200 chapters of Salvos have elapsed. To celebrate, I'm going to be hosting a popularity poll!

It'll only be for side characters, because having Salvos herself on it is cheating. She'll win because, well, she's Salvos.

Vote on who your favorite character is, and tell me why!

You only have one vote. Choose wisely!

P.S. if you don't see your favorite character, it's because the poll is limited to avoid clutter. A lot of people are categorized into groups, and if your character is in that group, choose it. If they're not on here, just say their name!


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Favorite side character
Daniel Song
12.92% 12.92% of votes
Edithe Dawnrise
23.39% 23.39% of votes
Saffron Merryster
11.51% 11.51% of votes
14.08% 14.08% of votes
Xidra the [Herbalist] + Hoxle the [Diviner] + Adan
4.78% 4.78% of votes
Rachel + Sophia + Cless
3% 3% of votes
Hadrian + Baris
0.18% 0.18% of votes
Jaakko + his team
1.35% 1.35% of votes
4.9% 4.9% of votes
Lamarr + Nolan + Gallus + Veronica + Clayton Skyshredder + Salvos' other classmates and professors
3.25% 3.25% of votes
Vis'anya + the Elves
0.86% 0.86% of votes
Princess Faith
1.1% 1.1% of votes
Valda + Saffron's family + Adney
0.37% 0.37% of votes
Druma + Mistshard + Sakura + Hana
1.29% 1.29% of votes
Alex Cromerth, member of the Vaun Qieur Empire's elite Swordsguard Forces
7.04% 7.04% of votes
Nyevetii + other Demons
0.24% 0.24% of votes
0.31% 0.31% of votes
Stephen + Blake + the nameless assassins
0.06% 0.06% of votes
The Remnant of Zacharius the Quisling
0.98% 0.98% of votes
0.24% 0.24% of votes
Zix the High Zealot
0.12% 0.12% of votes
The Devil
6% 6% of votes
The Demon King Regnorex
0.98% 0.98% of votes
The Immortal King Alexander
0.43% 0.43% of votes
Chris and Lucy
0.61% 0.61% of votes
Total: 1633 vote(s)

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