Only Human



Family and First Discovery


As I slowly woke pain erupted from my whole body. It felt as if hot needles were driven onto my skin and pierced my bones. Yelling in pain I withered around till finally a cold a soothing hand met my forehead. A calm and soothing felling filled me and I went back to sleep.

When I finally woke up I found myself in my bedroom. Morning light filled the room and the smell of cooking smoked meat filled the air. Realization struck me and greif filled my soul. My parents were dead. Before I could break down I heard voices coming from down stairs.

“Richard hurry up and get down here. It’s time for breakfast.”(Veronica)

“Honey just a minute I am trying to adjust the accuracy of my turrets.”(Richard)

“If you aren’t here in 5 seconds I will burn your food and through it out!”(Veronica)

“Ah don’t be rash now.” From across the hall I could hear my father hurriedly rushing out of the room and down the stairs.

What is going on didn’t they die in the attack. I thought for sure I saw their lifeless body amongst the crowd.

An uncontrollable urge caused me to jump out of bed and bound down the stairs. Rushing through the house I made my way to the dining room where my father and mother sat eating their breakfast. When I entered the room I made eye contact with my stunned parents and I broke down. It was a miracle my family was alive.

I slumped down onto my knees and started to ball my eyes out. Tears of joy and relief flowed out of me. My parents got out of their seats and each embraced me reassuringly as if telling me they were there for me.

“H-h-how how are you guy alive? You were d-dead.” sniffling through the question I looked at my parents.

“Oh my goodness we are sorry for frightening you. It is okay now. We are here we are alive. Remember the city is a safe zone no one can truly die hear. If you die in the city area you are reincarnated at the church.”(Veronica)

As my mother explained it to me I suddenly remember that this was a game. Of course the city was a safe zone but still the shock of seeing my parent’s body still haunted me. Unlike other games where simply no one can attack within a safe zone in this one instead you can die but will be reincarnated.

After a period of silence I finally composed myself and we separated from each other. We all sat down at the table and started to eat breakfast as a family once more.

“So son we never had the chance to ask you what is your profession are you a mage like your old man.”(Richard)

“Ha as if you heard what they said about him beating up the assailants obviously he is a warrior like his mom.”(Veronica)

I then remembered about the black clothed men that I incapacitated. “Um wait a minute what happened to those guys.”

“Ah well unfortunately before anyone was able to bind them they were teleported away, probably by their boss or employer.”(Richard)

“Hmm well at least everyone’s okay. Oh yeah according to the imperial tester I am a scholar.”

“A scholar huh. Wait s you said scholar yes. This is amazing this means you can enter those mysterious libraries. Oh my goodness think of all the knowledge stored there. Maybe we can use it to finish my turrets or better yet make an army or…or...or…or”

Father kept raving on like a crazed mad man that found a new toy till my mother knocked him in the back of the head causing him to land face first in to his food.

“Now honey now don’t scare our son with your mad magic experiments.” She then turns to face me. “Now baby that sound wonderful did she tell you anything else about your class.” (Veronica)

Not sure how to respond I answer honestly. “uh well she kind of told me to figure it out myself and pushed me out of the tent.”

“That wrench she dare ignores my child why I just might have to teach her a lesson.” (Veronica)

Seeing the fiery glint in her eye I knew that I had to act fast before she did anything rash. “Mom calm down please its okay. I am sure that she had a reason there is no use going on man hunt.”

“Hmpf fine but if I ever see that woman again I am going to her give her a piece of my mind.” (Veronica)

“Well at least it is not a piece of your steel we are still paying for that tavern you destroyed.” (Richard)

“Oh sweetie if you mention that one more time then me and our son are going be the only ones to be eating dinner tonight.” (Veronica)

“I am sorry my dear beautiful wife please forgive me if I don’t eat I am going to die.”

“Fine than. Now stop groveling and get finish up remember we still have that thing we need to pick up.”(Veronica)

After breakfast I headed to the backyard to start testing out my class.’

With my new and enhanced older frame I found it a lot easier to walk around the house and perform task. My small body and uncontrollable incoordination of a child was no more. This was truly a blessing that meant I could now start training in advance martial arts as well as start leveling myself up.

When I got to the back yard I quickly tried opening my status window.

[quart=Level,Race]1,Human[/quart][quart=Fame, Notoriety]0,0[/quart]
[quart=Health, Energy]100,100[/quart]
[quart=Strength, Perception] 10,50[/quart]
[quart=Endurance, Intellect]10,100[/quart]
[quart=Agility, Luck] 10,0[/quart]
[quart=Regeneration, Energy Absorption]1%,1%[/quart]
[quart=Honor, Divinity]0,0[/quart]
[quart=Attack, Defense] 5,1[/quart]
Status Window
Scholar, (Student Stage 1)
Magic Resistance
Unallocated Stat Points

Class Bonuses
+For Every Level (+2) Intelligence
+For Every Level (+2) Perception
+SPEED READING: Reading Speed (x2)
+MENTAL PROCESSING: Thinking Speed (x1.2)
+QUICK LEARNING: Able to understand anything once taught or learnt
+Scholars Aura: Regeneration and Energy Absorption Unlocked
+BRANCH OF LEARNING: Allowed to learn techniques from other classes. (Current Class Limit: 1)

Other Bonuses

Extra Classes

Looking at me status I was stunned. This was simply amazing. My class basically allowed me to free reign over my skills and didn’t stop me from getting another class. Another thing was my absurd amount of intelligence and perception. It seems that I was given stats similar to my current build. This would explain my insanely high starting intelligence and low luck.

After looking at the window I noticed the points I had left to spend and instantly thought up of how I wanted to spend my points. I instantly dumped everything into agility and after I did I felt my body becoming lighter.

Testing it out for a bit I decided to give my new speed a test and took off. After a few lap[s around the house I finally grew tired but joy filled my heart. Never had I dreamed of running so fast, and this was still only the tip of the iceberg. I wonder what else I am able to do.

A light bulb flashes in my head. “Open Skill Window!!!”

Skill Window

Class Skill (Scholar):

(Passive Skills)

Analyze (Beginner Lvl:1): Allows the identification of people, objects, and skills

Focus (Beginner Lvl:2): Extreme concentration on a specific target(s) causes your world to slow (Duration: 2s)

Scholars Aura Key: Allows entry to Libraries and Knowledge Temples, as well as other hidden Scholar places

Knowledge Well: The user is granted a perfect memory, as well as an unlimited capacity for knowledge

(Active Skills)

Mind Sweep (Beginner Lvl:1): Allows the user to see everything within their perception sphere. (Current Radius: 3m)(Cost: 10e/s)

Energy Condensation (Beginner Lvl:1): allows the use to condense raw energy to form temporary items.(State-Dependent Energy Use)

Too eager to wait any longer I activated Mind Sweep. The world around me instantly took shape. I still kept my regular vision but in my mind an image formed. For the area three meters around me I could see everything from every angle and aspect. It was amazing sight.

After a while my body started to strain and I had to cut off the skill. I checked my energy and found that I had only 20 left. Feeling too tired to continue I decided to take a nap and rest.

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