The Fate of a villain (But not really)

by cielthree

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

But to be honest, he doesn't really want to be one. Assigned that role by a bored god looking for entertainment, he struggles with the past. Seriously, how much of an asshole could a dead man have been? As an imposter, the new soul possessing the body of a certain Francis Rayleigh, he tries his best to change that past image of his.

Its not all simple though. Just because of his pretty face, it doesn't mean that life bows down to him. And to top it all off, a god, no matter how bored they were, is still by most definitions a god. Ultimately, on the grand stage of the world, will the fate forced upon him prevail?

Without burning any villages, and trying to be as peaceful as possible, he hopes to avoid those hands of fate. No evil empires dancing on his palm, no conspiracy to rid the world of intelligent life. Not even a superweapon to turn the world's lives into his slaves. Just a man, found on the weaker side of life, trying to live.


It starts off really slowly, so take your time. Mostly just fluff, with plot sprinkled in. The action picks up in chapters 20+! Its somewhat episodic, but also a serial, if that makes sense.

Word counts per chapter from 2000 - 3000

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1 - Regarding reincarnation ago
2 - Deal ago
3 - And nothing particular to speak of. ago
4 - Good morning, teacher ago
5 - Princess ago
6 - An Outing ago
7 - A gift ago
8 - Sister, Sister ago
9 - Hunters Festival (Part 1) ago
10 - Hunters Festival (Part 2) ago
11 - Arcleus ago
12 - Meeting the final one ago
13 - Something close to assault, perhaps ago
14 - Beyond a certain boundary, with a touch of alcohol ago
15 - Unless... ago
16 - Spying, an essential act ago
17 - New Arrivals ago
18 - Interviews, or just another day ago
19 - Sickly Sweet. ago
20 - Standoff ago
21 - Good Evening, and how are you? ago
22 - The night ago
23 - Interlude I ago
24 - Dragon Hunt I / Kidnapping I ago
25 - Rescue Mission (Haein) I / Rescue Attempt (Estelle) I ago
26 - Dragon Hunt II / Kidnapping II ago
27 - Dragon Hunt III / Kidnapping III ago
28 - Rescue Attempt II / Dragon Hunt III ago
29 - Rescue Mission II / Kidnapping IV ago
30 - Dragon's Search / Identity Crisis ago
31 - Regrouping / Hot Potato ago
32 - Hot Potato II ago
33 - Reunion ago
34 - The Hero's Prologue ago
35 - Reunion II ago
36 - A small intermission ago
37 - Scarlet Invitation I ago
38 - Scarlet Invitation II ago
39 - Scarlet Invitation III (Iris) ago
40 - Scarlet Invitation IV ago
41 - Handling diplomacy ago
42 - Occultic Whispers ago
43 - Questions & Answers ago
44 - A murder in the scarlet house ago
45 - A murder in the scarlet house II ago
46 - Kicking down heaven's door ago
47 - Bahamut's grace ago
48 - A crash course in magic ago

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A lot of people will presumably like this story.

Reviewed at: 24 - Dragon Hunt I / Kidnapping I

I was very conflicted whether I should write a review or not. Espesially when it is the first review. But here I am, so sorry in advance, because I suck at sugar-coating.

Let's start with the story, because that is what people primarily come looking for when they start reading a novel. The story starts with the whole: "waking up in another body" -thing, which is very well-written. We "the readers" learn that the Main Character (MC) was a normal dude from our world, and now is in a body of a bad-mannered, presumptuous son of a duke.

While this is the start of the story, it does not really tell the reader with certainty what the story is gonna be about, but I as a reader, thought the story was gonna be about how he escape the whole "villian" -role, but I was sorely mistaken. 

So what is the story about? I still don't know.. It was only the servants and knights that hated him, and that's that. Why the knights hate him, when he has never interacted with them is never really explained, the best explanation is that they all hate his father and family which ofcourse includes him, but that raises the question: "why would anybody swear loyalty to somebody they hate?" I mean, if the MC family was a small poor baron, then it would make sense that less-talented people would aply for a job at the only place it is posible for them, even if they hate their employer, and the poor baron wouldn't have the money to only take the best and most loyal. But that is very much not the case here.

Since I have no ideƩr regarding what the plot or story is about, I can't really review it, so right in the middle 2,5.


Characters are what shape the story, and in my eyes at least, the most important part of a novel.

As I said before, the story start with MC being just a normal dude in a son of a dukes body, which is were we "all the readers" (again) was sorely mistaken. The MC is apparently not just a dude, or a brutich bullly, he is almost the opposite, he is very feminine and weak trap. This is first revealed around chapter 11.

I believe the meme "It's a trap" sums the whole novel up pretty well actually. Maybe I should have used that as a review title instead.. Nahh.

The princess and holy-knight charakters are amazingly written, really good work there. The princess has a complicated but clear personality with a motive and goal, while the holy-knight fall in line with the more simple but understandable characters like the MC father and sisters. The MC sisters personalities are not very defined, since they have so little "screen time", but what is shown, is shown well.

Why the female knight hate/hated the MC is never really explained, and that kind of sums up 80% of her character, so can't really say that i think she is very well written. And I have totally forgotten everything about the MC mother, so she either ain't that memorable, or I am very forgetful. 

I don't think a strategic general genius would repeatedly act only on emotions and against all facts. I mean, humans do crazy things for love, especially in the heat of the moment, but we don't lose all coherent reasoning, or that is at least what I believe. I can be wrong, I am not all-knowing.


Some would say that the writing-style is the most important part of a novel, but I would disagree.

The most important part of "style" is to me that the author: "show don't tell" and I believe that the author of this story has understood that very well. So props for that, not many authors can do that :)

the only problem I have with the style, is that there times where I as a reader really would have liked to see things from another person's perspective, and times where i believed it to be extremely unnecessary to see the same scene again from another person's perspective. But I think that is a matter of opinion, or perspective ;)


The grammar is fine. Small mistakes here and there, but overall fine.