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43.1. Adventurer

“Salvos, we’ve been discussing it with each other for a few days, but... what do you think of becoming an adventurer?”

The Human man spoke slowly and nervously, unsure of his own words. Daniel looked back at Edithe for some support, and she nodded in affirmation.

“We know you might be… averse to this idea. You don’t have plans to remain in this realm after all. And being around adventurers all the time might be dangerous to you, since you’re a Demon. However we think it’s currently what’s best for you.”

I blinked, glancing between the two Humans as Daniel took over for Edithe once again.

“You can earn actual money for yourself while fighting monsters. It’s actually really good for you, since you can do what you enjoy the most— leveling— while giving yourself the opportunity to live a comfortable life while stuck here. It’s not really any massive obligation, so I think you should at least consider this.”

The two exchanged another hesitant look as I considered this. I saw Daniel open his mouth slowly.


“Of course, you don’t have to make your decision now— wait, sure?”

I grinned.

“Yes, sure. That sounds interesting! I want to be an adventurer!”

“But… it could be dangerous for you, Salvos.”

“I don’t really know how your Subspecies works, but if someone can see through your [Racial Skill: Mortal Form - Human], they could expose you!”


I cocked my head.

“And if that happens, they could try and get you killed—”

I gave him a look and he snapped his mouth shut.

“...ah, right.”

I shook my head, looking first at Edithe then at Daniel.

“I know you think being an adventurer is dangerous and all, for whatever reasons, and maybe it is. However, I survived in the Mortal Realm so far as an [Imp]. Back then, I couldn’t even disguise myself as one of you Humans who keep attacking me for my looks, but now I can. Furthermore, the dangers here are nothing compared to the ones I faced in the Netherworld. You think it’s bad here because a few Humans might want to kill me? Almost every single Demon I met in the Netherworld tried to kill me. Yet, I survived. And most of all—”

I spun around, facing away from the two. I raised a hand, pointing it forward and up at the sky as a grin spread across my face.

“I want to do it! Do I need any other reason?”

I paused, letting my words sink it for the two. Then I had a thought.

“Plus, weren’t you two the ones trying to make me become an adventurer?”




“We weren’t against the idea of you being an adventurer, Salvos. We just wanted to make sure you knew the consequences and dangers of being one.”

“I know about danger. I know about adventurers. I think it’s simple enough.”

I crossed my arms and stared at Daniel. He sighed, shaking his head.

“Maybe you know each individually. But Salvos, sometimes you can be quite… impulsive. Immature. As in, make bad decisions that could have potentially devastating effects.”

“I don’t do that.”

“You don’t?”

Edithe looked at me with a blank face. She gestured behind her— at the road leading out of Hazelbury— then at my clothing.

“Explain what happened earlier with that family. And explain your clothes— if these hadn’t been too big for you, you’d be walking around naked right now.”

I scoffed, keeping my head up and my gaze away from the Human woman’s judging look as the three of us strolled into the Adventurers Guild of Hazelbury.

“So what? I’ve scared Humans multiple times before, and it’s never turned out bad. Plus, what’s wrong with being naked?”

The two Humans exchanged a glance. Daniel raised a hand defensively.

“I’m not going to explain it to her. You’re both women— you do it.”

Edithe did not grace him with a retort. Instead, she led me straight past the sea of staring adventurers and to the receptionist. I tried to catch what the Humans were saying— they were whispering and pointing at us— but unfortunately I could only make out a few nonsensical words.

“...defeated the [Djinn].”

“ way, how did...”

“’s that bitch—”

I glanced over at the voice that said that. I saw Blake— the tall adventurer from the local Iron Champions Company— sitting over at a table towards the edge of the room, surrounded by a group of adventurers dressed in similar clothing as him. They all wore the same crest on their chest— a sword and a pickaxe crossed together.

I frowned as I considered his remark. A bitch? I am not a female dog. I’m a Demon! I wanted to pull away from Edithe and confront him, however the Human woman’s grip did not let up. She stopped me right in front of the receptionist.


She placed a few silver coins on the counter and gestured over at me.

“I’d like to register her as an adventurer, please.”

The receptionist blinked, glancing between me and Edithe. She squinted as she looked at me— was she identifying me?— then smiled slowly.

“Of course. And will you be signing with us as a part of any company, or would you prefer to be independent?”

I cocked my head.



Edithe spoke over me before I could decide. I decided to go with it, although the receptionist seemed insistent on me joining a company.

“Are you certain? Joining a company comes with many benefits. For example, the fee to sign up as an adventurer would be halved, since most companies will take up the cost for you. And—”

She leaned across the counter, eyeing Blake and his group with a sidelong glance before whispering.

“You don’t have to join the Iron Champions Company. As long as you have a member of a company— any company— to vouch for your recruitment, we’d cut the price upfront and bill the company instead. Like, say, the Valiant Dreamers Company?”

The receptionist gave Edithe a look. However my companion shook her head.

“I’m already paying the fee for her. And if she wants to join my company, she can do so in the future. For now, she should experience what it’s like to be an independent adventurer first, before she decides on joining any company.”

“Suit yourself. Let me just fill out these documents— your name is Salvos, correct?”

“That’s me! I’m Salvos!”

I grinned at the receptionist and jerked a thumb at myself. Edithe quickly lowered my hand and spoke quietly into my ear.

“You said you’re not immature, right? Don’t be so loud. I’d rather us not draw anymore attention to ourselves than we’re already getting.”

“Why not?”

I looked at her, confused. I like the attention. But apparently she didn’t, and she didn’t seem like she wanted to explain why it was bad. So I just obliged.



I turned back to the receptionist who was now scribbling on a piece of paper and smiled normally, speaking softly this time.

“I am Salvos, and as my companion said, I would prefer not to be a part of a company.”

“Uh… right.”

She raised a brow and gave me a weird look. I shot my companion a wink, to which she simply pinched the bridge of her nose. Did I do something wrong? I spoke as proper as I could! I heard Daniel sigh, muttering under his breath behind me.

“...sounded like a robot…”

I wanted to ask him what that even was, but the receptionist was already proffering a piece of paper.

“Just sign here, and you’ll be set.”


I picked up the pen— and frowned.

“How do I… sign this?”

I trailed off, giving Edithe a pleading look. I heard an adventurer sitting close by guffaw and spill his drink on the floor. The Human woman just closed her eyes and pinched her nose harder. Before either she or the receptionist could respond, a voice interrupted them.

“So these are the heroes of Silvergrove, huh?”



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