Salvos [A Monster Evolution LitRPG]

Salvos [A Monster Evolution LitRPG]

by MelasD

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Traumatising content

The Netherworld: it is a hellish landscape inhabited only by demons, creatures born from the dark abyss. It is also the only world Salvos knows.

Joining the ranks of newborn demons, Salvos is thrown into the violent, anarchy-ruled landscape of that world. To survive, she will have to learn, she will have to adapt, and she will have to evolve. She will gain experience to reach new Levels of power. 

Her curiosity aids her but her pride could be her fall. It is the nature of the Netherworld to avoid or conquer any threats faced. After all, the law of evolution is survival of the fittest, and Salvos is a survivor. And perhaps, eventually, she will leave this world behind for a better place. But is that what she even wants? 

Do note that it's a slow-paced but action-packed litrpg!

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Art Gallery ago
0. Advent ago
1. Rocks ago
2. The Others ago
3. Learning Experience ago
4. Magic Attack ago
5. Not Like Me ago
6. Red Fire ago
7. Rest ago
8. Lesser Demon ago
Poll: Which blurb is the best? ago
9. Evolution ago
10. Gratitude ago
11. My Companion ago
12. Two of Us ago
13. Awesome! ago
14.1. Wolves? ago
14.2. Wolves? ago
15.1. An Attack ago
15.2. An Attack ago
16. Not Rocks ago
17.1. ??? ago
17.2. ??? ago
18. Hazelbury ago
19.1. Adventurers Guild ago
19.2. Adventurers Guild ago
20. Temple ago
21.1. Ashes. Lots of Ashes. ago
21.2. Ashes. Lots of Ashes. ago
22. Recognition ago
23. Unwarranted Attack ago
24.1. Divvying Loot ago
24.2. Divvying Loot ago
25. Dialogue and Preparation ago
26.1. Spirits ago
26.2. Spirits ago
27. Are You Evil? ago
28.1. Liar Liar, I Make Fire ago
28.2. Liar Liar, I Make Fire ago
29. Silkfall's Crevice ago
30.1. Screech ago
30.2. Screech ago
Poll: Volume 1 Title ago
31.1. Grinding and Learning ago
31.2. Grinding and Learning ago
32. Monster Lair ago
"Salvos: Vol. 1, Curious Beginnings" NOW LIVE ON AMAZON KINDLE! (Read up to Chapter 40 for $2.99!) ago
33. Led into a Trap ago
34. Centinels ago
35.1. Blame ago
35.2. Blame ago
36.1. City Under Attack ago
36.2. City Under Attack ago
37. Race to Silvergrove ago
38. Reunion ago
Poll: Cover Art ago
39. Lament of Lucerna ago
40. Survivor (End of Volume 1) ago
41. Daniel's Dilemma (Start of Volume 2) ago
42. Journey Back ago
43.1. Adventurer ago
43.2. Adventurer ago
44. Weird Human Things ago
45.1. Emotions and Stuff ago
45.2. Emotions and Stuff ago
46. Gold Rank ago
47.1. New and Familiar ago
47.2. New and Familiar ago
48. Testing Out Skills ago
49. Ignition ago
50. Hardest Hurdle ago
51. Centinels Camp ago
52. Expanding Vocab— Uh... Inventory? ago
53.1. Escort ago
53.2. Escort ago
54.1. Noble ago
54.2. Noble ago
Important Patreon Poll (Please Respond Honestly) ago
55.1. Crest ago
55.2. Crest ago
Announcement: Patreon Update (Follow up to the poll) ago
56. Human ago
57. Breaking In ago
58. Cultists ago
59. Ignavare ago
60.1. Rachel ago
60.2. Rachel ago
61. Double Battle ago
62. Bounty Hunters ago
63. Revealing Secrets ago
64. Harrowed Vindicators ago
65. Eye for an Eye ago
66. Princess ago
67. Road Trip ago
68. Viechester ago
69. Cringe ago
70. Summoning Ritual ago
Side Story 1: Survival of the Fittest ago
71. Minor Harassments ago
72. Caught! ago
73. Going on a Trip ago
74. Trial of Fire ago
75. Giant Ape ago
76. Refinement ago
77. Finally! ago
78. Drakes ago
79. Sleep Sucks! ago
80. Nightmare ago
81. Brilsum Ruins ago
82. Return ago
83. Observations ago
84. Doing Bad Things ago
85. Stampede ago
86. The Inner City ago
87.1. Cultist Scheme ago
87.2. Cultist Scheme ago
88. Minotaurs Found! ago
89.1. Seeing the Light ago
89.2. Seeing the Light ago
90. Burning with Excitement ago
91. Company War ago
92.1. A Nice Feeling ago
92.2. A Nice Feeling ago
93. Stand and Fight ago
94. Declaration and Introduction ago
95.1. Faith ago
95.2. Faith ago
96. Siege ago
A Demon's Pride: Salvos Volume 2 is now live on Amazon! ago
97. Found ago
98. Escape ago
99. Prejudice ago
100. Contract (End of Volume 2) ago
101. Consequences (Start of Volume 3) ago
102. An Offer ago
103. Compromising! ago
Announcement ago
104. Fancy Disguise ago
105. Heathens ago
106. Vampires ago
107. Apologies ago
108. Crossing Borders ago
???. A Witch and a Demon walk into a... ago
109. Big and Scary Demon ago
110. Blight ago
111. Spooky Skeletons ago
112. Plaguelands ago
113. Experiments ago
114. Ghostlight ago
115. Depth ago
116. Lost... ago
117. Xidra the [Herbalist] ago
118. The Scale Guard ago
Reminder for this week ago
119. Unarith ago
120. Shopping! ago
121. Diviner ago
122. Helping Hand ago
123. Alex Cromerth, Member of the Vaun Qiuer Empire’s Elite Swordsguard Forces ago
124. Combination ago
125. Edithe's Enterprise ago
Announcement: Salvos Vol. 1 now available as an audiobook! Also, graduating today! ago
126. Interloot ago
127. SPEED ago
128. Catching Up ago
129. Reckless ago
130. Blanket ago
131. Zombie Horde ago
132. Seeking Help ago
133. Blessing ago
134. Overzealous ago
135. Northeast... or Southwest? ago
136. Growth ago
137. Straight Down ago
138. Haunt ago
139. The Hero ago
140. Skills and Stuff ago
141. Pricks ago
142. Myths ago
143. Chains ago
144. The Truth ago
145. Revelations ago
146. Apocalypse ago
147. Trial of the Scales ago
148. Darkening Horizons ago
149. Dragonet ago
150. What an Idiot ago
151. The Next Step ago
152. A Dime a Dozen ago
153.1. Partial Mortality ago
153.2. Partial Mortality ago
154.1. Blaze of Glory ago
154.2. Blaze of Glory ago
155.1. Wishful Thinking ago
155.2. Wishful Thinking ago
Salvos Volume 3 now available on Amazon! ago
156. Weak Hero ago
157. Frozen ago
158. Mad ago
159. A Heroic Act ago
160. Lilian, My Lilian ago
161. Self-Destructive ago
162. It's Coming Home! ago
163. Proudly Awake ago
164. Cathartic ago
165. Companion Construction ago
166. Knock Knock ago
167.1. Who's There? ago
167.2. Who's There? ago
168.1. Nobody ago
168.2. Nobody (End of V3) ago
169. The Return (Start of Volume 4) ago
170. Lily the Fairy ago
171. Fairing Well ago
172. Cosmic Compression ago
173. Remembrance ago
174. Attacked Again ago
175. Mavos Academy ago
176. Facade ago
177. Interlude - Daniel's Debate ago
178. Surprise ago
179. Mountain Island ago
180. Centinels are Crap ago
181. Friendship! ago
182.1. Personal Statement ago
182.2. Personal Statement ago
183.1. Orientation ago
183.2. Orientation ago
184. First Day! ago
185. Aspiring Elites ago
186. Alchemy ago
187. Tiring Learning ago
188.1. Interlude - Edithe's Emancipation ago
188.2. Interlude - Edithe's Emancipation ago
189. Office and Library ago
190. A Mistake ago
191.1. Facts Don't Care About Your Feelings ago
191.2. Facts Don't Care About Your Feelings ago
192. And Pride ago
193. Empathy? Or...? ago
194. Missive ago
195. Pot and Kettle ago
196. Naive? ago
197.1. Failure ago
197.2. Failure ago
198. Forgetting ago
199. Class ago
200. Surprise Present! ago
200 Special: Side Character Popularity Poll! ago
201. Elf Attack ago
202. Interlude - Daniel's Demand ago
203. Stupid Stuff ago
204. Fancily Dressed ago
205. Date ago
206. Cleaning Up ago
207. Break Time! ago
208. Rainforest of Monsters ago
209. Raining ago
210. Commune ago
211. Monster Mindset ago
212. Stonefort Labyrinth Dungeon ago
213. Wild ago
214. Enigmatic Heart ago
215. Interlude - Edithe's Evolution Part 1 ago
216. Interlude - Edithe's Evolution Part 2 ago
217. Back to Studying ago
218. Smart Salvos ago
219. Tutor ago
220. Reputation ago
221. Saffron's Sanity ago
222. Lair Tour ago
223. Portals! ago
224. He's Back ago
225. Trickery ago
226. Deal with the Devil ago
227. Mentor ago
228. Sal ago
229. Father ago
230. Oneself ago
231. Interlude - Daniel's Devices Part 1 ago
232. Interlude - Daniel's Devices Part 2 ago
233. Tournament ago
234. Potion of Regeneration ago
235. Time for the Finale ago

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Brian P.

Just Rename it Daniel (An Isekai LitRPG)

Reviewed at: 90. Burning with Excitement

The story starts off strong with an interesting premise, focusing on a demon growing in her own realm, dealing with other demons and even finding out about a Demon King. Then she gets into shenanigans that land her in Generic Isekai Fantasy Land and it all goes downhill from there. The focus shifts so much to the human side character, Daniel, that by the time book two comes along it should really just be renamed.

At the point I stopped we had ongoing plotlines of Evil Cultists™ with vague motivations, conflicts between rival Adventure Guilds © and fighting off Deadly Assassins ® after our new protagonist, Daniel, with a hint of Vast Empires ℠ becoming involved soon.

And Salvos is still there but doesn't really do anything. She's just an observer of Daniel and The Story at this point, occasionally killing something so that the numbers go up and blue boxes appear. I haven't found it in me to care about the other conflicts and the numbers no longer sustain me.

It's a shame, I really did like the beginning.


Decent idea, mediocre follow-through

Reviewed at: 98. Escape

Like many "monster"-centric stories, it eventually falls into the trap of shifting focus to less interesting human affairs. It starts off strong with the arc in the demon realm, with good world-building and characters with interesting perspectives and clear goals. Then we move into the human realm, which is much more like a bog-standard litrpg isekai world. Then we get tangled up in new human characters and their problems, many of them based on not very well thought out politics and power structures. Chapters also start to drag on later on - the author need to learn the art of editing and cutting out the fat. 


I found this story to be boring. The story takes place in a world of rocky white stone where demons fight each other for power.

The main character is a newly born demon that is... newborn. There isn't much complexity to her character because she doesn't have much character at all. Her main ambition driving the story forward is, of course, to grow stronger. 

Story, character, setting? There just wasn't anything for me to get interested in. If your looking for a LitRPG where you can cheer when the the MC wins fights and gains levels this story might be for you. Otherwise, carry on.


Salvos is a very well written story, it has incredible story and character development, though in all honesty the characters can come off as somewhat 2d and unoriginal at times. There are many moments where it seems like random shit happens for no reason, but often there's an explanation or reasoning stated later, but even in the cases where there isn't an explanation it usually does add to the story, or is generally just funny.

There are moments that are 'cringe inducing' but thats natural when it comes to salvos. Salvos is basically a well written version of the stereotypical "smart child".

Though the side characters often do seem 2d, or like someone copy pasted a generic Joe and added random changes, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Authors often put too much emphasis on side characters and distract from the story, or make things unnecessarily complicated. Salvos is basically the middle ground between these two extremes, though I think some characters could be revisited and improved. 

in general salvos is a very well written main character, her lack of life experience is shown clearly without being too cringe of childish. Salvos isn't written like one of those naive childish anime characters that scream about friendship, and she also isn't one of those hyper intelligent cringe Children from bad sitcoms and movies from the 2010's. (If you don't know what I'm talking about you're lucky.) she's the perfect middle ground where her childishness and personality are clear yo see, without being extremely obvious and cringe.

Edithe is generally well written but her personality is quite transparent and stereotypical, she's generally forgettable, but likeable enough.

Daniel is both 2d and not at the same time. It's strange to think about, his reasoning is often strange and his personality nonexistent. But at the same time it kinda fits the context? Honestly I don't know why, but he's likable and enjoyable to watch grow and develop, but I can't think of a definitive reason why. He just kind of is? I'll keep thinking about it, but in general he's a well written character.

Another thing is the world building, you can generally extrapolate what the world salvos lives in is lik, without the author explicitly telling you "this is what three worlds like". It's one of my favorite things about the story, it's subtle but I quite like it.

and lastly, I fucking love the names. I don't know why but the character names are always fitting in some way. They just kind of watch the characters that have them, they're also quite memorable and clear without it seeming like they were specifically designed to be hard to forget. 

Anyway for anyone who's read this far, that's impressive, this has generally just been word vomit. I didn't think especially hard or focus as much as I probally should have, so there's definitely a few spelling and grammar mistakes. But these are my honest opinions and thought. Salvos is a great story but it could use some minor improvements. 

Also to the author (if you're reading this), you're doing great. I hope you enjoy writing this story, cause I sure as fuck like reading it. I appreciate your hard work, and hope you continue writing.


I actually wanted to write a proper review, but the amazing Thundamoo already said all there is to say. I have nothing more to add.

All I can do is reaffirm that Salvos is still amazing.

The story is of the mostly lighthearted adventures of our favourite demon girl through the realms of Nexeus.


Too Many Chapters Too Fast Syndrome

Reviewed at: 15.1. An Attack

This falls into the problem of putting out chapters to put out chapters. The first part of Salvos is rather well thought out. It's interesting. You can tell the author put a lot of thought into the story before starting to write it and how everything would work. Then it just becomes bleh as release cadence means there's not enough braintime to think the rest of it through to the same extent. It's coasting on the initial start. The author is better than this, they've done better than this. The cynical part of me thinks they noticed fast release chapter count is what makes it to the top of RR so decided to write one and fell into the trap of all those stories. They start sucking fast.


Salvos is still charming, to a point. The story hits the quick beats, but no big highs or lows. There's a good turn of phrase here or there, but it's mostly workman like. And I just can't care about it. It all just settles into sameness.


There's a good story here, but after 12 months it should be less than half it's chapter length and a quarter of it's plot length. Everything is too fast to have time to build or settle.

Fire Dragon

Strong read but nothing unqiue (No spoilers)

Reviewed at: 67. Road Trip

Very enjoyable light read, nothing too deep or conniving that will disturb a late night sleep after a late night read. You follow a female protagonist on her essentially coming of age journey involving usage of a magical system that details specific attributes and skills however details on the system is not overly used and kept on a low down, more than wandering inn usage but less than others. Style is not entirely unique however the story still flows well, grammar mistakes are minimal and protagonist is well developed, some flaws in other characters specifically to do with depth. Heavy involvement of the monster genre however nothing explicit. Monster bias is involved however not really in effect with the specifics of the protagonist. Involves some forms of "friends" power base however is worked in properly and allows the aspect of different perspectives to shine through. 95% of the story still comes from the main POV which can be important for maintaining cohesion and view.

Not groundbreaking or revolutionary, however its worth an enjoyable read with a light snack after a long days work, or a good way to start your morning with a daily update of your select characters. 

Funny, silly, enjoyable, light. 


pretty chill and pretty good

Reviewed at: 161. Self-Destructive

It's enjoyable and not trying to be partivularly heavy and complex which to many amatuer novels do badly making them a chore to read through. There is merit to a story being purely enjoyable rather than the author attempting to be super clever and whatever creating a compelling introduction then the story bloats and becomes an unsightly mess in the later half.

Salvos is an example of a story that's enjoyable, it doesn't bombard you 100 new characters and ultimately unresolved plot threads at you each chapter, and in particular is easy to read and follow which is something some of the most popular series on this site fail at miserably.

Only thing i would like i guess is a bit more character development for mc, i get she is young and naive though it doesn't really feel like she learns, progreses and grows as a character from her experiences, which i would argue are signifficant enough to learn or atleast grow somewhat from, not a personality shift, more in a sense of you learn from experiences.