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208. Rainforest of Monsters

[Razorsoul Falcon - Lvl. 105]

I found myself in an airborne battle, zipping over the rapidly changing landscape, and leading a massive monster after me. It was fast. Somehow, there was a constant gust of wind blowing out from its tail, and it had six wings carrying it forward. I had to admit, even with [Haste] active, I had trouble outflying it. At more than one point, it nearly grabbed me with its talons, even as its sound magic blared from its mouth.

“Eat this, stupid bird!”

A small wisp of blue flame twinkled into existence right by my shoulder. It unfurled like a flower, petals of cinder and ember peeling off, before instantly expanding and blasting out like a hail of falling stars. The [Razorsoul Falcon] dove up, barely avoiding the attacks, the tip of its steel-like feathers being singed by the heat.

I narrowed my eyes as a shadow engulfed me. The monster flapped its wings as it ascended like a rising curtain. It was about a dozen feet from beak to tail, with a wingspan that was even longer than the length of its body. Yet, I couldn’t hit it. Its [Agility] was too high. And despite its fast speeds, it also had powerful sound magic.

I dipped down before it could open its beak. I heard the shrill sound echo behind me, but its effects were far weaker over a great distance. The [Razorsoul Falcon] knew this as well, so it gave chase. The ground approached quickly in my descent as the monster trailer after me. Before I could crash into the grassy earth, I turned at the very last second, flying parallel to the rolling hills.

The landscape here was no longer that of a desert, turning more lush and green the closer I flew to the Rainforest of Monsters. In fact, I could see the tall trees in the distance, forming a wall of brown with their giant trunks, and marking my destination. I flew straight for that sea of trees. The tall grass brushed against my legs as I stayed low, even as the [Razorsoul Falcon] followed after me.

It closed the distance with each split second that passed. Its screeching grew louder and louder. I glanced back at it, unleashing a salvo of flaming projectiles. It blew apart the landscape. Blue blasts that scarred the earth, tearing up small hills and mounds like they were weeds in a field. The monster avoided the fury of [The Primordial Spark] as it bounced up and down, screeching the whole time.

It was louder now. An ear-piercing sound that sent a ripple over my aura of Greater Protection. Pursing my lips, I felt the wind beating at my face lighten up, and the effects of my [Haste] vanish. A burst of air shot the [Razorsoul Falcon] forward.

I pulled up just before I reached the Rainforest of Monsters, with the monster now snapping for my leg. I flew to the sky as it followed after me—

And I smirked.

I pivoted in the air, fire building up at my feet. With a single flap of my wings, I shot straight down, a hand raised to the side, pulling a fiery scythe out of a gathering of motes and sparks. I swiped for the [Razorsoul Falcon]. And it dodged to the side. My eyes flickered as its entire massive body nimbly pulled away from me, my scythe shearing off its feathers more than its skin.

I continued falling to the ground as the monster inhaled sharply, readying another blast of sound magic. Then I spun around, letting my scythe dissipate, grabbing for the trailing embers from my Flame Burst behind me. They solidified, forming chains interlinked all at once. They wrapped around the [Razorsoul Falcon] as it let out a panicked sound.

I tugged the chains, tightening it around the giant monster. For a creature of this size, you’d assume that it had a hulking physical prowess to back it. But I saw the range of its [Agility] and its [Wisdom] and even its [Vitality]. It couldn’t possibly have had incredible [Strength] too.

Just as I thought, the [Razorsoul Falcon] was bound and couldn’t break out. It struggled, tumbling out of the air, somehow still barely trying to avoid me even in its state. I held out a single finger, lightly touching the side of its wing. Then it fell as I flew back up.

It screeched once more, falling to the ground. I looked down at it. A glowing symbol etched itself on its skin. The monster glared up at me.

Before it exploded.

[Demon’s Mark].


Defeated [Razorsoul Falcon - Lvl. 105]!

Experience is awarded for defeating an enemy!


A massive crater was left behind where the [Razorsoul Falcon] fell. Blue flames raged hundreds of feet out from ground zero of the explosion. I settled down next to a burning feather, crossing my arms as my wings receded into my back. With a snap of my fingers, my fire armor and the residual flames from the blast vanished. I glanced down at the half-burnt feather.

“Sound magic and wind magic. It was very strong too. It had to have been Level 100 in both its Subspecies.”

Was that why it looked so odd, even for a monster? It certainly didn’t look like any falcon I’d seen before. Shrugging, I continued forward, entering the Rainforest of Monsters, walking under the tall trees as the sun set behind me.



The Rainforest of Monsters.

It was one of the few Diamond Rank regions in the world. It wasn’t just a Dungeon. If a Dungeon was a collection of Lairs, then the Rainforest of Monsters was a collection of Dungeons.

The battle with the [Razorsoul Falcon] proved it. It prefigured what was to come— or at least, I thought it did. I expected to fight a dozen different monsters, crawling out from the dense foliage, ready to pounce for my head. But… so far, there was nothing.

It was like I was strolling through one of the botanical gardens of Mavos Academy. Peaceful. Tranquil. I could hear the soft chirping of crickets, a cacophonous echo that was somehow gentle on the ear. Insects buzzed about, making not a sound, instead shining in the darkness of the night, glowing and dimming every few seconds like sparks from a fire.

I grabbed one of these insects out of the air and bit into it.

“Not crunchy.”

I shrugged and marched on. My body flickered for a moment as I walked past a tall tree. When I stepped around the other side of it, my skin was pale, not that of a Human anymore. I had a pair of horns protruding from my head, and clawed hands that could rip down the trees around me with ease. They really were tall too.

Some of the trees rose up to a hundred feet or more— giants that stood taller than the towers in some Human cities. They didn’t fully blot out the sky. I could still see some of the stars and even the moon overhead. But these were some of the tallest trees I’d ever seen. And apparently, I was only in the fringes of the Rainforest of Monsters.

“Alright, I’m done walking.”

My wings spread wide, crooked bones that didn’t send out a gust with each flap they made. I didn’t need to cover them with my flames any longer either. I flew up once more, this time, just to get a sweeping view of the landscape. Birds burst out of their nests— some of them monsters, others just animals, but none of them daring enough to attack me.

“How do I find these Golems? They’re supposed to be around rock formations, right?”

I spotted a few mountains and hills in the distance. But they were all forested over, carpeted with a thick layer of fauna. It was going to be hard finding any Golems like this.

“So, I just have to search faster.”

I exploded over the landscape, eyes darting around to any notable landmark I could investigate. It was an ocean of foliage and trees that just seemed to grow taller and taller. Their barks were wrapped in vines, and their branches were crawling with giant monsters that scrambled to hide as I flew over them.

I continued flying, unperturbed as the stars wheeled in the sable dome above. Then I blinked as a glowing spear seemed to shoot up at me. I caught it out of the air, slowing my flight. A giant silver beetle-like creature glared up at me, with what was almost like a harpoon nocked onto its back. It fired a second glowing spear, and I created a Nebular Bow.

“Take this!”

My Nebular Arrow shot through the air faster than the monster’s projectile. I easily flitted to the side of its attack, while my gray bolt lodged itself onto the monster’s back. It made a clicking sound as it hopped to the side, firing even more glowing spears my way.

I drew another Nebular Arrow back, this time pouring even more of my mana into the projectile. I descended and dodged its glowing spears with ease, while my Nebular Arrow seemed to be overcome with a blue flame. I nocked the Blazing Nebular Arrow, aiming for the monster’s head. I released just as I swooped over it. And it blasted apart the creature. Its head went flying as its blood splashed everywhere.


Defeated [Evolved Blackspike Beetle - Lvl. 108]

Experience is awarded for defeating an enemy!



The monster was an even higher level than the [Razorsoul Falcon]. Yet, it was far easier to kill. Did that mean it didn’t have a second Subspecies? It was almost like fighting a Ghoul back in the Plaguelands, so I’d assume so. Or maybe it did have a second Subspecies, but it was just far lower-leveled than what the [Razorsoul Falcon] had.

Either way, I took care of it with ease. Or so I thought.

As I was about to take back to the skies, another glowing projectile shot out at me. It was smaller than the glowing spear, more like the size of a spike, and it fired rapidly with a whistling sound. I didn’t even catch it or knock it out of the way. I let [Scatter Shift] teleport them out of the way.

I glanced up, grinning.

“Oh, there’s more of you?”

[Armored Blackspike Beetle - Lvl. 89]

[Evolved Blackspike Beetle - Lvl. 102]

[Blackspike Beetle - Lvl. 64]

Dozens of glowing projectiles were aimed at me as these monsters crawled out from beneath the ground. I took a step forward, hearing another notification resound in my head.

Now Entering [Lair: Blackspike Beetle’s Nest].


“So, you brought me to your Lair, huh?”

I spread my arms wide, baring my teeth. They would’ve unleashed their projectiles at me in an instant, but I spoke simply.


They all froze for a moment. And it became a slaughter.

Defeated [Armored Blackspike Beetle - Lvl. 98]

Experience is awarded for defeating an enemy!



Defeated [Evolved Blackspike Beetle - Lvl. 105]

Experience is awarded for defeating an enemy!


Cleared [Lair: Blackspike Beetle’s Nest]!

Experience is awarded for clearing a Lair!


Subspecies [Daeva Cambion] Level Up!

[Daeva Cambion – Lvl. 107] -> [Daeva Cambion – Lvl. 108]

Gained 5 Stat Points and 3 Skill Points!


Class [Worldly Mystic of the Nexeus] Level Up!

[Worldly Mystic of the Nexeus - Lvl. 40] -> [Worldly Mystic of the Nexeus - Lvl. 41]

Gained 2 Secondary Skill Points!


Class [Worldly Mystic of the Nexeus] Level Up!

[Worldly Mystic of the Nexeus - Lvl. 41] -> [Worldly Mystic of the Nexeus - Lvl. 42]

Gained 2 Secondary Skill Points!


Salvos (Liberator of the Plaguelands)

Species: [Archdemon of Pride]

Subspecies: [Daeva Cambion] - Lvl. 108

Class: [Worldly Mystic of the Nexeus] - Lvl. 42

General Skills:

[Advanced Mana Manipulation] - Lvl. 8

[Identification] - Lvl. 5

[Racial Skill: Universal Language Comprehension] - Lvl. 1

[Racial Skill: Demonic Essence] - Lvl. 2

[Racial Skill: Partial Mortality] - Lvl. 5

[Rest] - Lvl. 5

[Lesser Enhanced Wisdom] - Lvl. 6

[Title Skill: General Curse Resistance] - Lvl. 2

[Title Skill: Recall Skill] - Lvl. 1


[Available Stat Points: 0]

[Vitality]: 135 (+25)

[Strength]: 110 (+25)

[Endurance]: 125 (+25)

[Wisdom]: 210 (+25) (+10)

[Agility]: 266 (+25)


[Available Skill Points: 4]

[Barrage of Cinders] - Lvl. 20 (Maxed)

[Demon’s Mark] - Lvl. 5

[Haste] - Lvl. 8

[Intimidation] - Lvl. 10 (Maxed)

[Faux Limbs] - Lvl. 1

[Nebular Construct] - Lvl. 6

[Radiant Slash] - Lvl. 15 (Maxed)

[The Primordial Spark] - Lvl. 15

[Wings of the Netherworld] - Lvl. 5

[Passive - A Hunter’s Sense] - Lvl. 10 (Maxed)

[Passive - Blue Flames] - Lvl. 20 (Maxed)

[Passive - Weapon Mastery] - Lvl. 20 (Maxed)

[Unused Skill Slot] x2

Secondary Skills:

[Available Secondary Skill Points: 2]

[Mystical Projection] - Lvl 7

[Object Levitation] - Lvl 1

[Planar Navigation] - Lvl. 5

[Scatter Shift] - Lvl. 5

[Temporal Distortion] - Lvl 10


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I will be taking this thursday and friday (14 and 15 October) off, only to return next monday, as I will be flying to a wedding tomorrow. Schedule will be as per normal once I return on the 18th of October. 

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