Salvos Volume 3 now available on Amazon!


Hi everyone!

Just wanted to announce that The Plaguelands: Salvos Volume 3 is now available for purchase on Amazon!

The book is 180,000 words and goes up to chapter 168, which is about a dozen chapters ahead of what RoyalRoad is at right now. And if you've ever been interested in any of the side story chapters I've written but couldn't afford the $10 on patreon, the ones written so far are all added to this version of the boook too!

That means you have chapters dedicated to Saffron, Hadrian, Jaakko, Rachel, and Faith. While these chapters are very much lore and plot relevant, you don't necessarily have to read them to understand future plot events. But if you do read them, you'll get a sneak preview of things to come in the future regarding the direction the story is heading.

I do hope you consider buying the book. But if you can't buy it due to your own financial situation, I ask that you at least leave a review or a rating for the book on Amazon, as it would really help me out a ton <3

Thank you all for reading as always. Chapter will be up tomorrow, per usual. The Plaguelands: A Monster Evolution LitRPG (Salvos, Volume 3) eBook: Lewis, V.A.: Kindle Store

If you'd prefer, you can read all these chapters ahead and more in my patreon here | Patreon


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