly the string slipped from my grasp and fired forward eventually burrowing itself an inch from Gray’s face.”

“Boy you watch where you shooting. You could have took my head off just now.”

Impishly I apologized. “Sorry.”

After paying for the bow we left back home to rest for the rest of the day. On our way back however we received more than a few glares.
When we got home mother had me put away the bow saying we would train with it tomorrow.

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