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194. Missive

Mistpire was a relatively small province, at least compared to the other provinces I had been in before. That was likely because Shedos itself wasn’t a large country. Even Nixa was larger than Shedos. And I considered Nixa to be quite small.

But that wasn’t really the case, since Nixa was actually a big country. Apparently it was bigger than most countries in the Eastern Kingdoms. It was just smaller than the Sunmere Republic or the Vaun Qieur Empire. Which probably explained my skewed perspective.

Regardless, Mistpire was where the supposed Followers of the Demon King operated. I decided on going after them instead of the Netherworld’s Communion due to their differing activity levels. Sure, as Matthew said, both had been idle as of late. But the Netherworld’s Communion had almost completely ceased all their activities, whereas the Followers of the Demon King have apparently been moving members across the border to Elutra.

We landed in the middle of a forest, just before a small farming town. I settled Saffron down beside me as my wings receded, and the flame disguising it dissipated. I glanced up at the sun’s position in the sky.

“We still have a few hours until sunset. Think we’ll be able to find their hideout before then?”

“I’m not sure if it’ll be that easy.”

Saffron pursed her lips.

“[Cultists] are elusive. Their cults are slippery, hard to pin down. Larger ones like the Followers of the Demon King may be easier to locate due to the size and scale of their operations, but it won’t take just a day to find them, Salvos. We’ll be here searching for days. Maybe even weeks.”


I tilted my head to the side as I trudged over the cobbled road. Saffron followed behind me, still wearing her school uniform— which, in hindsight, I should’ve asked her to change out of. I spotted travelers— [Farmers] on wagons— rolling down our way.

I waved a hand, calling out.

“Hey! You there!”

The [Farmer] eyed us, then he grinned as he pulled his wagon to a stop.

“Yes? How may I help you pretty young ladies? And a student from Mavos Academy too— my, am I lucky today.”

“Yep. Can you tell us if you know anything about the Followers of the Demon King? It’s a cult. They worship Demons. And we’re here to beat them up!”

I pumped a fist, and he paused. His face scrunched up as he turned away from us.

“T-t-the Followers of the Demon King? I-I-I h-have never heard of ‘em in my life.”

“Are you sure? They’re supposedly well-known around here.”


He snapped, before tugging on his horses. With a scowl, he continued on past us.

“Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a delivery to make.”



Saffron crossed her arms. She sighed, shaking her head.

“It’s not going to be that simple, Salvos.”

I shrugged as more travelers came down the road.

“Let’s try again!”


She raised her hand, and I ran forward. I gestured to her to come after me.

“Come on!”

The Vampire took a step forward, unthinking. Then she hesitated. She had been about to run after me as per usual. But she must’ve remembered that I was a Demon, which made her demeanor change once more.

So close. I drew my lips into a thin line, even as I continued running up to the oncoming travelers. We were almost back to normal. This just meant— proved— that we could be friends again. The only thing stopping her was… well, her stubbornness.

Which meant a lot, coming from me.

I continued to ask the next few travelers I saw coming from the town about any possible cults in the area. Most of them brushed me off— quite rudely, at that— before hurrying on. It was obvious that some of them knew what I was talking about. A few of them could’ve been annoyed, thinking that I was trying to incite something. But at least half of those I spoke to were at least vaguely aware of the Followers of the Demon King.

The fact that they refused to share anything, even for money, annoyed me.

Saffron followed slowly behind me as I aired my complaints about them.

“Come on! Can’t they see that we’re high-leveled? I mean, sure, I’m not showing my real level right now, but I don’t want to give up the element of surprise, you know? When we show up to those [Cultists]’ stupid Lair— can they even have Lairs?— they’ll think we’re just a couple of Gold Rank chumps, and boom!”

I made a punching motion.

“I’ll kill all of them!”

The Vampire averted her gaze, even as I cheerfully talked about killing her mortal enemies, slaughtering all of them off the face of the world. For whatever reason, that made her more uncomfortable. I wanted to sigh. Nothing I was doing was working. Why were Humans so annoyingly complicated. This sucked.

We walked in silence, passing by the next few travelers without stopping them. It was getting late. The sky was now tinted orange, and there were fewer passersby than before. I was thinking of maybe using my tracking Skills to somehow find the cult, when Saffron finally spoke up.

“I… think you shouldn’t hide your levels, Salvos.”

I blinked, more surprised by the fact that she was talking than her suggestion.

“Why not?”

“Because you’re a Diamond Rank.”

She wanted to leave it at that, but I cocked my head, clearly confused. She explained after a moment of hesitation.

“Maybe your name isn’t famous here in the rural outskirts of Shedos, but anyone can recognize that a Diamond Rank adventurer is someone you can trust. Right now, we just look like a couple of naive students trying to get ourselves killed.”


I tapped a finger on my chin. That made sense. But revealing that I was over Level 100 would mean that the [Cultists] would already be wary of me. I wanted to see the shocked look on their faces when they realized I wasn’t just an ordinary Level 36 [Mage]. Unless—

I grinned, turning to face Saffron.

“I have an idea.”

Her eyes widened as I explained the idea. She was vehemently against it, but I was already determined to see it through. I took off my jacket, handing it over to her, and she reluctantly wore it over her uniform.

“Alright, now let’s find some [Cultists]!”



Night fell, and Saffron walked through the empty streets of Farnsworth on her own. She stood next to a burning lamp, keeping herself warm even in the cold of the night. Shivering, she adjusted the blue jacket she had been given, and glanced around.

The work day was over. Most of the villagers of Farnsworth were returning to their homes from the fields. They laughed and they exchanged jokes as Saffron heard their rumblings grow closer. It’s time… She wasn’t looking forward to it, but she knew it was probably going to work.

Taking a step forward, she spoke out to draw their attention.

“Excuse me! Apologies, I am but a weary traveler, looking for a place to stay. I do not have silver to spare, and I am hungry.”

The [Farmers] paused. One of them snickered and elbowed another. Saffron’s actions drew not just the working men, but some of the women from their homes out.

“Oh, that poor thing…”

“She’s so young and pretty…”

“Jason, we should—”

There was now a small crowd. It was perfect. Saffron played her part, and she was waiting for Salvos to act next. With a deep breath, she tried to stall for time.

“Could any of you kind individuals please spare me some of your kindness and—”

And a shadow descended from the sky. A horrible monster crashed between Saffron and the [Farmers] of Farnsworth. Its back creaked as it straightened. It craned its neck, turning its head that bore the skull of an animal around, taking in the town.

It was like an amalgamation of the world’s most horrible monsters turned into one creature. Multiple limbs protruding from its side, each of them long and spindly, clawing the earth. There weren’t even an equal number of arms on each side of its body. Four of its arms dug into the soil, while its fifth and last arm was raised over its head, like some sort of antennae. Bone-like wings protruded from its back, slowly folding back into its back, cracking like thunder with each bending motion.

Its golden, glowing eyes stared deep into Saffron, and she screamed. The crowd exploded into shouts of terror. The men reached for weapons, while the women ran back into their homes. Children cried at the sight of the monster— no, it wasn’t a monster. It was a Demon.

Saffron dropped to her knees at the sight of the Demon. It grabbed her before she could move, picking her up and holding a claw to her face as she squirmed and gasped. Someone screamed for Saffron to be freed, but the Demon didn’t let go.

This had been part of the plan— the act Saffron had carried out so far. She knew who the Demon was. It was Salvos. Yet, Saffron’s reaction was no longer part of the act. Is she going to kill— She felt genuine fear here.

That was, until she heard it speak.

“I am… um… the Terror of Shedos! Yes! I am an Archdemon, sent here from Elutra! I, um, uh, erm, bear a message from your great King! Bring me to your cult, Humans! Or I will raze this town to ashes and kill everyone here, starting with her!”

Saffron paused. She couldn’t suppress her words as she stared at Salvos, whispering.

“Seriously? You didn’t practice any lines at all before doing this?”

“I wasn’t ready! You’re the one who started before I even transformed! Anyway, it’s working, see?”

A man— Saffron recognized him as the one who was snickering earlier— put down his weapons, bowing almost reverently at Salvos.

“Please... I can help you. I know where they are. Just spare us. I have a family...”

Salvos stomped forward, still carrying Saffron threateningly, but the young noble was more at ease now. The Demon leaned forward, baring her teeth.

“Show me.”




“I told you that plan will work.”

Salvos grinned as she flew over the canopy of trees, headed for a distant mountaintop. The [Farmer] had directed them to Sherfil Peak, a small, inconspicuous hill at the base of a mountain range that carried over into Elutra.

This was where the Followers of the Demon King were purportedly located. Saffron believed it— cults like these often hid in mountain caverns, clearing out Lairs or Dungeons, appropriating them for their own use.

Saffron sighed, her breath caught in the wind even as Salvos flew at a slower pace for her sake.

“I knew that it’d work. It was just…”


“It’s nothing.”

The Vampire clung onto the back of the Demon as they began their descent. Now was the next part of the plan. The part which, for whatever reason, Saffron was dreading.

They were going to enter the den of a cult.

She had been raised all of her life as a Vampire— as a burgeoning Demon Hunter. And one of her jobs would be to face [Cultists] for their vile acts. Yet, she had never actually been to a cult before. Father had never allowed her to accompany him or his thralls. Even though she had always been eager, she was now overcome with a nervous fear.

“...maybe we should turn back.”

Her voice came out soft, almost inaudible to her own ears. Still, Salvos heard it.

“Why? We’re already here.”

There was a caldera at the very top of the mountain. Inside of it, Saffron saw dozens and dozens of figures moving about. All dressed in the eerie robes [Cultists] often bore.

“If we go back, how else am I going to prove myself to you?”

They began their descent, and Saffron grew more and more nervous. She opened her mouth.

It doesn’t matter anymore— But the words didn’t come out of her mouth. Truth be told, Salvos had done more than enough to prove herself to Saffron. It wasn’t any rationale or logic that kept Saffron afraid of the Demon.

It was just how Saffron was raised. It… pained her to admit it, but Salvos might’ve truly been good. Or at least, not a servant of Regnorex like Saffron had thought. Unfortunately, the young noble couldn’t blurt it out. Not in time.

The [Cultists] gathered around in a circle as Salvos landed, and a man strode forward.

“Greetings, oh powerful Archdemon, great [Cambion] of the Netherworld. I am Mikel, leader of this cult. To what may we, the Followers of the Demon King, owe the pleasure?”

They weren’t exactly at ease around Salvos. She was an Archdemon they couldn’t exactly control, but they weren’t just going to anger her by attacking her.

“I am Sal— Salfos.”

Salvos stuttered as she came up with her fake name. Saffron almost wanted to bury her head in her hands when she heard it. Seriously? That’s the best you could come up with? The [Cultists], however, remained ignorant of this. Salvos continued.

“And I have come from your allies in Elutra, with this sacrifice of a powerful [Mage] as a gift, and a message from the Demon King himself.”

“Our allies in Elutra?”

He ran a hand through his beard. Well, it was more of a stubble. Someone— a [Cultist] in the back— muttered to himself.

“So those idiots from the Inoria Empire are finally returning the favor, huh?”

“Shut up, imbecile.”

Mikel glared back at him. He shrugged.

“What? They just kept on making demands from us. I never thought they’d actually do anything to help— urk!”

He dropped dead as Mikel lowered a hand. Blood pooled out from the hole in his chest as those around him stumbled back, and the cult leader hurriedly bowed down to Salvos.

“I apologize for my minion’s idiotic ramblings. We mean no offense, and we gratefully accept this sacrifice of yours. We have been, ah, running low on resources.”

He glanced over at the heavy metal door to the side, and Saffron’s eyes widened as she spotted the blood smeared and stained along the outside walls. Her stomach lurched, right before she was placed on the ground.

“Of course. Here you go!”

Saffron tried to get up to her feet, but Mikel grabbed her by the arm. She tried to pull away, however he yanked her closer. Saffron was too overcome with fear and disgust to even think about using magic. Her knees were too weak. Her hands were shaking and numb.

“A beautiful sacrifice. It would be a waste if she were killed right away.”

Mikel raised Saffron’s chin as she glared up at him. He bent over, a smug look on his face. She spat at him, and his face contorted.

He slapped her across the cheek as she reeled back. Dusting his hands, he walked around Saffron, still inspecting her. He spoke casually as Saffron cursed.

“I am twice your level, woman. You best behave or your death will be, ah, painful.”


She remembered her training. Magic coalesced at her fingertips. A fire began to form, right before he struck her once again. He pinned her down to the ground, smirking, looking up at Salvos.

“Pathetic. And, ah, what is the message?”

“Oh, right.”

Salvos blinked, then tilted her head back as if recalling something.

“The message is simple—”

She bared her teeth.


And she bit Mikel’s head off.

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One Last Sunset, a female lead litrpg.

Quickly approaching her 20th birthday, Cara Vacher must choose between being a Quest Giver or a Quest taker, as all Palanitians must. Her choice will define the rest of her life and risk her crossing paths with the most violent, power-hungry, and brutish of creatures: players. How will Cara survive in a world plagued by undying adventures long enough to find her missing sister? Meanwhile, Ivan just wanted to enjoy Alphabalde one last time before the server goes offline forever and takes an easy quest to find an NPC. But every time he finds her, he dies before he can complete the quest. What’s so special about this Cara Vacher anyway?

Find One Last Sunset here!


Liches Get Stitches, a female lead fantasy!

Evil stirs in the forest of Downing, spreading blight across the ancient boughs. Busy with troubles of her own, Maud the village witch just wants to be left alone. Peace and quiet should be easy enough when you’re dead, right?


Reborn as a powerful lich, Maud is suddenly faced with the attentions of all the righteous heroes, holy clerics, and nosy neighbours of the realm. Now instead of whiling away the days in her garden with her cat and her knitting, Maud must figure out how much force is required to crush a man’s spine, the proper storage solution to keep a spoiling cadaver, and how best to display the remains of the fallen for maximum scare.

Featuring people mulch, head bouquets, revenant geese, and some very deadly embroidery, undead paradise never looked so good.

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A Dance Among the Stars

Ursula must perfect an ancient dance in order to acquire untold amounts of treasure with the help of her old lover, Lothario (who happens to share the same name as her black cat).

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The Arbiter

Maria served dutifully until the star fell.

The order of the arbiters had been the only life she’d known, bound together in the service of Christ. The first woman ever on the cusp of ordination, only for the world to fall in pieces around her. A scholar in prison, speculating on the nature of God. A mysterious stranger, offering help that leads to as much tragedy as enlightenment. A bizarre illness, slowly spreading across the Spanish city of Alghuruba. All emerged with a falling star, burning its way down towards the earth.

Now her duties clash with knowledge mortals were never meant to understand, and Maria must ask herself a potentially disastrous question:

Is her justice and its truth worth the abandonment of everything she’s strived for?

Find The Arbiter here!


Beyond the Horizon

To go into The Next Horizon is to venture into a vast, barren void that few have returned from. Exactly what Deidre wants to do.

Seeking to disappear, Deidre joined the three-person crew of the SS Light Winds. Their goal, to find the SS Storm Shaker, part of the Karrack Expedition, the greatest fleet of airships to ever disappear into the Next Horizon.

Yet, in questing for her own death, Deidre is confronted by the cryptic crew of the Light Winds. There’s the chatty Anna Cutter, who seems to be struggling with something. There’s the mysterious Captain Matthias who seems to know far too much about his crewmates. They have their own reasons for going on this dangerous adventure, and these might just be a greater mystery than that of the Storm Shaker’s disappearance.

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Brambles and Briars

Jack used to be one of the best Spinners in the business. Able to open and close pathways to lost fairy tales, he and his team were a well oiled machine.

Until they ended up in a reality that wasn’t as abandoned as they thought.
Until their survival depended on him leaving someone behind.
Until he lost the way back.
Now, years later, he has a chance to return. To find the missing member of their team. To heal his family.

To do that, he’ll have to get past the monster waiting for him. Harder, he’ll have to convince the team to make the attempt.

If he can manage both, he gains the world. If he can’t, he loses everything that matters to him, for good.

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At the edge of the world sits the great tree through which all magic flows, and Beira– once the Magistra of Aird, now an old woman– is its caretaker. It is a lonely life, with none but the stories of the previous caretakers, carved into ancient menhir, to keep her company. But when the menhir start going dark and the color of magic turns to void, it is up to her to safeguard a strange child that seems to hold the answer in her song to Carrickeep, where they might prevent the world’s unraveling.

Find Chromatia here!


The Citadel at the End of the World

All magic comes from the Citadel.

As a child, Adela dreamed of going to the Citadel and becoming a mage, though the reality of her parents’ deaths made that dream a farfetched fantasy. When the caretakers at the orphanage discover her latent magical talent, she is given the opportunity to join the Citadel. Adela leaps at the chance. Power, wealth, prestige — she would have it all.

There is no fire without fuel, however, and magic is not without its price. The Citadel keeps many secrets within its ancient halls, many things it is willing to do in the name of the greater good. As Adela grows from pupil to mage, she will soon discover that there are costs she is unwilling to pay.

But the choice may no longer be hers.

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Clear Skies, Clear Heart

What would you sacrifice to be remembered forever?

Moses Santiago owes money to the Bernetti family. The Queen’s henchmen would like a word with him about his loyalties. His career is in the gutter—and don’t even get him started on his love life.

Fortunately, Santiago is used to being in over his head. He’s a Wayfarer, an explorer that risks his life in search of fame and fortune. Together with his protégé Noemi Saldaña, Santiago is going to sail across the ocean for one final adventure, a journey to the final blank spot on the map: Verrazano’s Coast. If they can open a passage to the legendary island, all of their problems will go away.

There is one small problem, however. The Coast has sent countless explorers to their graves—including Santiago’s own adopted father. Explorers know that reaching the island is impossible.

But Santiago has never let the word impossible slow him down before.

He’ll risk everything for a shot at discovering what lies beyond the mists. Because Verrazano’s Coast hides a secret—and that secret is going to change the world.

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The Crow King's Son

Rejoice, rejoice, a prince is born,
A gift upon us all.
Our prayers, our hopes, our dreams come true,
Now come and heed the call.

Lament, lament, a prince is born,
A curse upon this age.
Now steel your soul and whet your blade,
For coming war we’ll wage.

Oh wail, oh wail, a prince is born,
A bane upon this land.
Now cower, quake, or else t’will be
Your blood that coats his hand.

I come to you with tales to tell
And choruses to sing,
Of Carrow, Crow, of Smoke and Salt,
And of the Shadow King.

Four tyrannies so rule this land,
Four ways to bend the knee,
But in our plight so came the man
That dared to set us free.

And so begins the single life,
That heralds coming war.
Rejoice, lament, oh wail, oh wail,
The Crow King’s Son is born.

The Crow King’s Son is a short epic poem in ten choruses for lovers of poetry and fantasy alike. Whether you’re a poet yourself, a fan of this ancient form of storytelling, or have never read a line of verse in your life, this poem is for you.

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Exit Point, a LitRPG Multiverse Adventure

Kasimir Yadmic has a slight isekai problem.
Every time he finishes a quest, his malfunctioning power-retention system throws him into a new world without giving him any choice in where he ends up.

Kas is tired of being shuffled from world to world. At first he hoped to find his way back home, but by now he’d settle for being able to stay in one place. But when his faithful dragon-cat Miri is kidnapped, Kas will do anything necessary to find her and get her back.

Settling down will have to wait.

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Flightmaster Ryn

Davee is a Flier. It is her deepest joy in life, the most important part of her. She may be a fighter, a soldier, by profession, but that is what she does, not what she is.

The day has come, when she will say goodbye to her soulmate, the giant raven Ryn. In mere hours, she will be alone, bereft of everything that matters to her.

Little does she expect that the day will bring even darker changes than that. Betrayal is in the air and Davee will have to fly or die.

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Forbidden Arts

Do what ye will, an’ harm ye none. The only law that magical beings need to follow.

The Elder Council has tasked Lead Enforcer Mathilda Forsythe and her team to keep this law. When incomplete magic circles start cropping up, it is up to Mathilda to find out what they summon and who is distributing them, and why. With whispers of even darker magic coming in from the very edges of the realm, and the council in disarray, she must race to stem the tide of chaos before all is lost.

Is the darker magic affecting the Elder Council’s ability to communicate? Will she be able to find the one breaking the only law in time?

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The Midnight People

The bond between fae and owl is sacred.

In a magical ancient forest hidden from humans, young Oisin prepares to join the elusive ranks of the Midnight People – like his father before him.

But with a fear of heights and a kindly disposition, he is refused the chance to attempt the trials by the fae leaders. Unwilling to break his vow to his dying father and determined to become an owl rider, he turns to an unlikely source for help.

Willing to risk everything to keep his promise, Oisin will have to learn to trust the owls more than himself if he is to have a chance at joining the Midnight People.

The Midnight People is an uplifting short story, perfect for fans of fairy tales and folklore fantasy.

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Music Soothes the Shadow Beasts

Music is one hell of a drug.

Blake knew from the start this was a bad idea. But when your best friend is insistent on doing something stupid, you don’t leave him twisting in the wind. But going into the darkness, where the shadow beasts lurk to bring death is madness. Doing it to get a guitar is nearly suicide.

When Blake and Dustin find the guitar in question, it sounds like nothing they’ve experienced before, and playing it is ecstasy. The music seems to calm the shadow beasts, but as they play it more, it’s like they can hear the creatures talking in their heads. The magic makes them faster, stronger, and with every strum of the guitar, the two grow further apart.

Somehow, the music that soothed the savage beasts created one far worse. And if Blake doesn’t find a way to get his best friend back, the beasts may destroy them both.

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The Obsidian Vanguard

Life on the high seas isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Stuck on a giant city-ship which travels a flooded world, Xavier Sterling would kill for a more exciting life. He gets his wish when a giant monster attacks the only home he’s ever known. Through the power of an ancient artifact, he is anointed as a member of The Obsidian Vanguard, an organization dedicated to keeping the galaxy’s kaiju population under control.

With the help of a jaded mentor and a giant robot that doesn’t care about the laws of physics, he’ll have to fend off an onslaught of city-destroying monsters.

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The Pack-Lord's Hunt

Natalie’s entire life was turned upside down when she was attacked by a werewolf one fateful night.

The lone survivor of a serial killer, Natalie finds herself thrust into the center of a supernatural mystery. She finds new friends and allies, but struggles with the knowledge that her attacker is hiding amongst them. Before she can even finish adjusting, she finds herself called to compete in the Pack-Lord’s Hunt: a series of deadly trials to win gifts from their god.

Magic mixes with the mundane as Natalie tries to fit in with her new magical life. Can she survive the coming Hunt, or will she crack under the pressure?

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The Quiet

Ilia has never feared the sea.

But when her sister vanishes on a clear night under a river of stars known as the Quiet, Ilia is the only person in her village who believes Adana is still alive. To find the truth, Ilia will wade into the ancient lore of her people armed only with her childhood journal, her wits, and a trio of enchanted relics that have lost their magic. Adana is out there somewhere—but so are the mythical, fearsome beings who dwell in the deep.

A second-world fairy tale about believing in magic after we’ve grown up and about healing the old wounds that haunt us.

This book is written in British English and includes relative diction.

Find The Quiet here!


River Aeon

The River Aeon is a literal river of magic, one that confers a new life, immortality, and magical powers onto humans in a package deal called a Concept. The first of these Concepts, a hiker, became the Concept of Thought. They created life, and the City where all Concepts live, safe from the dying world outside.
But in the middle of being human and being a Concept is a limbo, for the Aeon’s magic does not say what the name of the Concept given is, and without the name, a Concept can not grow. One of these Concepts has been in limbo for two thousand years, as long as they can remember, but does not care. Because as a Concept, they don’t have to eat or move, and so can daydream as much as they like—which is for years.
This year, a human called Willow shows up and claims vengeance for wrongs they don’t believe have been committed. She does so by destroying the one thing they love more than their daydreams and stealing their magic, leaving them with weeks to live. And their Concept name is coming for them whether they like it or not, leaving them with more problems.
Will they learn to survive without their magic and daydreams, and avenge their loss? Or will their Concept magic unlock a new path to peace?

Find River Aeon here!


Unburdened, Unrepentant

A bullet in the back isn’t the only thing you should fear in the old west.

Demons, magic, and mayhem ensue as the battle for the west begins. Sage, an unordinary gunslinger hunts down one of the oldest demons in the land as a plague of murders spreads. Time is running out with the enemy growing in power with every second that passes. Will her shadow magic be enough to claim victory? Or will she be counted among the dead and forgotten?

Who will it be, humans or demons that prevail?

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Upon His Throne

A fantasy romance novella with a deadly throne, a fake heir, and a reluctant romance.

Azrae Silverserpent is a young demon woman that’s anything but happy with the state of her realm. A war with Elves, a broken engagement, an empty throne known for killing its kings, and a family to protect are difficult for a girl to navigate, especially when she’s already lost everything else.

The deadly Winged Throne needs a king, and her six year-old little brother is next in line. She is desperate not to sacrifice her brother for a broken kingdom, so when her thought-to-be-dead ex-fiancé reappears to become next in line once again, it looks like salvation.

Too soon it becomes wildly clear to her that this savior is not her ex-fiancé Rezuriel; he’s a common man dodging the war one twist of luck after the other, just like her. This vexingly charming stranger may not be the real heir to the throne of the crumbling Winged Realm, but he is her best hope for a future.

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The Verdant Apocalypse

The end of the world is coming, not in fire, but in thorns. The Verdance, a cascade of misbegotten magical overgrowth, has already consumed an entire continent and now creeps across the sea, threatening to choke the globe in vines and thorns.

With the world desperate for solutions, the rogue mage Ourin has her unjust sentence commuted from execution to a suicide mission: to join an expedition into the depths of the Verdance, to find it’s heart, and put an end to the overgrowth once and for all.

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Half died in the first twelve years, another half will die before help from Earth can arrive.

On a world turned toxic by the Belch, an industrial catastrophe that spewed hundreds of tons of Xenochem-646 into the air, the survivors concentrated in one central city scrabble and scrape for every molecule of oxygen they can get. To breathe the unfiltered air is to invite 646 into your lungs, where it dissolves you from the inside-out until you’re nothing but a jumpsuit filled with red slurry.

Rose has spent half her life looking through the tinted lenses of a gassie, staring up at the massive corpo towers of the great titans of industry. Towers where she’s heard that some people don’t even have seal-welts, and the very hollow suits who caused the Belch are skimming oxygen and selling it at a premium to the Jacks whose planet they ruined.

But Rose has something the corpos don’t. She’s got access to excavation-grade explosives, she’s got a crew of willing degenerates.

And most dangerous of all, she’s got a plan.

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Entropy Inc

Nothing comes without a sacrifice, and life is not an exception.

Entropy, the arrow of time, has made life impossible, and all we can do is to await our ultimate fate. We can try to delay it, as we have done for sextillions of years, but eventually, we will all die.

If only we had more time
If only we had a way
If only we could break the laws of physics

Or are the laws of physics already broken…

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They Called Me MAD

The only end to war is to end humanity itself, but scientists Zhores Zelmanov and Sophia Rasborov have a vision. They will engineer a new humanity to replace the old, and all that stands in their way are two other mad scientists, with their own plans for the world.

The two sides clash with their competing philosophies, feuding over what it means to be human, the nature of the soul, and what it takes to save the world. As the battles and bodies pile up, the conflict worsens until all that remains is revenge and bloody ingenuity.

Only one dream can win out, and the earth might not survive the fight.

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Black Spire

On the edge of town, an endless spire looms…

Myles Wentz has spent his life making arms and armor for self-proclaimed ‘heroes’ who climb the Black Spire in search of glory. Climbers who endlessly throw themselves at the spire in hopes of overcoming its challenges. None ever return.

When his oldest grandson expresses interest in becoming a Climber, Myles realizes someone needs to clear the tower once and for all. But he can’t trust the bumbling fools who waltz through his shop. He’s got to handle it himself. It’ll mean closing the shop, making his own gear, and abandoning his comfortable life. Just to potentially sacrifice himself on the altar that is the Black Spire.

It’ll take all of Myles’ life experience to overcome this challenge; he’s not fighting to save the world, just one boy from making a huge mistake.

Black Spire, the first of its name, was written as part of the Inkfort Press Publishing Derby. If you want to see a badass, grumpy older protagonist take on a tower, this one’s for you.

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The Crypt Lord's Call

If Hell is full, where do the sinners go?

The answer – Godguild, a new universe filled with magic, monsters, and stats, where the afterlife is determined by progression. It’s not about being good anymore, and it’s not even about being strong. All that matters is being at the top.

After being sent to Godguild with everyone else, Theodore Goss plays along as an Afterlifer. Hard though it is, he’ll make it to paradise eventually. But when a vicious guild drags him into a skeletal dungeon run, Theo realizes the monsters have it much worse than him.

Theo helps the surviving skeletons build a new home. To ensure their continued survival, however, Theo needs to navigate the minefield of unfriendly mobs, monsters of every shape and eldritch size, and of course, Hell itself peeking in at the edges, all while plumbing the secrets Godguild is hiding.

It’s going to take more than levelling up to make it in this cruel world, and Theo is just the guy to go above and beyond.

Godguild is a LitRPG series where the protagonist brings intelligent mobs to his side by hook or by crook, all to take the fight to the system. With a healthy helping of crafting, base-building, and survival elements, it’s perfect for readers of Epic Fantasy and Gamelit, and for fans of Dragon Age, Guild Wars, and Dungeons and Dragons.

Survival? Maybe for now. But Theo is coming for Godguild itself.

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Forged and Forgotten

After two months of weathering countless attacks by monsters from a nearby dungeon, Mirza is on the brink of destruction. All its heroes have fallen, and no new ones are coming. Amidst the impending doom, Sylus, an enchanter with a mysterious past, tries his best to help the soldiers defend the city. When an opportunity arrives that will not only save Mirza, but also solve the mystery of his past, Sylus immediately takes it. Little did he know, a corrupted being was out to get him…

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Herald of the Dark

The Dark is missing. And so will my life, if I don’t get him back.

As Herald of the Dark, one of the six ancients ruling the land, it’s my duty to manage his citizens and stop any threats toward his domain. It’s also my duty to find whoever kidnapped him. From me.

I might have trapped the Dark in my basement at some point in the past to siphon his power and enrich mine.

And now, I have a big problem in my hands.

If the Dark regains his power before I get him back, I’m dead.
If the other ancients realize what I’ve done, I’m dead.
If I get savaged to death in a fight while looking for the Dark, I’m dead. Mostly, because I’m the only one around with a resurrection card.

With time running out, my power depleting, and the other ancients sprouting nonsense about upcoming disasters, I will cheat, lie, steal, and stop at little to get the Dark back.

After all, that’s what got me this far.

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The Mists of Arathia

NPCs aren’t supposed to gain skills. They don’t go on monster-slaying adventures. But levelling up is their only chance of escaping the Mists…

Three years ago, the Mists devoured Arathia and killed two-thirds of the population. Those like Rey who survived the mysterious fog were permanently branded and thrown into a new world with monsters, levels, and skills.

Returning to their way of life seems impossible until Arathia’s resident crazy homeless guy proposes a plan that just might get Rey and his friends out of their dead-end village.

When they leave their safe zone, they find that the truth about the Mists is far closer to home than they ever could have believed.

And wait, what do you mean they’re not real people, but non-player characters in a new full-dive role-playing game?

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Pop Smoke

Grab your go juice and kick the tires…

Two brothers on opposite ends of a secret war. One fights for what is right, the other for survival.

It’s been 200 years since the ‘Ascension’ of mankind, and 400 years since the multiverse split open and the apocalypse, known as the cataclysm, swept across Earth gifting humans with game-like abilities and strength.

Eli and his brother Aeton grew up seeing the stars from space, living on a space station they joined the Aggregate, an empire of aliens who use humanity as a weapon against all who oppose them.

When a mission to stop a rebellion goes south the two brother’s worlds are ripped apart by fate. Now, years later on opposing sides only one will make it out alive.

This book is a love letter to sci-fi and post-apocalyptic LitRPG.

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Transit Point

The clock’s about to run out—but Adrin’s got one last play to make.

Serving in the personal vanguard for the Archon, the weaponized AI Adrin and his partner Linya take care of the quiet problems. The ones that threaten the throne’s stability. The ones that never see the light of day.

But when Adrin is deemed obsolete by the Archon’s advisory council, he’s faced with one final chance to prove his worth and avoid decommissioning—infiltrate a nobleman’s servers and eliminate the illicit AI being developed within. It won’t be a simple task, especially when the AI are locked deep inside deadly training simulations. Even if Adrin can make his way through the bloody games to his targets, the only prize waiting for him is a fight to the death.

A chance in the ring is better than a one-way trip to the junkyard, though, so Adrin sets himself to his final mission with single-minded focus. If the council wants him to play their games, he will.

And to the victor go the spoils.

Transit Point is a LitRPG adventure featuring real-time strategy mechanics.

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Strange Evolution

Grifter extraordinaire David Latkey wanted a quiet night in.

Three thugs crashing into his house, intent on beating the stuffing out of him for unspecified reasons hadn’t been on the agenda.

Neither was fleeing barefoot into a creepy forest.

Running for his life, David just wants to get away. To hide. Escape.
Fate had other plans.

When they’d finished with him, the biggest ruffian whispered in David’s ear, “Lindsay says hi.”

Left beaten, bloody, and alone; David struggles to survive. They’d be back.

Through excruciating pain and fever dreams, he focused on the name Lindsay.

Everything changed that night. He changed.

Then, it was his turn.

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Whatever Happened to Elisma, Ohio?

Whatever happened to Elisma, Ohio?

How did an entire city vanish from the banks of Lake Erie in 1975? And what does it mean for four teens who stumble on its abandoned streets in the summer of 1992?

Rachel Dallas and her three friends are about to be plunged into the midst of a decades old supernatural mystery. Lost while returning from a summer trip to the lake just before starting their final year of high school, they accidentally wander into the empty streets of a city not on any of their maps. Elisma, Ohio. Rachel finds herself tormented by nightmares, and a haunting presence that seems to be following her every footstep. And the more the ghosts of the past try and invade her present, the more determined she becomes to unravel their enigma.

Something happened to Elisma, Ohio. And someone knows. Rachel and her friends are going to find out.

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