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Part 2 of 2.

24.2. Divvying Loot

It was evening by the time we returned to the Human city. The sun was setting over the horizon, bringing with it the brief crimson twilight that almost reminded me of the Netherworld. It wasn’t exactly the same sight, but I thought it was close enough. Maybe if I ran towards the sun during dusk or dawn, I would somehow find myself back there!

I made the suggestion to Daniel, and he nearly called me stupid. He quickly cut himself off— something which I noticed he did when speaking to me— instead making a more benign comment about my curiosity. I wondered why he did that, but did not press the issue.

I started for the Sanctuary of Fauna, but was once again called back by the two Humans with me.

“I thought we were going to get you new Spirits?”

I looked inquisitively at Edithe. She nodded, but gestured at what she had been carrying.

“We will. But first, we need to store this somewhere. I think we can keep it in my inn for now, if that’s alright with you, Daniel. It has a little bit of… a vacancy.”

She bit her lower lip as she said that. The Human man nodded.

“Of course, we’d appreciate it.”

“Then we’ll head to the temple?”


Edithe shook her head.

“Then we go to the Adventurers Guild— report about what happened with the bandits. And what happened in Maplewell..”

She trailed off, her gaze growing more distant now. Daniel stepped in, taking over for her.

“Salvos, we’re adventurers. So we have to do these kinds of things before we can tend to our own personal needs. We need to make reports, give the guild information, and maybe rest too, before we can upgrade our gear, get new weapons, or even sell off any loot we found.”

The Human woman collected herself, facing me as we headed to her inn.

“Right, what Daniel said. And even though I’m a [Summoner], getting new Spirits isn’t at the top of my priority list. Especially when we’re in a city. As long as I get one before I leave, there isn’t any need to rush. Plus, I can use regular magic too. As good as any Level 20 [Mage]— or even better.”

She paused, glancing at me then Daniel.

“Which reminds me. How are you so strong at such a low level? I can understand why Salvos is as capable as she is at her level… but you were able to take on five of them on your own for quite a while.”

He hesitated, looking around the streets. He noticed it was empty enough, and that the people that were even here were not paying attention to us. Then he pulled the collar of his down, revealing his Necklace of Obfuscation.

“This is why.”


Edithe nodded slowly. She looked like she wanted to ask more questions, but decided against it. And Daniel seemed relieved that she chose not to press him further. I observed this, wondering how the Human woman was able to tell that that was what he wanted.

We finally reached the inn, leaving behind the loot we gathered. I decided to keep my arrows with me. The two Piercing Arrows and the one Explosive Bolt were not too difficult to carry. Plus, I had also taken a quiver to sling around my back and keep them in.

When we left the inn however, Edithe still brought with her an extra bag. I wanted to peer into it, but she refused to let me take a look. She told me they weren’t her things, so she had no right to decide whether I could see them.

“If they’re not yours, whose are they?”

The Human woman’s face immediately darkened again, and this time, I tried to emulate what I noticed the two did whenever the other gave an odd reaction.

“If you don’t want to talk about it, it’s fine…?”

Edithe glanced at me, and I tried grinning. She couldn’t see the smile though, because I was sure she would have approved of the expression if not for my cloak. Humans liked to smile, after all!

“You know, that doesn’t work as well if you sound like you’re asking a question?”

I cocked my head, to which she sighed.

“Nevermind— and these belong to my team. Their weapons, their equipment, and anything sentimental of theirs they had on them when they died. I’m giving it to the guild to send back to our company. They’ll give it back to their families.”

I eagerly listened, nodding as she explained it to me. She held up a handful of small, carved pieces of metal.

“And these badges serve as proof that they have passed.”

She gripped the objects tightly in her hand. I looked at this, turning to Daniel as he shifted uncomfortably. I glanced between the two, realizing that I might have made things worse.

We continued walking for a moment in silence. I wasn’t sure what to do— I didn’t know how to make things better. But I remembered something Edithe said in the night before.

I carefully placed a hand on the Human woman’s shoulder. She looked back at me slightly, raising a brow.

“Don’t worry. We’ll get your revenge on Lucerna. No matter what.”

I spoke in the very same way I spoke to Haec when he was sad. And while I wasn’t entirely sure if Edithe was sad, I hoped speaking in this way would also work to cheer her up. Somehow, someway, it did.

She straightened, walking with more vigor than before. She nodded as she turned away from me.

“Right. He will pay for what he did. No matter what.”


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