Calum grinned as he watched Aka turn into a siren. He loved Aka’s siren form. Calum giggled as Aka swam around his legs playfully, letting his slippery hands trail over his soulmates legs. Aka popped up, wrapping his arms around Calum’s neck. “Hello, love.”

“Hi.” Calum grinned, reaching up to grab onto Aka’s webbed hands. The two of them were in their own little world, where there was only each other. They focused only on their soulmate. Nothing else mattered at the moment.

Then Aka pulled his hands from Calum’s grip and pushed Calum’s shoulders down so that Calum was dunked in the water. He didn’t hold him down there for long, too worried that Calum couldn’t hold his breath very long. Aka laughed as Calum broke out of the water, spluttering. Calum looked at Aka, his laugh sounding like silk to the human.

Once Aka had calmed down, he saw that Calum was just staring at him. Calum smiled, causing Aka to return it. “What?” Aka asked, pulling his soulmate closer to him.

Calum wrapped his arms around Aka’s neck. “Nothing. I just like your laugh.” Calum stated honestly. Calum couldn’t see it because of the siren’s tan skin, but Aka was blushing slightly. He was happy that Calum was just a human at the moment.

“You’re amazing.” Aka nuzzled his face into Calum’s neck. “You’re the best soulmate I could’ve asked for.” Calum smiled.

“Same.” Calum said, “I’m so happy I decided to be your soulmate.” Before Calum said anything else, Aka was pulling Calum closer. He looked at Aka in surprise. “Aka?”

“Can I--Can I kiss you?” Calum’s eyes widened. He wasn’t expecting something like that to leave Aka’s mouth. Calum thought about it, thinking they were going too fast. But then again, we are soulmates, Calum thought. He locked eyes with Aka and nodded, albeit nervously.

Aka smirked. Then the two of them were submerged in water. Calum glared playfully at his soulmate. Aka just grinned at him. Calum closed his eyes so that the salty water wouldn’t sting his eyes as much anymore.

Before he knew it, a pair of lips were on his.

Calum didn’t expect their first kiss to be underwater, but he couldn’t complain. In some way, it was the perfect first kiss. It was as if time stopped when their lips connected. Their lips moved in sync, as if the pair knew exactly what each other was planning to do next.

Calum pulled the siren even closer, if that was even possible, and wrapped his legs around Aka’s torso. Aka’s webbed hands ran up and down the human’s back soothingly. Calum was beginning to feel a burning in his lungs due to the lack of oxygen.

Aka, realizing this, swam the two of them up to the surface. They broke away before the kiss got more heated. “I--uh--wow.”

Aka smiled down at his soulmate. “Yeah.” He kissed the human’s hair before transforming back into his human form. Calum was still wrapped around his torso and gasped when he didn’t feel scales anymore.

He jumped away quickly, blushing madly. “Sorry!” He yelled, closing his eyes.

Aka chuckled, climbing out of the ocean to get to his boxers and shorts. Once he was changed, he let Calum know he was decent and let his soulmate get out of the water.

“I enjoyed today with you.” Calum said as they walked back to the house.

Aka smiled, turning his head to whisper something in Calum’s ear. His breath tickled Calum’s ear, making a shiver run down his spine. Calum smiled, letting himself walk closer to the siren. He would sacrifice everything for Aka and he didn’t think that he would ever willingly think that about another person other than his family. He was falling for Aka. Hard.

A note from Red Night

Sorry that it's so short. It was mostly filler and I was having pretty bad writer's block when writing this. I'm trying to get into writing longer chapters, but I don't know if that will happen. Anyway, have an amazing day and I hoped you enjoyed the chapter!

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Hey y'all! (Wow that sounded so southern lol). My name is Reina (it's a pseudonym) and I've been writing since I was a child (literally. I wrote my first "book" in fifth grade) and have been honing my skill for years now. I've published some books but ended up deleting them later on because they were so cringy. I plan to become an actual author one day but for now online publishing will have to do. Besides I don't have money to self-publish anyway (I'm poor af haha). But that's besides the point. I love the lgbtq+ community and am I myself a part of it. I also personally love the thought of two boys together (maybe that's just me, who knows). So I started writing it. I have many book ideas (i.e. mafia, zombie apocalypse, dragon/magic school) but, for now, I'll be sticking with the supernatural story line. I hope you enjoy my books!

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