Level Up Hero!

Level Up Hero!

by GD_Cruz

In a world where the gods' gift a chosen few with great powers, Sam Shepard is among the weakest of the weak. His crappy healing ability can’t even cure minor injuries without having to drain Sam’s own life-force to do it. Hero society doesn't think he's useful, and after failing to heal those he was tasked to save, Sam couldn't help but agree. It’s why he quit. But it turns out that giving up the hero life isn’t easy, not when one is caught in the machinations of the gods themselves. 

After Sam gets pulled into rescuing the hero, Thunder, he inherits a strange power from her; the training system that taught her how to become a top hero. It apparently holds the secret to leveling up one's power, a feat no one knew was possible. Not that it'll be easy to achieve...

A series of challenging missions and the occasional hero lesson from the system’s creator guarantee a lot of cuts and bruises in Sam's immediate future. But at least he finally gets the chance to go from zero to hero. Oh, yeah, there's also ghastly horrors and megalomaniac super-villains to contend with on Sam’s path to becoming the symbol of hope that humanity needs.

Release Schedule: 4 to 5 times a week

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Table of Contents
198 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Origin Story, Part 1 ago
Chapter 2: Origin Story, Part 2 ago
Chapter 3: Save the Girl Save the World, Part 1 ago
Chapter 4: Save the Girl Save the World, Part 2 ago
Chapter 5: Gods and Monsters and Those Who Train Them, Part 1 ago
Chapter 6: Gods and Monsters and Those Who Train Them, Part 2 ago
Chapter 7: The Will of Self-Sacrifice, Part 1 ago
Chapter 8: The Will of Self-Sacrifice, Part 2 ago
Chapter 9: Starting Line, Part 1 ago
Chapter 10: Starting Line, Part 2 ago
Chapter 11: Powers and Bonds, Part 1 ago
Chapter 12: Powers and Bonds, Part 2 ago
Chapter 13: Solo Mission, Part 1 ago
Chapter 14: Solo Mission, Part 2 ago
Chapter 15: Goodwill Hunting, Part 1 ago
Chapter 16: Goodwill Hunting, Part 2 ago
Chapter 17: Facing Despair, Part 1 ago
Chapter 18: Facing Despair, Part 2 ago
Chapter 19: Lesson Number Eleven, Part 1 ago
Chapter 20: Lesson Number Eleven, Part 2 ago
Chapter 21: Into the Fire, Part 1             ago
Chapter 22: Into the Fire, Part 2 ago
Chapter 23: First Meeting of the Brave and the Bold, Part 1 ago
Chapter 24: First Meeting of the Brave and the Bold, Part 2 ago
Chapter 25: Mr. Moonday, Part 1 ago
Chapter 26: Mr. Moonday, Part 2 ago
Chapter 27: Suiting Up, Part 1 ago
Chapter 28: Suiting Up, Part 2 ago
Chapter 29: A Starry Night Infiltration, Part 1 ago
Chapter 30: A Starry Night Infiltration, Part 2 ago
Chapter 31: Midnight Madness, Part 1 ago
Chapter 32: Midnight Madness, Part 2 ago
Chapter 33: Going Delta, Part 1 ago
Chapter 34: Going Delta, Part 2 ago
Chapter 35: The Bow of Heracles, Part 1 ago
Chapter 36: The Bow of Heracles, Part 2 ago
Chapter 37: A Visit to the Healing Gardens, Part 1 ago
Chapter 38: A Visit to the Healing Gardens, Part 2 ago
Chapter 39: Broken Prophecies, Part 1 ago
Chapter 40: Broken Prophecies, Part 2 ago
Boars and Walls, Part 1 ago
Boars and Walls, Part 2 ago
Blunt Force Trauma, Part 1 ago
Blunt Force Trauma, Part 2 ago
Lesson Number Ten, Part 1 ago
Lesson Number Ten, Part 2 ago
Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire, Part 1 ago
Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire, Part 2 ago
Lost Girls and Bad Dreams, Part 1 ago
Lost Girls and Bad Dreams, Part 2 ago
The Rooftop Running Man, Part 1 ago
The Rooftop Running Man, Part 2 ago
No Rest for the Wicked or the Heroic, Part 1 ago
No Rest for the Wicked or the Heroic, Part 2 ago
Chapter 55: The First Labor, Part 1 ago
The First Labor, Part 2 ago
Love and Thunder, Part 1 ago
Love and Thunder, Part 2 ago
Hero, Part 1 ago
Hero, Part 2 ago
Rebirth (Book One): Epilogue ago
Volume II Rewrite UPDATE ago
Chapter 61: Brave New World, Part 1 ago
Chapter 62: Brave New World, Part 2 ago
Chapter 63: A Meeting of the World's Finest ago
Chapter 64: Meet the Crew, Part 1 ago
Chapter 65: Meet the Crew, Part 2 ago
Chapter 66: The Chime of Liberty, Part 1 ago
Chapter 67: The Chime of Liberty, Part 2 ago
Chapter 68: Predator, Part 1 ago
Chapter 69: Predator, Part 2 ago
Chapter 70: Riddles in the Dark, Part 1 ago
Chapter 71: Riddles in the Dark, Part 2 ago
Chapter 72: A Trial of Water ago
Chapter 73: Oh River, You Heartbreaker, Part 1 ago
Chapter 74: Oh River, You Heartbreaker, Part 2 ago
Chapter 75: Against Gods and Monsters, Part 1 ago
Chapter 76: Against Gods and Monsters, Part 2 ago
Chapter 77: Chasing Liberty, Part 1 ago
Chapter 78: Chasing Liberty, Part 2 ago
Chapter 79: Every Adventure Needs A Side Quest ago
Chapter 80: Second Labor, Part 1 ago
Chapter 81: Second Labor, Part 2 ago
Chapter 82: The Light of Memory, Part 1 ago
Chapter 83: The Light of Memory, Part 2 ago
Chapter 84: Mass Healer, Part 1 ago
Chapter 85: Mass Healer, Part 2 ago
Chapter 86: The Endless Maze, Part 1 ago
Chapter 87: The Endless Maze, Part 2 ago
Chapter 88: Chimera, Part 1 ago
Chapter 89: Chimera, Part 2 ago
Chapter 90: Fire and Ice, Part 1 ago
Chapter 91: Fire and Ice, Part 2 ago
Chapter 92: Sacrificial Play, Part 1 ago
Chapter 93: Sacrificial Play, Part 2 ago
Chapter 94: Death and Rebirth, Part 1 ago
Chapter 95: Death and Rebirth, Part 2 ago
Chapter 96: Master and Apprentice, Part 1 ago
Chapter 97: Master and Apprentice, Part 2 ago
Chapter 98: Overcoming Tribulation, Part 1 ago
Chapter 99: Overcoming Tribulation, Part 2 ago
Chapter 100: The Unbroken, Part 1 ago
Chapter 101: The Unbroken, Part 2 ago
Chapter 102: Reunions, Part 1 ago
Chapter 103: Reunions, Part 2 ago
Chapter 104: The Way Forward, Part 1 ago
Chapter 105: The Way Forward, Part 2 ago
Chapter 106: Mist and Bone, Part 1 ago
Chapter 107: Mist and Bone, Part 2 ago
Chapter 108: There Be Dragons Here, Part 1 ago
Chapter 109: There Be Dragons Here, Part 2 ago
Chapter 110: Inside the Belly of the Beast, Part 1 ago
Chapter 111: Inside the Belly of the Beast, Part 2 ago
Chapter 112: All That Glitters is not Gold ago
Chapter 113: The Golden Fleece ago
Chapter 114: The Girl That Time Forgot, Part 1 ago
Chapter 115: The Girl That Time Forgot, Part 2 ago
Chapter 116: The Origins of Tragedy, Part 1 ago
Chapter 117: The Origins of Tragedy, Part 2 ago
Chapter 118: Pandora Unboxed, Part 1 ago
Chapter 119: Pandora Unboxed, Part 2 ago
Chapter 120: Standoff ago
Chapter 121: Rocket Man ago
Chapter 122: Finding Hope, Part 1 ago
Chapter 123: Finding Hope, Part 2 ago
Chapter 124: Hopeful Thinking, Part 1 ago
Chapter 125: Hopeful Thinking, Part 2 ago
Chapter 126: The Fast and the Ferocious, Part 1 ago
Chapter 127: The Fast and the Ferocious, Part 2 ago
Chapter 128: The Last Heracleidae, Part 1 ago
Chapter 129: The Last Heracleidae, Part 2 ago
Chapter 130: The Third Labor, Part 1 ago
Chapter 131: The Third Labor, Part 2 ago
Chapter 132: The Hand of Mercy, Part 1 ago
Chapter 133: The Hand of Mercy, Part 2 ago
Chapter 134: Blessing of the Sea, Part 1 ago
Chapter 135: Blessing of the Sea, Part 2 ago
Chapter 136: Rising, Part 1 ago
Chapter 137: Rising, Part 2 ago
Chapter 138: Vigilante No More, Part 1 ago
Chapter 139: Vigilante No More, Part 2 ago
Chapter 140: Prison Break, Part 1 ago
Chapter 141: Prison Break, Part 2 ago
Chapter 142: The Return of Crow-Man, Part 1 ago
Chapter 143: The Return of Crow-Man, Part 2 ago
Chapter 144: Heroes of the Crucible ago
Chapter 145: Healers on a Battlefield Equals Victory ago
Chapter 146: A New Mystery Unfolds, Part 1 ago
Chapter 147: A New Mystery Unfolds, Part 2 ago
Chapter 148: Assessment Day ago
Chapter 149: Fortune Favors the Bold ago
Chapter 150, New York's Newest Alpha, Part 1 ago
Chapter 151, New York's Newest Alpha, Part 2 ago
Chapter 152, Heart to Hearth, Part 1 ago
Chapter 153, Heart to Hearth, Part 2 ago
Chapter 154, New Threads Fit for Demigods, Part 1 ago
Chapter 155, New Threads Fit for Demigods, Part 2 ago
Chapter 156: Blood and Fyre, Part 1 ago
Chapter 157: Blood and Fyre, Part 2 ago
Chapter 158: The Trick to Catching Vampires, Part 1 ago
Chapter 159: The Trick to Catching Vampires, Part 2 ago
Chapter 160: Shadow and Flame, Part 1 ago
Chapter 161: Shadow and Flame, Part 2 ago
Chapter 162: Marked for Death, Part 1 ago
Chapter 163: Marked for Death, Part 2 ago
Chapter 164: Training Day, Part 1 ago
Chapter 165: Training Day, Part 2 ago
Chapter 166: Tech Support ago
Chapter 167: Practice Makes Perfect, Part 1 ago
Chapter 168: Practice Makes Perfect, Part 2 ago
Chapter 169: Love and Training, Part 1 ago
Chapter 170: Love and Training, Part 2 ago
Chapter 171:  A Chariot Fit for Adventure, Part 1 ago
Chapter 172:  A Chariot Fit for Adventure, Part 2 ago
Chapter 173: A Knife in the Dark ago
Chapter 174: Taken, Part 1 ago
Chapter 175: Taken, Part 2 ago
Chapter 176: No Marlakey, Part 1 ago
Chapter 177: No Marlakey, Part 2 ago
Chapter 178: Death Valley, Part 1 ago
Chapter 179: Death Valley, Part 2 ago
Chapter 180: Super Massive Black Hole, Part 1 ago
Chapter 181: Super Massive Black Hole, Part 2 ago
Chapter 183: Styx!, Part 1 ago
Chapter 183: Styx!, Part 2 ago
Chapter 184: Temple of Doom, Part 1 ago
Chapter 185: Temple of Doom, Part 2 ago
Chapter 186: Monster Envy, Part 1 ago
Chapter 187: Monster Envy, Part 2 ago
Chapter 188: The Gates of the Damned, Part 1 ago
Chapter 189: The Gates of the Damned, Part 2 ago
Chapter 190: The Resistance, Part 1 ago
Chapter 191: The Resistance, Part 2 ago
Chapter 192: The Walking Dead, Part 1 ago
Chapter 193: The Walking Dead, Part 2 ago
Chapter 194: Labyrinthian, Part 1 ago
Chapter 195: Labyrinthian, Part 2 ago

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While there are still occasional clichés that the story leans into, the story quality had gone way up from when it was first released. This Greek world is just as entertaining for me as Percy Jackson was whe I read it. I've not noticed any as consistency errors yet, and there are almost no grammatical errors either.


Fan Fiction Medley? End of Book One.

Reviewed at: Chapter 1: Origin Story, Part 1

So this is in some ways overly simplistic and borrows from its inspirations a bit too heavily.

Grammatically, I've had no real issues with the story. Stylistically, I find using gods names in vain in a setting where said gods are real and known to react to such, an odd choice to say the least.

Thus far I've noticed three places that feel like they're heavily borrowing from. Percy Jackson, Batman? (DC Comics), and the Persona series.

The author openly admits that one character is heavily based on Batman, but the main antagonist also feels DC inspired, taking elements from the Joker and using the name of Flash villain. Plot points and setting elements are shared with Percy Jackson. And the story introduces a Bond mechanic that feels patterned after something from the Persona series. On their own none of these things would be an issue, but altogether they kind of strangle any original work on the authors part leaving the story feeling like a fan fiction medley of said sources of inspiration. 

Certain bits and pieces exist as potential world building but the story thus far lacks the depth to back it up. Name dropping without context, for example. Yeah it establishes these people exist, but the lack of context means either the reader is expected to know them, or that the person in question might as well exist in a box until the protagonist needs them. There's a balance to be found between going full info dump and leaving it feel like threads are left dangling there simply to justify future plot armor. Reading this far I definitely feel like the author has details they're withholding but that leaves a lot of the world and characters feeling under-developed. Which is why the elements the author has been inspired by or borrowed feel all the more prominent.


This isn't awful, but it's definetly more youth novel or Saturday morning cartoon than anything else up to this point.

Commander Kane


I quite like the way that it's written. There are no lame info dumps that make reading in chore; information is giving in bits in pieces and feels natural the way that it's written. The semi-frequent flashbacks are also nice and unintrusive.


I love superhero stories. I love superhero stories with mixed in litRPG elements, too, so this story is perfect. The pacing is a bit rushed but not too bad. We get an insight into Sam's thoughts on what's going on so we're not left in the dark on the MC's opinion of plot elements.


The grammar is pretty decent for an RR story. A lot better than some of the stuff I've read with little errors here and there.


They're...I won't say bland but there's little nuance to any of them. First, there's Sam who repeatedly thinks back to how much stronger and reckless he is compared to his old self - some form of self-hatred, I think, given how many times Old Sam is referenced. He's probably the most fleshed-out character, given how he doesn't really buy society's treatment of low-ranking heroes (probably because he is one) and is conflicted on how the gods treat these life and death situations he gets in as a form of entertainment (right before he dismisses it because 'they're gods and they give strength' or whatever). But that's about it.

There's a cop who's mean to him because he quit being a hero even though he had a crappy power in the beginning. There's the mysterious master who quips every chance he gets to make fun of Sam and say cringey hero stuff like 'being sad isn't for heroes because you have to hide your feelings to keep others happy' (not exactly what he says I'm just a little peeved at how such a toxic mindset is treated as a good thing). There's the girl who...I don't remember much of her but she's decent, I guess. Strong, gives to charity, all that good stuff. Barely mentioned after Sam after chapter 12 even though she's supposedly a love interest but that's fine.

All in all, it's a pretty decent story with a cool premise. The characters need a bit of work but I think it's worth the read.


I am following this author wherever he goes! All of his novels are action-packed, just like this one. I like the details he put in every action scene. His choice of words makes me paint the picture in my mind. It draws me in like I was there to see for myself! The flow and GD's writing is easy to understand. For me, he narrates things at just the right pacing. I hate stories that drag!

Grammar wise, the story is very well written, and clearly, he puts time in writing his craft. As expected of GD.

The plot is compelling and reminds me of my many favorite hero movies. Who doesn't like an underestimated hero that could save the world? And gets the girl in the end too? (I hope). The story seems to suggest that romance will most likely happen too. 

For me, the characters are well developed. I especially like the mystery behind Sam's decision to leave his life as a hero. I look forward to Sam's progress in this story, his past, his fears, and his increasing power!

I for one am looking forward to some face slapping! Whoever looked down on Sam before can gulp in their own spew! (please make it happen, GD!)

Last,  hope that author-san gets more fans!

To all those who are thinking twice, give this story a chance and you will not regret it! Best of luck to GD!


Early stages but a good read

Reviewed at: Mr. Moonday, Part 1

I'm enjoying this quite a lot so far, reminds me of the mangas "solo levelling" and "the gamer" though I'm hoping it doesn't flounder as much as those for direction towards the end. 

There's nothing more guilty plasure than reading a superhero rags to riches story, and I'll happily say that I'm currently finding this a pleasure to read.

MC is weak super-powered who gave up on being a hero, and decided to be a medic (Still a hero in my book, look at the medical profession in our world at the moment).  During a nasty battle hears a dying call for help, and can't stop himself from going into danger. Level up ensues...

Thank you for the story so far GD_Cruz keep it up!


One of the best reads among fantasy(supernatural)/action on this website. The action and fantasy parts are good, characters seem to have personality. What I find most interesting is that the world's lore is a mix of mythos and modern superhero comics. Gods of North, Ancient Greece, and so on exist and they bless ppl with superhuman abilities, add to that some litrpg elements, nice plot and you got a very interesting story.

P.S. Some noob compared this to Solo-leveling...and dared to mention bland characters...dared mention bland characters while talking about Asian novel...Solo-leveling has one of the blandest characters I have ever seen(at least action is not bad). There is one similarity between 2 stories but it ends there, outside of that they are no more similar than any other action/fantasy.


All The Quality of a Great Anime.. But in Writing!

Reviewed at: Goodwill Hunting, Part 2

To start off, this story is very enjoyable. The cast is incredibly humorous and you can expect roughly one pop culture reference per chapter. I have been binging chapters all night and I was entertained throughout the entire timeframe.

The author has a great understanding of American-English grammar/syntax, as would be seen by a native speaker of the language. The writing it at least at the standards of the University level and I was hard-pressed to find any mistakes throughout the chapters.

The main character shows growth just about every chapter - whether it be emotional, physical, or mental. Sam (the MC) is handed the tools to gain power, yet the actual power is gained through his own hard work and accomplishments.

The supporting cast of characters are highly life-like with three-dimensional personalities. Not only do they show a steady grasp of humor and joking-qualities, they can be serious when the moment calls for it. Characters have also expressed flaws that are fitting within the context of the situation.

The overarching plot so far consists of the MC gaining in strength/power. But sub-plots and minor goals appear to keep the MC on track and keeps the story flowing nicely. The writing does not suffer from the mistake some authors run into, where the author does not know how to proceed with the story so they push out a large amount of filler chapters to stall - and inevitably make no progress in the story. Progression is present in every chapter.

Usually I will read every chapter that has been posted before I leave a rating or review, but the author is incredibly engaged with their audience (replies and converses with almost every comment that readers post). So I felt the quality of the story and the engagement of the author warranted a review a few chapters early.

I was not able to find any cons while thinking of this review, and pairing that with the high entertainment level that I experienced while reading the story, I can safely recommend this work to new readers and label it with a personal rating of five stars.

Thank you for taking the time to read this review.

Redeyes Eclipse

I enjoy this hero story alot I usually like anti hero but I saw this story and was like I do like the underdog concept. There alot that could be done with this story that I low key can see foreshadowing for which give me the anticipation for. All in all I give it a five star rating because I see the effort in the detailed mechanics and nice fight scenes.


Characters: Not many characters have been introduced as of yet, but the ones that have been are all well-written and consistent, with believable motivations and desires. No over the top nonsense where the MC instantly wants to be the Hero of the world the moment he gets 'the system' for some nebulous reason that is never mentioned, just because they can, to get a harem or to get revenge on the 'unknown enemy' who caused the MC to live a miserable life that is also equally unknown to the reader beyond bits and pieces. Point is, the MC of this story has a clear and defined goal where most others (especially on this site) don't and I like that very much.

Story/Style: The story follows the basic superhero story formula but is far enough from the cliche to not be called totally generic but close enough to be familiar and likeable all the same. However, so far the due to the strong focus on character development, world building has suffered as a result so beyond what little the author has revealed everything else about the world is unknown or vague at best. The world itself seems to be a mix of modern world, superheroes and greek mythology so if you prefer stories like BNHA/MHA or Danmachi where the MC goes from nothing to something then this is the story for you.

Grammar: Almost no problem whatsoever when it comes to spelling or grammatical errors. 



Awesome Mixed of Crazy Mythology and Superheroes

Reviewed at: Solo Mission, Part 1

A sweet read, a nice goodie to see here in RR. It's already been too long since I've read something with mythology plus system plus superheroes in it. A lot of potential here waiting to be discovered by other busy readers.

Grammar wise, I see little to no problem at all.

Chapter updates are quite fast and consistent - something I personally like.

Storytelling- the author already has his own voice, a sign that he already quite written a lot in terms of word count.

For the rest, please do see for yourself. i don't lie spoiling too much. Mehehe.