After exiting our small two storied mansion within the 2nd ward my parents and I started down the cobble road towards city square within the third wards, which is located in the middle of the city. Rosewood is constructed in a circular pattern with 6 different wards the surround a central ward, the first ward.

The first ward contains all important government buildings including town hall and The Grove, home of the baron. The second ward houses many of the upper class, minor nobles, and merchants. The third ward consist of all the stores shops within the city. It also has town square the central meeting place of the community. The fifth ward houses all of the middle class. This is where the average family is likely to stay. The sixth ward is located by the Saii River that runs parallel to Rosewood. The sixth ward is a harbor that is responsible for shipping along the river. The last ward is the slums.

My parents and I walked together all the way to the market district. On our way we passed several other families heading to meet the imperial tester. Parent and child were filled with hope discussing how amazing it was to join the army.

In the nation of Spiro children started training for their career when they are five year old, and in this war geared country all parent wanted their kid to join the military. The imperial testers were sent out to scan a child’s magical or rage potential. Using this information the tester is to determine what the child’s destiny should be.

After walking through the market district for about 15 minutes we finally arrived at the square. People from around the area, city dwellers as well as others from the surrounding villages were all pack in this giant square eagerly waiting to see the imperial tester.

We walked up to one of the registration tables closest to us and my mother and father start to fill out the requisite forms. These served little more than official documentation of the child as well as proof of lineage.

After filling my forms and returning them to the head table we decided to head to the far side of the square where we would be out of the way but still able to see the magical projection displaying the next few up to see the tester.

As we stand there waiting I got severely bored. I have waited five years as a child and I stuck here waiting so that I can finally see the tester to unlock my power.

Previously during my five years of waiting I tried everything I could to gain an ability or even to check status but nothing would come up. My ability was locked. After secretly reading through text at the house library and eavesdropping on conversations from the maids I found that in order for inhabitants of this world to start gaining abilities they had to go through the ceremony of unlocking at the age of five.

When the royal tester is gauging your ability he has to first unlock it by reciting a blessing upon the child. This blessing allows the child to start gaining skill points and skills.

As we waited a strange man pompous man and his daughter arrogantly approached my family. From his expensive clothing and supercilious attitude one can easily identify him as a noble.

“Ah good morning Richard what is one of the trash houses, oops, I mean you are doing here today. Ho, ho ho.”

“Good morning to you as well Ryan. I didn’t know that the circus came to town. I see that you brought your daughter around. Hopefully she is just half as arrogant as you are.”

“How dare you say that! My little Anne is the pride and joy of the Liorne House. We will just have to show you when she out shows that little runt of yours. Hmpf.”

As the man turns away to leave his daughter copies his actions follows suit with her own arrogant hmpf and walked away. Something tells me that this isn’t the last that I see of this girl.

“I can’t believe them Richard. How can such a pompous pig be a noble of Spiro. It is a disgrace to see such a man."

“It is fine Honey. There are plenty of them out there, but now is not time to dwell on such. Look it is time for our son to meet the tester.” Unable to hold in his excitement his eyes gave of a childish glint. Richard always dreamed of his son following in his family’s footsteps and becoming a mage..

“I will let it go for now but next time imma gonna beat him to a pulp.” (If I forgot to mention my mother was a powerful warrior.)

Finally it was my time. Eagerly I went ahead for my parents and burrowed my way through the crowd till I stood in line waiting to see thee tester. In front of me stood another younger boy, or should I say beast. He was at least 1.5 times my size. Now that I look around I noticed that all the other kids were the same size. I was like a stalk of grass in a forest of giants.

Some insecurity filled my heart but was quickly dismissed. Of course I would be different from them I’m from another world. God did say that I was going have an altered body, maybe this was just a part of that.

As I waited my imagination ran wild imagining myself as a great paladin protecting the people by using godly arts and a silver sword. Amongst my day dreaming I forgot to notice that the line had shortened and it was finally my turn.

A kid behind me shoved me back into reality and motioned me to hurry up and go into the tent. A little embarrassed a meagerly walked into the tent.

Inside the tent was a lone woman sitting at a table with a magic orb in the middle. I approached the woman with renewed excitement and sat on the chair across from her.

As if meditating her eyes stayed closed. She moved little unless to breath.

“Um excuse me mam. I am here to be tested.”

As if shocked she jolted awake. “Oh my goodness I didn’t sense you entering the tent at all. Hmm very interesting. Well since you are here shall we begin?”

“Uhuh, I mean yes please mam.”

“Now go ahead and place both hands on the ball and close your eyes.”

I proceeded to follow her instructions and placed my hands on the ball. As I closed my eyes an odd energy filled my body. As if electrified my body hummed with power.

Unknown to me my body was surrounded by a dense energy fielded and I started to levitate. My previous black hair turned silver and strange markings of triangle circles and lines appeared on my skin.

In her life time the tester has never seen such an aura. Quickly recovering from her awestruck she hurriedly summoned a reference book for answers.

As she rapidly flew through the pages looking for some kind of reference she finally found the answer.
The Aura of the Scholar.

According to the text only those with this Class are able to enter the Libraries, ancient wells where all of known knowledge is captured. In the entire existence of the world there hasn’t been a single one and except for this little info provided through the holy identification book given from the gods.

Staring up at the boy she finally saw the raging storm of power subsiding. The boy gradually lowered back down to the chair.

The power flowing through me and finally started to disperse. The raging storm of energy calmed and I felt myself waking from the trance like state.

When I opened my eyes I saw the lady tester with a look of disbelief and confusion. I don’t know what happened but something spooked the woman.

“Ah Ahem. Excuse me um do you know what just happened just now” (Tester)

“Um no mam what do you mean did something happen.” Confused I looked around the tent to see if there was something different around me but I couldn’t notice anything weird about the tent.

While looking about I suddenly noticed that I was sitting a lot higher than I was before entering the room. I looked at my body and strangely I was longer and toned than I was before. Slightly confused I looked at my reflection on the glass table and find a teenage version of myself with white hair looking back at me.

“What in the world is going on right now? Why am I suddenly older and what’s with the white hair?”
I look at the tester for answers and wait for some sort of explanation.

“Ah well it seems that you have successfully gone through the unlocking ceremony. Because of this your body has developed so that it may properly be able to train. As for your class it um well you are a Scholar.”(Tester)

“What do you mean a Scholar? That can’t be right. Isn’t there only option along the main professions: Warrior, Mage, Archer, Rouge, Healer, and what not. What is a scholar?”

“I am sorry but I just don’t know. There isn’t anything I can do but wish you good luck discovering your class.”

Before I could say another word I was hurriedly pushed out of the tent and found myself back outside on the city square I tried to turn back into the tent but was restricted by two guards at the entrance.

“Sorry kid but after the ceremony you are not allowed back to see the Tester. If you had any further questions I advise you to talk with someone from the college. Now please be on your way.”

Feeling that I was not going be allowed in I decided to scrap the idea and find my parents. Looking around I couldn’t find them anywhere. Worried I continued to look through the crowd but no trace of them was to be found.

I kept searching till I finally gave up and decided to seek help from one of the patrolling guards. As I was approaching the guard a ear piercing shout emanated from the crowd. “MURDER, MURDER. Someone HELP PLEASE. Their a people killing urgllldkndivc.” Before the lady could finish her throat was sliced open by a black leathered clothed man. Suddenly other similarly dressed man entered he scene and blood was spilled everywhere.

Several people tried to fight back but found that their rage and mana was suppressed. No one was able to use their abilities, except for the black leathered man. The square turned into a killing pool that filled with blood.

As many died the survivors were huddled together in the center desperately trying to put on an offensive but were slowly being crushed like an anaconda and its prey.

After a short period of time little was left of us defenders and that was left was the Tester, Anne, a guard, a noble, and myself. Grinning the men each with a sharp devastating looking dagger approached us. Like wild animals they could sense easy prey.

I looked at the bodies around in despair till finally I saw the body of my lifeless mother and father. They had been killed during the conflict. Deep emotion welled up inside me. The closest people I had ever loved are dead before me.
Bubbling rage boiled inside me but was abruptly calmed. For some unknown reason clarity came upon me and the world started to slow. All background interference ceased and I focused on the men before me.

Calmly and emotionless I darted towards the first of the assailants. As I was neared him time slowed to an immensely slow rate which allowed me to smoothly evade all attacks while incapacitating the man using my knowledge of martial arts and pressure points. Before the man had fallen I was already heading towards another target who I similarly dispatched. Following this cycle I took down every opposing combatant.

By the end 27 men laid before me. As I stood above them a sense of nausea and exhaustion came over me and I blacked out.

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