First announcement:

Salvos Volume 4 is now available on the Amazon store! This is not the Amazon book cover, but this is a pretty cool art I commissioned from Wanini a bit ago. God, I love Wani's art!

Anyway, if you get the ebook, you get to read straight to the end of Salvos Volume 4 at 245. Give it a buy and give it a review please. Thank you <3 Primeval Knowledge: A LitRPG Adventure (Salvos, Volume 4) eBook : Lewis, V.A.: Kindle Store


Second announcement

If you can't buy Salvos Volume 4-- although I highly encourage you to leave a rating/review even if you can't buy it-- check out my new serial. There's like 70,000 words right now between patreon and what's on RR. Give it a follow, favorite, and a rating too! Do note it's a slow-burn litrpg apocalypse.

Trace Taylor was at a shooting range when Earth was integrated with the multiversal System. Faced with monsters, dungeons packed with monsters, gates that lead to other worlds, an annoying AI, and a lot of insane idiots, how will Trace come to survive this newly-changed planet?

Trace: A LitRPG Apocalypse | Royal Road


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