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Hello again!

This is going to be a quick little poll on which cover art I should use for my story considering that I have three different onces for RR right now. I am actually quite uncertain whether the cover art should be something I just update every single time a new Volume starts or Salvos gets a new evolution. But well, that's something I'll leave for the future. For now, which of these three cover arts do you guys like the best? And I mean what do you like, not what do you think will give spoilers or etcetera. Because let's face it, a lot of book covers and movie posters give spoilers so that doesn't really matter.

Do keep in mind that they will be much lower quality when seen on the RR page since they'd be scaled down and even cropped to fit their specifications perfectly.


Option 1:


Option 2:


Option 3:

The poll will be over in a week so vote now!


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Which of these three cover arts do you guys like the best?
Option 1
Option 2
Option 3

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