Calum looked out to the water, squinting. Who was out there? There was someone coming towards him. They looked eerily familiar, like someone from a distant memory. But Calum couldn’t remember their name.

They breached the water, but their face was glowing and Calum was unable to see it. They had a tail, like a siren, but they flew out of the water with wings of gold. It was godly. This being, whoever they were, seemed to know Calum. They began to fly towards Calum, reaching a hand out towards the young man. They were saying something, but Calum couldn’t hear them.

“What?!” He called out, hoping the creature repeated themselves. They did, but each time Calum couldn’t hear them. He wanted to hear them, needed to hear them. He walked closer. Before he knew it, he was waist-deep in the water, but it went completely unnoticed by the human. Finally, he could hear them.

They were singing a beautiful song. Even hearing clearly, Calum couldn't understand their words, but he loved the song nonetheless. When the being was done, he asked it a question.

“Who are you?”

The creature seemed to smile, but Calum couldn’t tell because their face was still obscured by the bright glow. They flew down to Calum, placing their hand on his cheeks. “You don’t know me. Not yet, at least. You will meet me in two thousand years or so.”

“Why?” Calum couldn’t stop himself from blurting the question.

The creature chuckled. “You will find out soon enough. Before I go, I must tell you this; be cautious. What will happen next depends on you and your soulmate.” Calum was confused. What was going to happen?

“P- Calum, it’s time to wake up now.” He closed his eyes slowly, unable to keep them open any longer.

Calum’s eyes opened suddenly, his heart skipping a beat. He stared up at his ceiling, confused and slightly uncomfortable. The dream, or whatever it was, had woken him up. He doubted he’d ever be able to go back to sleep. He sat up, pulling Aka’s arms off of him. The dream was obviously not just a dream given to him by his subconscious. The dream was something different, almost like someone was trying to contact him.

He shook his head, that was ridiculous idea. He really needed to stop reading those fantasy books for a while. But then again... -he looked over at Aka thoughtfully- I have a soulmate. And he’s a siren. My life is the definition of ridiculous right now.

Still, -his logical side tried to argue- having someone contact you through your dreams simply isn’t possible. He distracted himself before he was pulled into an infinite loop of arguing with his own thoughts.

Aka opened an eye to see his soulmate sitting up on the bed, hugging himself. He pushed himself into a sitting position as well and wrapped his arms around Calum’s small form.

“What’s wrong?”

Calum shook his head. “It's nothing.” He lied.

“Cal. I may not know you all that well, but you’re my soulmate. I can tell when you’re lying to me.” Aka said, resting his chin on the smaller boy's shoulder.

Calum sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. “I don’t know, it sounds crazy.”

“Love; have you forgotten? I'm a siren. Crazy's my middle name.”

That drew a giggle from the human. “Okay, I’ll tell you. But you have to promise not to laugh at me or anything, okay?”

“I swear on my tail.” Aka said firmly, letting Calum go so that the boys could face each other.

Calum told him everything that happened in his dream; from the weird creature to the vague telling of the future. All throughout, Aka looked deep in thought. There was something in his eyes that made Calum nervous. Something that Calum had never seen before. Something that scared Calum.

“That does sound crazy.” Aka said, still looking deep in thought. Calum sighed, deflating. He was desperately hoping that Aka had some kind of explanation. "As far as I know, only angels can communicate through dreams. In the Bible, angels and God alike communicated to people through dreams. But... I didn’t think they could still do that.”

Calum frowned. “But that doesn’t explain the tail. Besides, I don’t think that was an angel. Unless angels have siren-like tails?” Calum sighed, flopping back onto the pillow behind him. He was pretty sure that that whatever he had seen in his dream would not be explained tonight.

Aka fell back onto his pillow next to Calum. “Yeah.,I’ve never heard of a siren with wings. Unless…” Aka immediately cut himself off, effectively tossing that thought out the window. “No, that’s impossible. There’s a 0.001% chance of that happening.”

Calum was now curious about what he was talking about. “What?”

Aka shrugged slightly, wrapping his arms around his soulmate and pulling him closer. “It’s nothing. Well, it’s very unlikely that it could happen. We have 2000 years to worry about it. Let’s just go back to sleep for now.” Calum nodded after Aka finished speaking.

The siren fell asleep immediately, but Calum was still awake, staring at Aka’s face. He couldn’t sleep, not with the dream still running through his head, not as the creature’s words still swirled through his head. Be cautious. What will happen next depends on you and your soulmate.

Calum was sure that was a warning for the coming years with Aka. He knew it was a warning. He knew; these next few days would massively impact Calum and Aka. For better, or for worse.

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