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182.2. Personal Statement

It was a nerve-wracking few days where there was complete silence from Claytron. I stayed over with Saffron as I debated the merits over each of my Classes. I mentioned each of the Classes I receive options for and their descriptions. She was, unfortunately, far too fixed on a single one of the Classes.

“You’re saying you met a Fairy.”


“A rare Spirit that maybe one in every million people have even seen before.”

I nodded as she sat back on her couch. She rubbed at her temples before she continued.

“And you didn't just meet one of these archaic creatures only mentioned in history books, you’ve also made one teach you.”

“I didn’t make Lily do anything! I just asked, and she listened!”

That was a vast oversimplification. But the last thing I wanted was for her to find out about my true identity. Maybe this could be something I told her in the future. But I had a thought. Something which alarmed me slightly.

But if Matthew really had been delivering blood to Saffron, couldn’t she have been some kind of Vampire?

That meant she’d probably hate me a lot if she discovered that I was an Archdemon of Pride. I didn’t want that! So, I didn’t think I’d ever tell her the truth.

She could be a [Blood Mage] or some kind of [Cultist].

Those were always possibilities. I just didn’t intend on testing anything out.

Saffron sighed.

“Befriending a Fairy is something no one has done since Melissa, the Oracle of Light, Salvos. Let alone having it teach you. If there was a Class I had to pick between [Fairy Maiden], [Worldly Mystic of the Nexeus], or [Dimensional Mage], I’d choose [Fairy Maiden], no questions asked.”

“But Lily advised against going down that path!”

I protested for whatever reason. It wasn’t like I couldn’t see Saffron’s point; I did, I truly did. I was very much intrigued by it as a Class. However, I felt like she was missing my apprehensions about it.

She snorted.

“A vague warning would never make me pass up the opportunity of a lifetime. Although, this may have less weight to you as it would for me, since you’re rather accustomed to such momentous things. The most I can say is what I’ve already told you: it is up to you to decide.”

I never really had such a problem with choosing a Class or a Subspecies before now. Everything always seemed so obvious to me. I’d just pick what best suited me! But all these Classes sounded like they’d be the same. Although they weren’t.

There were subtle nuances to them which would result in starkly different outcomes. For one thing, was a [Wordly Mystic of the Nexeus] even related to space magic?

The safest option seemed to be [Dimensional Mage]. It was what currently appealed to me the most. Yet, it was the one which would not have anything… special to it. But was special always better?

I decided to wait a bit longer. Maybe once I spoke to the mentors of Mavos Academy, they’d be able to offer me the wisdom needed to make a decision. Whatever the case was, without a place to stay, I lived with Saffron, eating bugs and sleeping on her couch until I heard back from Clayton.

The noble woman didn’t exactly say anything about my diet, but I could tell she was slightly disgusted by it.

Eventually, I received a letter from Clayton himself. It called me to the Tower of Truth— an edifice located at the central area of Mavos Academy. It didn’t rise up to meet the low-hanging clouds, but it had a domed roof decorated and gilded with gold and jewels.

Saffron saw me off at the entrance before I was brought into a large hall by Clayton’s [Secretary]. She sat me down in the middle of a large ritual circle shrouded in darkness. I saw no one in my surroundings, but I knew there were a dozen people hiding in the shadows.

Clayton was one of them. His voice boomed out as the ritual circle shone a brilliant red.

“Salvos, Liberator of the Plaguelands, Death of the Destroyer, and Savior of Silvergrove. Do you hereby swear that you do not intend to bring harm to Mavos Academy, its students, or any of its faculty?”

I cocked my head, surprised by the sudden question. However, I answered truthfully. I sensed the magic around me— I knew it had some sort of effect that would discern my words for its veracity.

“I am not enrolling into your academy with the intention of harming anyone or anything. I am here to learn.”

The ritual circle flashed green briefly, before Clayton continued with his interrogation.

“Do you swear that you have met all the requirements necessary to join the School of Aspiring Elites?”

“I have.”

“And that, as a part of our student body, you will not act in any manner that is deleterious or detrimental to Mavos Academy’s reputation?”

“I will not.”

“Will you abide by the rules set forth by myself, Headmaster Clayton Skyshredder, the hundred and third headmaster of Mavos Academy?”

“I will.”

Each time he asked a question, the ritual circle returned to its red glow. But each time I answered, it shone green. The questions kept coming for what felt like half an hour, until finally—

“Mavos Academy is an institution that aims to enrich Humankind and protect us against the terrible monsters living in nature, and the other Species of the Mortal Realm who hope to bring an end to our existence. Do you swear that you are not acting in any way as an agent that would actively aid our enemies, or would actively damage the progress or safety of our Species?”

“I act for myself, and only myself. I am not an agent of any other Species, nor do I come here with any desire to harm Humankind as a whole.”

It flashed green.

There were voices in the darkness. Murmurings. They held a short discussion, before finally Clayton spoke out once more.

“You have passed the screening. You have answered all the questions truthfully, and there is no evidence of any curse or mind-altering magic being cast on you. You are hereby a student of the School of Aspiring Elites.”

He stepped out of the veil of darkness, alongside other older men and women. Professors, lecturers, and teachers. They clapped softly as the ritual circle dimmed and candles flickered into existence along the walls, lighting up the room.

I felt a wide smile spreading across my face. Clayton returned the smile as he shook my hand.

“Welcome to Mavos Academy.”

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