I rose up from the small bed and found myself fully dressed in a white jump suit, and in a completely empty room except for the bed. There was no door, nor means of escape; just four empty white walls. I turned around but oddly my bed was gone. Somehow during the brief moment between me getting up and turning around the twin sized bed I was laying on just disappeared.

What in the world is going on right now? The last thing I remembered was getting crushed under a burning building and now in trapped in a barren room. My mind started going into overtime as I tried to figure out what is going on. Unable to find an answer I became frustrated and decided to give up. There is no point getting myself worked up over an impossible situation that I don’t have control over.

I made myself to the middle of the room and sat down Indian style (legs criss crossed). I set my hands palms up upon my lap closed my eyes and relaxed. I focused on the movement of my body as I drew in each breath and released it. As I concentrated I felt each breath expand my lungs and filled my body then it slowly collapsing when I exhaled. I narrowed my consciousness and all other thoughts in my mind ceased to exist.

After what could have been hours I slowly existed my trance like meditation and leisurely opened my eyes. No longer was I in the empty room, but instead sitting in the middle of a grand throne room made of refractive crystal and gold. In front of me a short pyramid shaped staircase the led to an antique wooden work desk.

An irresistible urge caused me to get up and ascend the staircase till I stood in front of the desk. Behind the desk sat an old man hastily scribbling on several scrolls with a ink well and quill. As I was about to speak he rose on hand a signaled me to wait before returning back to his work. He worked hastily for several minutes before he finally finished. With a satisfied look on his face he clapped his hands and all the paper work vanished from his desk.

“Now what may I do for you young man? Perhaps you would like to know why you are here.” (Old Man)

“Uhm yes sir. I am kinda confused right now. Am I dead.”

“Oh-ho-ho yes you are very dead, but fret not my boy. I have always been watching you since you were born. Though you were born into a hard life of poverty and self-reliance you were able to overcome it and make something of yourself. It’s sad that such a bright flame was snuffed so early, but you did such a selfless deed before you died. I am truly proud of the man you become.” (Old Man).

“Excuse me but why is it that I am here right now.”

“Ahem ah sorry about that. Being around since the beginning of time can do that to people. First of all do you like video games?” (Old Man)

“Beginning of time! I am sorry sir but are you God?”

“Ha well that is a secret for now. Now tell me do you like video games.”(Old Man/God?)

“I um well, I never really had time to ever play one but I always heard people talking about the latest VR (virtual reality) games coming out. I guess it will be fun buy I never thought about it before.”

“Perfect. Hey what do you say if I give you another chance at life? A chance to have fun, do things you thought impossible, make friends. This will be your chance to live a life you never had chance to when you were living before.”(Old Man/God?)

This is my chance. Maybe I can finally enjoy living. “Of course sir if possible please give me this chance.”
“Ho-ho-ho I like the enthusiasm but, before you say yes there are some things you are going to have to know. If you say yes you shall be reborn but not upon Earth. You shall be born in a alternate universe called Aura. I am sure you have already heard about this before because it is the also the world of the new game that is coming out. Now you may do what you wish from this new life but you mustn’t tell anyone of your existence. For players you are a NPC (non-playable character) and to inhabitants you are just another person got it.”(Old Man/God?)

“Yes sir of course I will not let you down.”

“Ok good. Now before I forget because of your certain circumstances I am going to alter you a bit so that you aren’t like normal inhabitants form Aura. Just for fun I am also going to allow you access to the internet so you can still be in touch with Earth as well as grant you a unique class. Work hard and remember this is your second chance so have fun!”(Definitely God)

“Yes sir.” Just as I was about to bow to show my gratitude I felt my body shrinking and becoming a ball of light. Gracefully I floated towards the old man. For a moment I glowed intensely till everything was blinding than it went black. Next thing I know I was surrounded by something warm and pulsating. Suddenly giant hands reached around me and pulled me out. The air caused my exposed skin to burn, then I realized it. I was just born!!!


Holding her husband’s hand Veronica yelled in agony as her baby was being born. With a final push and help from the village doctor the baby was successfully birthed. The doctor carefully cut the umbilical cord then using some water and a towel cleaned the small infant before wrapping him in a blanket and handing it to the father.

“Congratulations Richard it’s a boy. I am going let you guys be alone for a while and will be back later.” The doctor turned around and disappeared behind the door.

With tears in her eye Veronica motioned for Richard to hand her the boy and then gentle cradles him within her arms. For years she was told that she was never going be able to have a child, but now her miracle baby was. Overjoyed she was speechless and could do little but stare at her little bundle of joy.


Since birth I did little but eat and sleep. It was a simple life but I enjoyed it. Though my little body was limited mentally prepared for my future. Whenever alone, which rarely happed, I surfed the web gathering information on the game as well as continuing my education by studying physics and martial arts. Apparently I had 16 years till the players arrived.

5 Years Later

In the nation of Spiro on the child’s 5th birth day they will be given an aptitude test to determine their future. Many parents dreamed of their child becoming a powerful mage or solider with in the imperial army. My parents were the same. My family had a long tradition of birthing powerful warriors and magi’s so many had high expectations of me.
I woke up early in the morning and sat up from my comfortable straw bag. Stretching my arms towards the sky I gave a big yawn before jumping out of bed. I had to wait for 2 months till the imperial tester made it to our remote village but finally it was time. I got dressed as fast as I could throwing on clean trouser and a shirt, before grooming my dark brown hair and heading down the stairs.

I found my mom frying some wild boar sausage and koo eggs (Like a chicken but bigger). She joyfully saw me and told me to take my seat and that we will be eating soon. I made my way to the table and as usual found my father at the table tinkering with one of his inventions. After retiring from the army my dad became a magical innovator and is currently testing some kind of magic powered crystal turrets.

My mother made it to the table holding a platter of eggs and sausage. Placing I on the table she quickly ran back to the kitchen to grab a loaf of bread. As she was going around the corner to the table with the bread a beam shot out from the tiny crystal and vaporized the loaf.

“You idiot.” Slightly annoyed my mother wacked father across the head before confiscating his invention. “My goodness always playing with your toys. What if that hit your son?”

Yep currently I am nameless. Supposedly it is culture for the child to pick their own name once they become adults. So for now I am just known as the son of Richard and Veronica Quivs.

After an eventful breakfast we set out to Rosewood City Hall.

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