Salvos (A Monster Evolution LitRPG)

by delta201

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Traumatising content

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Born in a world of violence, curious and prideful Salvos seeks to not only distinguish herself from the others, but to survive the constant bloodshed and death all around her. She will fight, she will learn, and she will evolve as she grows up in this harsh world.

Also— she’s a Demon.


Salvos is a story about action, adventure, and evolution. It follows a Demon's journey from her birth and onwards as she grows and gains experience from encountering new things through the various lenses of her life.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
0. Advent ago
1. Rocks ago
2. The Others ago
3. Learning Experience ago
4. Magic Attack ago
5. Not Like Me ago
6. Red Fire ago
7. Rest ago
8. Lesser Demon ago
Poll: Which blurb is the best? ago
9. Evolution ago
10. Gratitude ago
11. My Companion ago
12. Two of Us ago
13. Awesome! ago
Final Poll: Blurb ago
14.1. Wolves? ago
14.2. Wolves? ago
15.1. An Attack ago
15.2. An Attack ago
16. Not Rocks ago
17.1. ??? ago
17.2. ??? ago
18. Hazelbury ago
19.1. Adventurers Guild ago
19.2. Adventurers Guild ago
20. Temple ago
21.1. Ashes. Lots of Ashes. ago
21.2. Ashes. Lots of Ashes. ago
22. Recognition ago
23. Unwarranted Attack ago
24.1. Divvying Loot ago
24.2. Divvying Loot ago
25. Dialogue and Preparation ago
26.1. Spirits ago
26.2. Spirits ago
27. Are You Evil? ago
28.1. Liar Liar, I Make Fire ago
28.2. Liar Liar, I Make Fire ago
29. Silkfall's Crevice ago
30.1. Screech ago
30.2. Screech ago
Poll: Volume 1 Title ago
31.1. Grinding and Learning ago
31.2. Grinding and Learning ago
32. Monster Lair ago
"Salvos: Vol. 1, Curious Beginnings" NOW LIVE ON AMAZON KINDLE! (Read up to Chapter 40 for $2.99!) ago
33. Led into a Trap ago
34. Centinels ago
35.1. Blame ago
35.2. Blame ago

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A demon child trying to figure out who she is.

Reviewed at: 33. Led into a Trap

Salvos is the titular character of a story about a demon child trying to figure out who she is and where she belongs. I've been reading this story for awhile, and like it very much.

The characters are definitely the strong point of of the story, but it's doesn't lose out in other aspects. We see character growth, both literally and metaphorically, and personally I just feel invested in Salvos, watching her grow and learn more about the world, who she is and how she fits in it.

I can't really talk too much about worldbuilding - the demon world is described as bleak and basically a wasteland with literally nothing to see but rocks. The mortal world is well-described so far, but we haven't seen too much of it so far. What we have seen is consistent and well-described.

The writing is well-done. I don't recall any problems, or grammatical/spelling problems.

My personal take is that the story is very much about self-actualization, and goes about it in a very literal way. Character progression is measured by evolution, where each evolution essentially "resets" the character in terms of  and immediate goals.

The last few chapters have been especially good, with Salvos being 


Non-Reincarnation Demon LitRPG

Reviewed at: 9. Evolution

Unlike other non-human stories where the MC is a human in a non-human body, Salvos starts off from a [Demon Larvae] in a very similar style to "Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka?". We get to see Salvos learn how to demon, and the story has an interesting concept on demons of all varieties and their lifecycle and evolutions. Would recommend checking out if you have a soft spot for non-human progressions, demons, litRPG. Doubly recommend if you have read "Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka?" and enjoyed it, although it is not the same, it reminds me greatly of it.

The first few chapters are mostly about Salvos figuring things out, along with a bunch of action scenes. We get different types of adversaries thrown at her. Presumably, once Salvos evolves we will get to the main plot. (Will update when more chapters are released)

We get to see little bits of Salvos' personality (and others') as the story progresses, even in the larvae form. Characters feel distinctive, which is always a plus in my books.

No grammar mistakes that I've noticed, and style reads smoothly. A first person perspective written in a way that properly conveys the MC's mental state. Author uses various methods of emphasis to good effect, especially in the fight scenes.


Action Adventure with MC that undergoes Evolutions

Reviewed at: 12. Two of Us

I really, really like this story. It follows a young demon learning about the world and gaining levels and evolving to different subspecies based on her experiences. During her story she meets a variety of different beings. Some are sympathetic, while others are less so. But her adventures are always engaging and sometimes even emotional.

The writing style fits in well with this type of story. The story contains typical but highly enjoyable aspects of gaining skills, levels and evolving to more powerful demon subspecies. Salvos starts off knowing very little of the world and how it functions. As she learns about it, so do we. She is not OP, but she is a survivor. She does not always win her fights and sometimes has to run away, but she grows more powerful over time and gains more skills.

There aren’t very many chapters (or pages) so far, so I will update my review as more turn out. If you enjoy this genre, this is a very entertaining story and you should at least try it out.

PS: As officially required for an advanced review, some details on the spelling and grammar: it is good. There are a few minor errors, but most of them seem to have been found and mentioned in the comments and corrected by the author. Being willing to read and act on these comments meant I gave the book an extra star on the style score. And as far as I can tell, the author seems to have noted and responded to every comment where someone has spotted an error (or what they thought was an error). Hope this helps.


Gather round my fellow fiends and harken unto me, for I come to bring you judgment and criticism upon the work Salvos.  The time has come at last to banish your boredom!  I will admit to not being enthusiastic about the initial premise, for demon litrpgs are a genre full of dark and terrible sins.  Not nearly as terrible perhaps as other litrpg offshoots but few have managed to possess sufficient readability to complete a single significant storyline.  The system also seems at first blush: lackluster. However, I continued reading on and my faith in delta201 was rewarded. The medium of Royal Road upon which we read these fictions requires rumination upon four categories for an advanced review: Style, Story, Grammar, and Character.  Style was never in question, delta201's fictions have style in spades.  Story is proving itself excellent, and I have high hopes for the future therefore I will not detail further to prevent spoiling your future experience.  Grammar again was never in question and enough said about that.  Lastly, Character, can be broken down into several categories, all of which Salvos has excelled at.  So my recommendation for my fellow bookworms is to exorcise your eyes with this excellent fiction which demon-strates many new ways to say hell-o!


A breath of fresh air

Reviewed at: 7. Rest

In a world where 90% of stories are Isekai/Reincarnation stories, Salvos sets itself apart by having a protagonist that's an inhabitant of the world where the story takes place. The story is written from the perspective of a newborn demon and and it shows when the protagonist makes illogical decisions based on a foreign thought process, or from naivety.

There is not much of the story to on at the time of this review; but if the author's other work is any indication, this is one to keep an eye on.


I'm a sucker for monster evolution stories, and this is a good addition ot the genre.  Its a bit slower than I'm used to, replacing the dopemine rush of constant level/evolution ups with a more character heavy focus.

Frankly? I think it's a breath of fresh air.  Salvos is a curious demon trying to understand a new world with no prior knowledge, and I find her struggles to define herself both emotionally and physically an interesting counterpoint to the usual blue screens and combat skills (which are still there).

The only downside is that its short.  Well worth a read.


This is a story I'm glad I picked up. Rather than an isekai where the main character has a general understanding of what is going on around them, we see Salvos fumbling through a world she is still learning how to process as the story progresses, exploring both her own thoughts and the actions of others. In a gross oversimplification, this story can be summed up as Salvos asking 'why?' while pummeling her way through hordes of demons. An enjoyable read if you prefer stories that take the time to develop their characters.

Style (5 stars)
The point of view is spot on as Salvos develops, no lapses in perspective. The style the story is written in, the word choices delta201 uses, all add something to the story. Not using blue boxes is a bold move, but it fits Salvos well, we can get constant updates on Salvos's status and flow right into the rest of the story, making the system take a little bit more of a back seat here, it's just another part of the world.

Story (4 stars)
This is a familiar set of situations, but it has its differences. The story in hindsight is well planned out. Following a character with, so far, no overarching long term goals other than don't die, keeps the story fresh; just about anything can happen, and it will fit right in when it's all tied together later. Even in the action scenes, the story flows well, leaving almost no incentive to skip over to the gains. During the in between scenes, when characters are showing off who they are and plot is advancing, the read remains interesting. This story is a bit on the slower side, but everything that happens builds the story in some way.

Grammar (4.5 stars)
There are very few errors that jumped out to me, nothing that detracts from the flow of the story. Any that you can find, you can probably fix in your head as you read.

Character (4.5 stars)
The world Salvos has been dropped into doesn't leave much opportunity for character development. However, almost all of those opportunities are seized to further both Salvos's character and those around her. Salvos is a growing character whose knowledge has holes, she is discovering more about herself, and it's wonderful to read. Different thoughts and mannerisms occur in the demons that have been mentioned, and they stick to these actions consistently, even chapters apart. Salvos isn't the only one receiving development, and that's really cool in a demon story. The only thing I can really find difficult about the characters is that sometimes it feels like time has been forcefully set aside for character development, that's the only gripe I've got.

TLDR: This story is great, consistent with what's existing, unpredictable (in a good way) with what comes next, has virtually no grammar issues, and actually takes the time to develop characters in meaningful ways. A good read that I recommend giving a shot.


Another day another grind

Reviewed at: 9. Evolution

So far its alright. The story thus far has a moderate pacing, and mostly grinding in nature. MC is still leveling up and we have yet to see the actual plot other than just grinding and trying to evolve into her final form it seems

Will update after 20 ch


While this story isn't bad, lately salvos has been acting more like an angry kid than a demon, and him not killing humans, just to be humanized and be able to live like a normal human. Eh, it is becoming more and more generic. Maybe it'll get better, I hope so at least.


Not sure where the story is going at the moment, but I'm along for the ride.

Good worldbuilding.  No info dumps, author has revealed the lore mostly via show, not tell.

Dialog: Edit: The dialog has been getting better as the story progresses.

Fights: ok

Looking forward to future content.