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89.1. Seeing the Light

[Mindreaper - Lvl. 82]

[Cultist - Lvl. 73]

[Cultist - Lvl. 68]

[Cultist - Lvl. 65]

Daniel and I charged the Mindreaper and the three [Cultists] surrounding it. The monster turned its head, taking a moment to recognize us as an intruder, before blaring its mind magic at us.

I winced, but fought through the pain as [Self Haste] propelled me forward. Daniel couldn’t keep up, however he was in the middle of using his Skill, slashing out and sending a blade of light in the direction of the flying Mindreaper.

A volley of magical arrows appeared out of thin air, in the air just above the Level 73 [Cultist]. He looked to be a man who was also in his 70s, dressed in black and red robes, standing out from the other two who wore plain black robes.

These arrows soared through the air and towards me at extreme speeds. They were almost ethereal— I swore I could see through them. And I was right, because they were made of pure arcane energy. The magical attack whizzed past me, dozens of them landing all around me. And—

One of them nicked me. It pierced through my skin, draining me of mana in an instant. And more left minor cuts throughout my body. I grimaced as another volley readied to launch itself at me. More mind magic blasted me, making me want to curl up and hide underneath a rock and scream. But [Charge of Embers] once again proved itself useful as more than just an offensive Skill.

It brought me straight to the Mindreaper, helping me evade the second volley of arcane bolts. Just as I reached it, a blade of light— Daniel’s Skill— finally reached the Mindreaper too. We had both agreed beforehand to always focus our attacks on these mind mages first. Their attacks were too powerful and their defenses were too weak, making it the best course of action for us.

So the blade of light cut through the Mindreaper’s leathery skin, before my own fiery spear jabbed straight at its chest. It recoiled, trying to dodge the attack, however I let the fiery weapon dissipate and sent a [Scorching Wave] at its open wound.

The monster zipped through the air, trying to put distance myself and it as the [Cultists] below me readied more spells of more than just the arcane, but fire, earth, and ice. Not wanting to be hit by any of them, I bounded out of the way as I began creating a kusarigama.

I first started with the chains, hurling it at one of the Mindreaper’s tentacled feet, pulling it down with me as I landed back to the ground and [Self Haste] came to an end. Then I tugged the chains while Daniel intercepted the three [Cultists], interrupting their flurry of magic.

The Mindreaper came snapping down like a whip, straight into the sharp edge of the fire sickle, letting out a telepathic scream. It writhed on the floor before me; it let out its last desperate call for help as it blasted me with another, stronger wave of mind magic. But I grabbed it with my claws, my entire body now lit on fire, and began tearing into the monster until it stopped moving.

I did not even stop to take a moment to breathe. The moment I realized the Mindreaper was dead, I rushed to Daniel’s side. The [Hero] was being overwhelmed by the three [Cultists] combined strength. And why wouldn’t he be losing? Each of their levels were far above his.

He was in the middle of grappling the Level 68 [Cultist] as the Level 73 one prepared a powerful ball of arcane energy, when I joined the fray. I interrupted the casting of the spell, immediately unleashing my [Fire Strikes] at the withering man. A flash flickered around him— a protective barrier stopped my claws from meeting skin.

An artifact?

It definitely had not been some kind of a barrier he put up. It came into existence too quickly for it to be one.

I managed to land one final [Fire Strike] to break the man’s aura of protection before the last [Cultist] blasted me back with a blast of ice. It froze at my skin, however I bit through the frostbite and pushed myself off the higher leveled [Cultist] and leapt onto the lower leveled one.

I no longer had my kusarigama on me— my mana too low from being drained by the earlier arcane arrows— and was relying entirely on using my claws and [Fire Strike]. The [Cultist]— barely above me level— didn’t stand a chance even then. She screamed as my claws tore into her face, ripping her to shreds without any magical protection on her.

I was off her in an instant, evading the arcane spells of the old [Cultist]. He tried to block my path by creating a barrier of arcane energy just ahead of me, but I saw the fissure in the air— the interwoven threads of mana alerting me of the Skill— and I leapt over it before it could halt my pace.

I couldn’t stop, not even for a moment. The damage that had been dealt against me was too much. Even with my increased [Vitality] from raising it, I had been inundated by attacks from Level 70 and 80 beings— those far stronger than me. All I could do now was rely on my speed.

I continued running, dodging the oncoming spells as it blew apart the hallway of the castle. It laid waste to the already ruined building. Until finally—

Daniel finished off the Level 68 [Cultist]. He drew his sword back and instantly rushed the arcane spellcaster while he was still distracted by me. His blade tore into the back of the older man, drawing his attention, and letting me close in on him too.

The two of us hit him from both sides, avoiding his magic easily by splitting his attention in half. Then with that, we easily finished him off. His [Vitality] as a mage-type [Cultist] clearly not as high as if he had been a warrior-type.


Defeated [Nightmare Mindreaper - Lvl. 82]!

More experience is awarded for defeating an enemy at least 20 levels above you!

Less experience is awarded for defeating an enemy with the help of others!



Defeated [Cultist - Lvl. 73]!

More experience is awarded for defeating an enemy at least 10 levels above you!

Less experience is awarded for defeating an enemy with the help of others!


Subspecies [Midday Changeling] Level Up!

[Midday Changeling – Lvl. 61] -> [Midday Changeling – Lvl. 62]

Gained 5 Stat Points and 3 Skill Points!


Subspecies [Midday Changeling] Level Up!

[Midday Changeling – Lvl. 62] -> [Midday Changeling – Lvl. 63]

Gained 5 Stat Points and 3 Skill Points!


Overall, it had been a quick and bloody battle. It had only been four opponents, and yet I was left just as hurt and injured as when I had been chased by the horde of monsters led by a Mindreaper at the outer city of the Brilsum Ruins.

And unlike back then, Daniel didn’t come out of this unscathed either. He and I both collapsed to the ground, panting and bleeding as we took the moment to gather ourselves. My Human companion quickly produced a healing potion, the same one he offered me last time, and spoke up through labored breath.

“Do… you… want… it… now…?”

Managing to muster a nod, I gladly accepted the healing potion. I chugged it down as quickly as I could while he took another one and drank from it thirstily. I watched the wounds around my body— the burns and the cuts and the freezing— close, and felt the wounds to my mind disappear as well.

The damage was not fully gone. However, this was a high quality healing potion according to Daniel. It would have restored even severed limbs if one took it. Even though I did not lose a limb in the fight, I was grateful for its effects.

I lay there— not long enough for [Rest] to take effect— but long enough until I was satisfied. Then I got up and pulled out a stamina potion and mana potion respectively. I downed both too, before turning back to Daniel who had taken one of each as well.

“That was… the first Mindreaper… in here…”

I had to take a moment to catch my breath; it had still only been minutes since the fight. We couldn’t just waste time here, especially if another patrol of [Cultists] came. My Human companion slowly stood up and sheathed his blade.

“It was. And yet, killing it didn’t break the magic on them.”

“Killing them never did.”

I shook my head, remembering how we would kill Mindreapers outside, but the hordes they were controlling would be completely unaffected.

“There are other Mindreapers around. And their magic can reach more than halfway to the edge of the canyon. I’m pretty sure another Mindreaper just takes over in keeping the monsters and Humans here asleep once one dies.”

I stalked through the ruined hallway, gesturing for Daniel to follow me.

“Let’s move to some place more safe and [Rest] for a bit.”

“I won’t argue against that, but—”

The Human man faced me with a serious look.

“We really need to talk after this.”



Edithe brought Rachel to the training grounds of the Valiant Dreamers Company. It was crowded— even more so than usual— since everyone was gathered to hear about the status of Baris.

Not only was he the bookkeeper of the company, which everyone knew was one of the most important jobs that kept the Valiant Dreamers from running itself into the ground, he had been their founder. And as such, a lot of people looked up to him. Edithe included.

Rachel did not care as much, it was obvious from the look on her face. However, that didn’t stop her from following Edithe as she waded through the crowds of people and into the room Baris was in. She knocked on the door lightly, having been let through from the crowd by Ian.

And Paige opened the door, smiling.

“Took you long enough! Come on, he’s already taken the antidote!”

She spoke excitedly, ushering Edithe into the room. Rachel clung onto the red haired woman’s hand, not wanting to be separated from her amidst all the chaos, and the two were thrust near Hadrian and Gabriel, hovering over the bedridden Baris as the [Healing Mage], Stannis, poured a vial of liquid into his mouth.

Edithe turned to Paige, speaking uncertainly.

“Is he, uh, taking it now?”

“Yes. Gabriel just finished the antidote this morning, and he’s certain that it will eliminate all the poison left in Baris’ body. He’ll be fine.”

The confidence in her voice reassured the red haired woman. If only a little bit. There was trust here— this company had been built on that very basis. It wasn’t like most other companies where everyone was there purely for their own financial gain. The Valiant Dreamers were more like… a family.

Edithe remembered when she first joined. Paige had been a Silver Rank, close to Gold at the time. And despite being busy with her own schedule— trying to do whatever was necessary to cross through the threshold to get promoted— Paige never once ignored Edithe when the red haired woman nervously asked for help or advice.

Despite being the loner that she had been, Edithe was welcomed in this company. She thought it was a family, and she knew the others thought the same. So, Paige, Edithe, Hadrian, Gabriel— everyone in the room— watched silently as the antidote went down Baris’ throat.

It was quiet, so quiet, that they could hear every swallow the founder of the Valiant Dreamers Company made. The last of the liquid dripped into his mouth and for a moment, everyone held their breath. Then suddenly, there was a cough. And another. And another.

Baris broke out into a fit of coughs as Hadrian rushed in with a panicked voice.


Edithe tensed as Paige stepped forward too, worry in her eyes more than anyone else. Baris had been the one who brought her into the company, after all. He was like a father to her. If anything happened to him, she would surely be the second one after Hadrian to break.

The red haired woman might not have been as attached as Paige, but she was concerned too. A single bead of sweat rolled down her head as she watched nervously. Until Baris sat up, letting out a final, wet cough.


Baris sputtered, turning to Hadrian.


The old man trailed off, eyes wide as he looked around. Everyone stared at him expectantly, but he was confused. He had been unconscious for a week this last time, and the moments he spent awake then had been nothing more than mere moments. So, Baris blinked and tried to take in his surroundings while Edithe sighed in relief along with everyone else.

“It worked…”

“He’s fine! The antidote worked!”

A few voices cheered, but a single wave of the hand by Gabriel silenced them.

“Of course it worked. I told you it would.”

Despite brimming with confidence in his voice, the fear in his eyes from earlier definitely betrayed his words now. Edithe laughed as Baris frowned while being consumed in a hug by Hadrian.

“How… how long have I been out?”



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