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155.2. Wishful Thinking


Class [Adept of the Fae] Level Up!

[Adept of the Fae - Lvl. 12] -> [Adept of the Fae - Lvl. 13]

Gained 2 Secondary Skill Points!


Class [Adept of the Fae] Level Up!

[Adept of the Fae - Lvl. 15] -> [Adept of the Fae - Lvl. 16]

Gained 2 Secondary Skill Points!

Subspecies [Daeva Cambion] Level Up!

[Daeva Cambion – Lvl. 100] -> [Daeva Cambion – Lvl. 101]

Gained 5 Stat Points and 3 Skill Points!

My new Class was leveling nicely compared to my Subspecies. [Adept of the Fae] had leveled 6 times in less than a week, while [Daeva Cambion] only leveled once. Granted, I was stepping back during the fighting just a little bit, letting Daniel soak up the experience, so he could get to Level 100 as soon as possible.

We were heading back to the Human lands. We had a map and a compass, and two Humans who were able to actually read that stuff. Most of the Plaguelands hadn’t been mapped out, so navigating our way back was still a little bit difficult. However, as long as we knew the general direction we were going, we’d be able to return to the Vaun Qieuer Empire eventually.

While the Plaguelands was certainly less dangerous to us, especially since I was Level 100 now, we didn’t simply throw caution into the wind. Daniel made sure that we camped out in places where we weren't just out in the middle of the open for any horde of undead to attack us, and instead had some sort of shelter to protect us.

We cleared out a small, ruined town full of Ghouls and Skeletons before settling down for the night. It was flanked by a blight flower field to the left, and a vast, open flatland to the right. It was late, and we were forced to make do with what we had.

My companions set up their camp as they usually did, but instead of having the usual inane conversations, we were talking about more serious things. Such as what Daniel would do when he returned from the Plaguelands.

“You could always just follow me to the Brilsum Ruins, you know?”

I offered him the suggestion as he chewed on some dried meat.

“While we’re there, we could deal with that Archdemon problem and speak with Lily— kill two wild Demons with one rock.”

“The expression is ‘kill two birds with one stone’.”

Daniel snorted, before taking a sip from his flask. Was that alcohol? His face was a little bit redder than usual.

“I’m just not sure… about what I want to do. What if what Faith said really was true? That the Inoria Empire was evil? Shouldn’t I go back to help her?”

“You told us that she manipulated and used you in the past, Daniel.”

Edithe almost looked annoyed at the Human man.

“You’d be fucking stupid to trust her again.”

“I know that, I know that.”

Taking a deep breath, he drew his knees closer to his chest and hugged them.

“It’s just that— I have a responsibility, don’t I? I’m supposed to be a [Hero]. And yet, people out there are dying because I’m too scared to fight. I could make a difference. I could save so many lives. But I’m just… here. Scared. Afraid.

“Yep, you’re a coward, Daniel.”

I nodded, agreeing with him. He let out a heavy sigh, and Edithe winced.

“Not helping, Salvos.”

“It’s the truth.”

Perhaps it was because he was drunk, but the Human man didn’t make any sort of retort. That was better for me, since I could continue.

“However, despite being a coward, you’ve been by my side, even against all odds, you still fought. You never ran, leaving me alone. You’re a coward. But that has never stopped you from fighting before. It has never stopped you from doing what you want.”

It was an attempt at cheering him up. Maybe I could have worded it better, but I had no reason not to be blunt with him. It was better for him to hear things like this. Just like when he kept his secret from Edithe for so long— skirting around the issue wouldn’t bring any results with Daniel.

“As… harshly as Salvos is putting it, she’s right. You don’t have to follow her. You don’t have to save the princess—”

“Hey! I’m a Princess too!”

The red-haired woman ignored me, instead gently resting the tip of her fingers on the back of his hand.

“You can do whatever you want. You don’t have to decide now. Just think about it, alright?”

Daniel looked up at her. He stared at Edithe with a grateful smile. Then it slipped away as he buried his face into his hands once more.

“And what about that whole Apocalypse thing? What are we going to do about it? We have to do something, right?”

This time, Edithe was stumped too. She hesitated, trying to work her jaw, but nothing came out.

“I… that’s… fuck, good question.”

“Why do you have to do anything?”

I fixed both of them with a puzzled look. The question took them by surprise. They both turned to me at the same time.

“Uh, because it’s something that affects all of us?”

“Everyone will die, Salvos. If what Xidra says is true—”

“Then it doesn’t matter.”

I raised my shoulders in a shrug. Then I shivered slightly as a cold chill swept over our camp. The fire flickered with the wind, almost growing smaller from the breeze.

“If these Dragons couldn’t do anything about it, how are we supposed to stop it? Also— what if Xidra is wrong? Maybe she thinks she’s telling the truth, but maybe someone lied to her. Neither of you have to do anything about it.”

There was a pause. Edithe and Daniel exchanged a glance, as if deciding who should speak first. They seemed to settle on the red-haired woman as she started.

“Salvos, even if—”

I raised a hand, cutting her off. A prickling sensation ran through me. The one I always felt when I thought I was being watched. But it was different this time. It felt… real. Almost overwhelming.

I leapt to my feet, grabbing my Nebular Bow, nocking it as I turned around. A heavy mist encroached on the ruined town, surrounding it from all sides. The burning fire was snuffed out as another freezing zephyr swept over our camp, and my companions drew their weapons, growing alert as the veil of darkness fell upon us.

“Someone is…”

I didn’t finish. A figure stepped out from the mist. My eyes grew wide as I saw yellow bones. A black robe. A skull with fire for eyes, glowing a bright green. An ethereal voice left its mouth like a whisper.

“Hello, my beautiful Lilian. It has been so long since I last saw you.”

[Lich - Lvl. 143]


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