I never wanted to do this. I really didn't want to instate commenting rules. But holy shit, the negativity is killing my productivity. You can see how my upload late has slowed recently, and it's because of the incessant, constant complaining. Even in my latest Salvos chapter, I had a part which I knew people may complain about, so I specifically said you can skip over it, but I still get complaints.

For the sake of my productivity in producing chapters, I'm adding commenting rules and those who don't follow it will be banned.

1. Be polite - If you can't criticize a story without being polite, you're banned from commenting.

2. Don't demean the author - If you can't criticize a story without negatively alluding to the author, you're banned from commenting.

3. Majority of your comments should not be criticism - If more than 50% of your comments are criticisms of the story, you're banned from commenting.

4. Don't make demands of the author - If you dislike one aspect of the story, you can say you dislike it, but don't ask me to change anything. You can point out that it feels out of character, you can say it's a plot hole, but do not tell me how to write my story. If you're going to backseat write, you're banned from commenting.

That's it. Hopefully I'll start posting chapters on time next week. But my productivity is dead thanks to all the incessant negativity I've gotten in my new story and in the comments of Salvos lately. Seriously, seeing my story drop 30+ ranks is rough, the negative comments is rough, and the constant complaints is rough.



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