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Heya, sorry for the troubles again with my indecisiveness. I saw a title option in the comments of the last poll that I really like called Curious Beginnings by user EngageBook. Now I'd feel like a bit of an ass if I decided to choose this random title over the ones you voted for, so here's my final poll:

Do you guys prefer:

Curious Beginnings


Lost but Curious


P.S. I won't be having anything "Demon" related in my title because of facebook ads stuff and how other authors I know ran into problems because of it.

To make up for these constant polls, here's a sneak preview for Salvos Volume 1's cover art, which goes all the way up to Chapter 40. It's a cropped image, so this isn't the full thing.

By Vitaly S. Alexius, AKA Creator of Romantically Apocalyptic

Image might look weird on mobile? Also, Salvos is standing on elevated ground. She is shorter than both Daniel and Edithe.


Support "Salvos (A Monster Evolution LitRPG)"

Do you guys prefer:
Salvos Volume 1: Curious Beginnings
Salvos Volume 1: Lost but Curious

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