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So, after some experiences I had with a patron last month who accidentally patron'd to me for $10, I've been considering this for a while, but basically I want to consolidate my patreon tiers to only $5 for all advance chapters. First however, I have to ask: are you more likely to donate to my patreon if I lower my tiers for advance chapters to only a single $5 tier?

I've kind of realized that having a $10 tier as my main tier on patreon is kind of... expensive for most folks. Like I'm not going to name names, but I was told that a $10 was best for making money as an author. And while it's good for me, I've come to realize that considering the climate of today, with the whole pandemic and lockdown and everything, it costs... a lot. Sure, it'd be better for me, like look at some authors on RoyalRoad doing that. But I just kind of feel bad about it. And after speaking with my patrons, they kind of agree with my reasoning.

However, I am also afraid of compromising my own financial situation if I decide to do this. So I need to hear your honest responses to this poll. This is a non-binding poll, of course. And it's for my own personal use so the results will be hidden. But please answer honestly.

I can't lie and say this isn't motivated by my own selfishness. I think it was pirateaba who initially told me not to have multiple tiers for advance chapters as it would split readership, but I did not listen and realize now I should have listened. Also, it will be less work for me having to give out different rewards for different tiers on patreon because man, that eats up a lot of my time since patreon sucks.

Currently, my patreon has 17 chapters (soon to be 20) for $10 and 10 chapters for $5. However, if I make this change, it would be all 17 chapters (soon to be 20) ahead for only $5, and maybe I might give Side Story chapters for my $10 patrons as a reward. But the question for me, however, is it worth it to make the change?

Hence, this poll. It feels very awkward for me to make since it feels like I'm asking people to donate when I'm not, but I'd rather not screw myself over because I felt bad about something for a month.

If you vote 'yes' but your financial situation changes tomorrow or next week, don't feel obligated to follow through with what you said. I just ask for your honesty so I can make a good judgement moving forward on what to do.


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Are you more likely to patron if I lower my advance tiers to only a single $5 tier for all advance chapters ahead?

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