Dungeon Item Shop

Dungeon Item Shop

by Razzmatazz

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

[I was reborn too weak to be an adventurer, so I opened an item shop by the dungeon instead!]

Reborn into a fantastical RPG-system based world, Fresh is offered a second chance at life. Initially glad to have escaped her old life, she quickly realizes that this new one might not be much better. Her new body is too frail to follow any grand dreams of adventure, her new mind is too dulled to allow any meticulous planning and this new, seemingly colorful, kind world is anything but.
Needing a way to survive in this horrible place, Fresh bands together with some unusual people and they take on an entirely new challenge; running an item shop just outside of the dungeon! 

(Updates daily!) (LitRPG) (Slow start)

[Winner in the Royal Road Writathon challenge winter 2021!]

[Winner in the Royal Road Writathon challenge summer 2021!]

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Table of Contents
402 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Wishing Well ago
Chapter 2: Bakaw ago
Chapter 3: A new world ago
Chapter 4: The dungeon ago
Chapter 5: Failure ago
Chapter 6: Trying again ago
Chapter 7: Lunch break ago
Chapter 8: Making a living ago
Chapter 9: The adventurers' guild ago
Chapter 10: Trouble ago
Chapter 11: Head first ago
Chapter 12: Plan of action ago
Chapter 13: Take two ago
Chapter 14: Delving ago
Chapter 15: Underground ago
Chapters 16: Inspiration ago
Chapter 17: Uncomfortable ago
Chapter 18: Trust no-one ago
Chapter 19: Power leveling ago
Chapter 20: No turning back now ago
Chapter 21: Dirty work ago
Chapter 22: Boss Fight ago
Chapter 23: Leaving the dungeon ago
Chapter 24: Mirror mirror ago
Chapter 25: Something wicked this way comes ago
Chapter 26: In the water ago
Chapter 27: Witch-Crafting ago
Chapter 28: Dungeon-Math ago
Chapter 29: F is for [------] ago
Chapter 30: The dotted line ago
Chapter 31: Moonwater ago
Chapter 32: I made this ago
Chapter 33: Publicity Stunt ago
Chapter 34: Ties that bind ago
Chapter 35: Montage ago
Chapter 36: Open for business ago
Chapter 37: Dark Clouds ago
Chapter 38: A brewing storm ago
Chapter 39: Night Terrors ago
Chapter 40: Creepy Crawly ago
Chapter 41: Day to day ago
Chapter 42: It's taken care of ago
Chapter 43: Healing ago
Chapter 44: Branding ago
Chapter 45: Shopping ago
Chapter 46: What has to be ago
Chapter 47: A Moonless Night ago
Chapter 48: Smile and wave ago
Chapter 49: Hustle and bustle ago
Chapter 50: Friends in high places ago
Chapter 51: Putting in the work ago
Chapter 52: Night-light ago
Chapter 53: Deceit ago
Chapter 54: Restlessness ago
Chapter 55: Maybe ago
Chapter 56: Another day, another Obol ago
Chapter 57: Loose threads ago
Chapter 58: Secure ago
Chapter 59: Ghost-Goo ago
Chapter 60: What friends do ago
Chapter 61: What-what ago
Chapter 62: Progress ago
Chapter 63: Repaid ago
Chapter 64: Back to work ago
Chapter 65: Hunter's moon ago
Chapter 66: Ju-Basil-eeee~ ago
Chapter 67: Three ago
Chapter 68: As above ago
Chapter 69: So below ago
Chapter 70: With me out at midnight ago
Chapter 71: Fragile ago
Chapter 72: Goo-Brain ago
Chapter 73: Housework ago
Chapter 74: The Witch's Prophecy ago
Chapter 75: Before the storm ago
Chapter 76: Summer Days ago
Chapter 77: A quiet night ago
Chapter 78: Sun day ago
Chapter 79: Heatwave ago
Chapter 80: Moonlighting ago
Chapter 81: For you ago
Chapter 82: Milky ago
Chapter 83: Slice of toast ago
Chapter 84: Morning in the park ago
Chapter 85: Blood bonds ago
Chapter 86: Abomination ago
Chapter 87: Flux ago
Chapter 88: Chill ago
Chapter 89: Too much free time ago
Chapter 90: With friends like these ago
Chapter 91: The morning hours ago
Chapter 92: Round and round she goes ago
Chapter 93: Everything has a price ago
Chapter 94: Dungeon Toy Shop ago
Chapter 95: Inner warmth ago
Chapter 96: Graveyard Shift ago
Chapter 97: A heavy load ago
Chapter 98: Guilt ago
Chapter 99: Foretold ago
Chapter 100 (!) : The sum total ago
Chapter 101: Net worth ago
Chapter 102: The end of days ago
Chapter 103: Black-Water ago
Chapter 104: Emergence ago
Chapter 105: Life goes on ago
Chapter 106: Clearing the air ago
Chapter 107: Not so different ago
Chapter 108: Fresh fish ago
Chapter 109: They float ago
Chapter 110: A choice made ago
Chapter 111: Weary March ago
Chapter 112: Salty ago
Chapter 113: The zest of life ago
Chapter 114: Adventure ago
Chapter 115: Mountain Road ago
Chapter 116: Go West ago
Chapter 117: Welcome to the West ago
Chapter 118: Bathwater ago
Chapter 119: Shopping Spree ago
Chapter 120: Long term goals ago
Chapter 121: All in all ago
Chapter 122: The truth is... ago
Chapter 123: All together ago
Chapter 124: Staying ahead ago
Chapter 125: Stained ago
Chapter 126: Hole in the wall ago
Chapter 127: Cleaning ago
Chapter 128: Homework ago
Chapter 129: Night-time feelings ago
Chapter 130: The haunting ago
Chapter 131: Spirits ago
Chapter 132: Home-made ago
Chapter 133: Product Development ago
Chapter 134: Back in business ago
Chapter 135: Free Sample ago
Chapter 136: Sleepover ago
Chapter 137: Morning preperations ago
Chapter 138: Down to business ago
Chapter 139: Comfy ago
Chapter 140: Two in the dark ago
Chapter 141: Bitter ago
Chapter 142: Heavy stuff ago
Chapter 143: Lightweight ago
Chapter 144: Distant thoughts ago
Chapter 145: Cold storage ago
Chapter 146: Customer Feedback ago
Chapter 147: Moonshine ago
Chapter 148: Banter ago
Chapter 149: Quiet morning ago
Chapter 150: The fair ago
Chapter 151: Fairies ago
Chapter 152: Unusually quiet ago
Chapter 153: Bad ago
Chapter 154: Troublesome ago
Chapter 155: Singled out ago
Chapter 156: Seeing red ago
Chapter 157: Morning recovery ago
Chapter 158: Groceries ago
Chapter 159: The new idea ago
Chapter 160: Radiance ago
Chapter 161: Inspiration ago
Chapter 162: Troubling ago
Chapter 163: Slick ago
Chapter 164: Thankful ago
Chapter 165: A little slime ago
Chapter 166: Grit ago
Chapter 167: Secret hopes ago
Chapter 168: Home Cooking ago
Chapter 169: The help ago
Chapter 170: Compatibility ago
Chapter 171: Two together ago
Chapter 172: Hmm ago
Chapter 173: Another day ago
Chapter 174: Plucking ago
Chapter 175: Happenstance ago
Chapter 176: Magical Floating Fairy House ago
Chapter 177: Rude ago
Chapter 178: Stargazer ago
Chapter 179: Breakfast ago
Chapter 180: A warm place ago
Chapter 181: Close ago
Chapter 182: Faith ago
Chapter 183: Terms and conditions ago
Chapter 184: The thing that snips ago
Chapter 185: Location Development ago
Chapter 186: Shifting tides ago
Chapter 187: Packing ago
Chapter 188: Cleaning up ago
Chapter 189: Vivid light ago
Chapter 190: A stretch ago
Chapter 191: Ta-day ago
Chapter 192: Walk through the city ago
Chapter 193: Isolation ago
Chapter 194: The south ago
Chapter 195: Next of kin ago
Chapter 196: Dress up ago
Chapter 197: Make it weird ago
Chapter 198: Squawk ago
Chapter 199: Tidbits ago
Chapter 200 (!!): Fortunate moon ago
Chapter 201: Fireside ago
Chapter 202: On the road ago
Chapter 203: Basilisk ago
Chapter 204: Make a right ago
Chapter 205: Just a moment ago
Chapter 206: High stress ago
Chapter 207: The bad-thing ago
Chapter 208: Journey ago
Chapter 209: Slog ago
Chapter 210: Shanty ago
Chapter 211: Afraid together ago
Chapter 212: No such thing as 'free' ago
Chapter 213: Feud ago
Chapter 214: Take it easty ago
Chapter 215: Sea-breeze ago
Chapter 216: Getting a feel ago
Chapter 217: Dungeon East ago
Chapter 218: Ooh ago
Chapter 219: On the way home ago
Chapter 220: Makes the dream work ago
Chapter 221: Shiny things ago
Chapter 222: Ice-cream ago
Chapter 223: Close quarters ago
Chapter 224: House hunting ago
Chapter 225: Orders from above ago
Chapter 226: Decision ago
Chapter 227: Grump ago
Chapter 228: Home improvement ago
Chapter 229: Getting set up ago
Chapter 230: Alchemical reaction ago
Chapter 231: Fashionable ago
Chapter 232: Beachfront ago
Chapter 233: Table talk ago
Chapter 234: Wet-work ago
Chapter 235: Midnight ride ago
Chapter 236: A rough night ago
Chapter 237: Peridot ago
Chapter 238: The bad touch ago
Chapter 239: Red-water ago
Chapter 240: No plan B ago
Chapter 241: Sleep deprived ago
Chapter 242: Snug ago
Chapter 243: The other end ago
Chapter 244: Sparks ago
Chapter 245: Nightlight ago
Chapter 246: The way the wind blows ago
Chapter 247: Touch-starved ago
Chapter 248: Just underfoot ago
Chapter 249: A sigh of trouble ago
Chapter 250: Four leaf clover ago
Chapter 251: Up for debate ago
Chapter 252: Conflict resolution ago
Chapter 253: Communal ago
Chapter 254: Slice of egg-toast ago
Chapter 255: A change of pace ago
Chapter 256: Magic words ago
Chapter 257: Ju~ bi~ lee~ ago
Chapter 258: Swoopy ago
Chapter 259: A leaf of basil ago
Chapter 260: Crabs ago
Chapter 261: Breakfast with the family ago
Chapter 262: Productivity ago
Chapter 263: Awkward ago
Chapter 264: Soft ago
Chapter 265: Cutie ago
Chapter 266: Home together ago
Chapter 267: S-Rank eggs ago
Chapter 268: Lizard ago
Chapter 269: I, bakaw ago
Chapter 270: Cooking ago
Chapter 271: Checking in ago
Chapter 272: Windy ago
Chapter 273: Bored ago
Chapter 274: Bubbly bubbly ago
Chapter 275: Closeness ago
Chapter 276: Long days ago
Chapter 277: Flagon ago
Chapter 278: Like every other ago
Chapter 279: Viable ago
Chapter 280: Excursion ago
Chapter 281: Red ago
Chapter 282: The thing that glows ago
Chapter 283: Grounded ago
Chapter 284: Automat ago
Chapter 285: Dinner table ago
Chapter 286: Happy ago
Chapter 287: Eastwind ago
Chapter 288: Worrysome ago
Chapter 289: Nebulous ago
Chapter 290: Acquisition ago
Chapter 291: Troubled sleep ago
Chapter 292: Squeaky ago
Chapter 293: Fading autumn ago
Chapter 294: Guests ago
Chapter 295: Milk-party ago
Chapter 296: With humor ago
Chapter 297: The colors ago
Chapter 298: Counter-clockwise ago
Chapter 299: A forgotten friend ago
Chapter 300: The bad times. ago
Chapter 301: The things we do ago
Chapter 302: A red string ago
Chapter 303: Something… something… ago
Chapter 304: Central heating ago
Chapter 305: The bad news ago
Chapter 306: The central dungeon ago
Chapter 307: Hard work doesn't pay ago
Chapter 308: Simple and clean ago
Chapter 309: A fresh coat of white ago
Chapter 310: Do you know? ago
Chapter 311: All bark ago
Chapter 312: A choice to make ago
Chapter 313: Burrow ago
Chapter 314: A new stage ago
Chapter 315: An odd house ago
Chapter 316: Naturally occurring ago
Chapter 317: Adrift ago
Chapter 318: Soup day ago
Chapter 319: An old secret ago
Chapter 320: Busy-busy! ago
Chapter 321: It's all coming together ago
Chapter 322: Trying to keep up ago
Chapter 323: A sprouting idea ago
Chapter 324: It's in the cards ago
Chapter 325: Den of the mushroom-people ago
Chapter 326: Book smarts ago
Chapter 327: Out of the woodwork ago
Chapter 328: Bitter medicine ago
Chapter 329: Bauble bubble ago
Chapter 330: Ready for business ago
Chapter 331: Considerations ago
Chapter 332: The first day of work ago
Chapter 333: Forgone conclusions ago
Chapter 334: Asking politely ago
Chapter 335: For sure ago
Chapter 336: Grim and evil ago
Chapter 337: A normal morning ago
Chapter 338: No foreshadowing ago
Chapter 339: No good deed ago
Chapter 340: Nothing to worry about ago
Chapter 341: Positive energy ago
Chapter 342: The little things ago
Chapter 343: Medical professionals ago
Chapter 344: Double trouble ago
Chapter 345: Birds of a feather-duster ago
Chapter 346: The thing that we have in common is fire ago
Chapter 347: A red loop ago
Chapter 348: With purpose ago
Chapter 349: The curse ago
Chapter 350: A hard day's work ago
Chapter 351: Presumably so ago
Chapter 352: It's a mystery ago
Chapter 353: Welli ago
Chapter 354: Red-handed ago
Chapter 355: Snippets ago
Chapter 356: The price of strength ago
Chapter 357: You won't take me alive. ago
Chapter 358: Of trust ago
Chapter 359: Social proof ago
Chapter 360: Terms of employment ago
Chapter 361: Spry spriggan spy ago
Chapter 362: Of slimes ago
Chapter 363: Faith ago
Chapter 364: Strong. ago
Chapter 365: The ways I have gone ago
Chapter 366: Work in progress ago
Chapter 367: Red sunshine ago
Chapter 368: The highest tower in the land ago
Chapter 369: The road to home is a circle ago
Chapter 370: Sunwater ago
Chapter 371: Morning philosopher ago
Chapter 372: What goes around ago
Chapter 373: Sick day ago
Chapter 374: Household oddity ago
Chapter 375: So-so ago
Chapter 376: The cake ago
Chapter 377: Day to day concerns ago
Chapter 378: We're not so bad in our own personal opinion ago
Chapter 379: Don't worry about it ago
Chapter 380: I am in my good place ago
Chapter 381: We're running out of time ago
Chapter 382: All good things ago
Chapter 383: Spiritual logistics ago
Chapter 384: A rising tide ago
Chapter 385: Full circle ago
Chapter 386: What was beneath our feet this entire time ago
Chapter 387: Right before our eyes ago
Chapter 388: Chit-chat ago
Chapter 389: Midnight workshop ago
Chapter 390: The bad place ago
Chapter 391: Journey through the underworld ago
Chapter 392: The smell of smoke ago
Chapter 393: What might come tomorrow ago
Chapter 394: The things we keep inside ago
Chapter 395: The pieces that fit ago
Chapter 396: A slow turn ago
Chapter 397: The calm before ago
Chapter 398: The rounds ago
Chapter 399: Sludge ago
Chapter 400: Moonfall ago
Chapter 401: THE END ago
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Cinnabon bullied for your amusement.

Reviewed at: Chapter 401: THE END

Okay. So the biggest problem with this series is its marketing. It is really well written based on what the author wanted out of it - I'm really enjoying myself reading it - but many many readers have gone into it expecting one thing and getting disappointed when they got another.

My first impression of Razzmatazzesssess writing style is "Cinnamon Bun" if the author was a sadist that bullied their MCs. The problem of course is a certain large fraction of people checking the cover and name and seeing pastel colours then expecting Cinnabun. When the MC gets shoved into dark, bloody, grimy situations they are put off and drop due to it not being as light as they wished.

The second camp is readers who want action/a "strong MC" and come up against the Cinnabun personality. The main character is impulsive and weighed down by her stats leading to many stupid decisions but when given time to think comes up with intelligent ideas.

Once I've read more my view has shifted slightly. Razzmatazz writes series with heavy symbolism and endless references to supernatural and mythological phenomena. Less a "how deep huhuhu" and more of an "interesting Lore" effect it's entirely within the background, but still interesting.

The Story itself takes a while to progress but it's paced perfectly according to my tastes. Pacing has been increasing to blistering rates with a lot of modern novels while the slower "glacier pace" this runs at reminds me of older novels I read as a kid.

Grammar is a non-issue. Perfectly understandable and next to no mistakes - corrected when pointed out.

Character is one of the harder parts to review. From main characters to minor, time is given to flesh them out adequately. More and more information and hints are given as the story progresses are given to the main cast and they all feel unique and well thought out. One of the best chapter to chapter parts of this story is its dialogue. All the characters play off each other in a really fun way and feel alive in a dynamic sort of way. Larger than life but not caricatures if that makes sense.

Finally the overall or enjoyment score. I rate highly on RR in comparison to Goodreads and feel like this series is rated criminally low. Personally, it's one of the stories I'm having the most fun reading right now and I'm sad to see its low rating when it hits all the right buttons for me. 5/5 across the board and I'm only slightly trying to compensate for its sad low ratings.

Edit: I stand by my previous review upon finishing the series and there's not much more I can add to it. I just want to drop in a final time to say this isn't necessarily for everyone... but it's one of my favourite stories on this site. I believe it deserves more acclaim and fame and definitely recommend it if even a faint part of my review has made you curious.


Probably one of the best depictions of a low intelligence and wisdom character in a litrpg I have ever read.


Thats also the problem with the story. The main character is a complete idiot who only survives through plot armor. I only made it as far as chapter 90 because there are occasional increases to the mc's intelligence score that actually effect the story and the mc's outlook. These increases are few and far between and by chapter 90 she still acts like a 9-10 year old (this is an improvement over the 5-6 age range she started as).

I don't think I can stress how well low stats having actual downsides is portrayed here.


That doesn't change the frustration with the main character, and why I will probably drop it here. I just can't do another 90 chapters in the hope that the mc increases her stats to the point where she isn't a child anymore.


If something like that doesn't bother you I recommend this story whole heartedly.


Its not a bad story. Just not for me. I find the MC annoying. She is too childish for me / naive / kinda dumb / It feel like it would be better without her ? So yeah, not for me.

Still manage to read 100ish chapter so I can t say its a terrible tho.

For the annecdote :

Even the voice in my head when I read her talk is becomming annoying x) Like loli hight pitch voice you know. Just not for me.


When it comes to this story, the first 24 chapters are a grind, things are starting to move forward after this point, with nearly everything coming before seemingly being the prologue and creating the setting and motives. In a world where stats really matter, having an Mc with an int and wis of 3 each, it's painfull to read. Story can honestly go either way after chapter 26...


At chapter 49, (25 chapters into what I would consider the actual story based off of the title), with the first 24 being a long, grinding, introduction that from now on I will call the 'prologue'. From chapter 25 onward, the story finally provides what is on the tin, the makings and runnings of a duo trying to make their way in the world by running a shop with all the dark undertones that come with living in this kind of world, making it quite satisfying to read.

As for the clarifications, the MC is not an idiot, far from that actuially, its due to her int and wis being so low that the system literially delays her ability to stop and think about what she is doing and the consequences that will follow untill after she has done so most of the time. This becomes more and more evident after you get through the prologue when the MC has the time to think and go through the delay, or the goal she is trying to achieve goes in such an obvious direction that she can take the first step in the right direction immeadieatly, and think of the required next steps as they get through the delay as she moves forward. She is no genius, but her stats make her seem dumber than she actuially is.

The Treend

Greet novel, hard to start due to the small beginning chapters and little details but when you get far enough you will flow through the chapters like water. The story has lots of great elements that add to the suspense of the story, such as the blury parts of Fresh's stat menu along with the fact that you don't know what the Black-Fountain actually is.

The one problem I would have would be the excessive lack of info into the background of the world, and less into how the system works for different people. Ex- how leveling abilities works how many stats each person gets with the type of class the have, or how much does a sub-class effect the way your character grows like a class does(stat and skill wise). 

The style of the story is great. The story is kinda slow in the beginning but picks up after the first couple chapters. The grammer so far has had little to no errors. The character's are interesting, especially Jubilee, she is the character that I am looking forward to knowing more about. 

I'm looking forward to the continuation of this story and can't wait to see what it will become.


Honestly I had to stop reading it, something about the MC I just didn't like at all. The writing itself was okay, but the grammar was not great. Maybe a good edit and clean up would fix both issues. As far as the MC goes, honestly the just come off as annoying. Yes I only read a few chapters, but that was because I couldn't get over how the MC was. I like the concept of the story, just not the MC.


The first ~20 chapters are an absolute slog

Reviewed at: Chapter 22: Boss Fight

At the time of this review I'm in the early 20's chapterwise and it still feels like a chore to get through rather than anything actually enjoyable. I knew going in that it was going to take a while to get the actual dungeon shop part of the story, but I figured that it would at least be an enjoyable time getting there. 

It isn't. 

As far as the building blocks of the story go it's got most of the pieces. A decent enough system to work with and the world's interesting, SPAG's fine, etc. Nothing groundbreaking but a decent base to build off of.

I will say that the driving conflict also feels... off. Reading it and the author's justification for why it was totally legit just missed the mark for me, and the reason ties in with my biggest gripes for the story.

It's the character's that make or break a story when the plot's going to be as slow burning as it is. And for me, the characters do not do their job at carrying the story while the plot's taking it's time getting off the ground.

I get that the author wanted stats to have meaning, but I cannot for the life of me figure out why they went the route they did doing so. It's mentioned very early in story that a child could beat the MC because their stats are so abysmal. That's something that could work really well as a demonstration while their mental stats are about the same as what they would have been in their original life. But instead *every* stat sucks, and we're left with an MC that combines the worst of the idiot MC tropes along with crying for none of the reasons you'd expect a character in her position to cry about. It doesn't make her feel like a real person and I'd honestly say that at this point in the story calling her a flat character is a compliment.

None of the other characters so far are enough to make up for the issues the MC causes.

All in all, if you can get past the MC you'll probably enjoy the story because it has what I feel are a lot of neat elements, but if you don't like an 'idiot' (because they're not *really* an idiot, their stats just make them act like that if I understood the author comments correctly) MC then this story is definitely not for you.


I like the concept and the execution except I really can't get past the too angsty teen (Jubilee) and the teriible toddler (Fresh). I know you tried to make her simple but I think it's a bit too "Simple Jack" (Tropic Thunder reference). A.K.A, went a bit too far on the simple spectrum.


Disclaimer : this is my opinion and only MY opinion. I am only sharing my thoughts about  this fiction, NOT about its author.

The story :

There is none. MC just farms the dungeon. Where? When ? Why ? No one knows. The worldbuilding is non-existent. Nothing is ever justified or explained in any way.

What I find surprising is that the MC gets reborn precisely because she feels numb, and yet, goes on to do the most boring thing possible in such a setting : farming.

The characters :

I've seen 3 characters total so far, one of whom was pretty much an NPC who gave a quest to the MC.

Of the other two, one is decently written, but lacks depth.

Which leaves the MC : they are the most useless human being I have ever seen in fiction. They have no redeeming quality wahtsoever. 

I'm personally not too fond of that. I like having a more balanced MC.

The style :

No time is given to describe the places and people seen in this world. In fact nothing is described beyond the most basic of description.

the dialogues and overall social interactions are lackluster.

Grammar :

A few discrepancies with tenses every once in a while, but nothing too problematic.

Overall : 

I'm not sure where this is going, but, so far this has been... not even frustrating. I feel nothing when reading this.

Not even anger or frustration at how useless the MC is. Just... boredom.

A lot of people seem to say this is a redemption story, and I'm inclined to agree. But that's not enough. Having a good concept is not enough.

I remember watching an anime called Grimgar, a few years ago (and even reading some the novel associated with it). It had weak as hell protagonists. BUT the art itself was great.

THAT is what you're missing in my opinion. Inprove your style, improve your dialogues, your social interactions, and above all else, your world building.

And be careful about tenses.

Without it, just like with overpowered characters, this is all boring.


At some point I decided to briefly skim each chapter, and I was getting literally the same amount of information as before. I went back to reread and check to be sure, and yes, nothing happens for way too long. I vaguely get why the main character is continuously making dumb decisions, but it's just that non-stop followed by a crumb of actual story progress. The guild setup in particular is terrible, as it was an unbelievably forced way of putting the MC in massive debt. I have so little else to say about the world because the world building is non-existent.

I actually think the item shop concept could be really cool and something the author could reasonably pull off due to the well-written dialogue and character interactions, but if it's going to take 100 chapters to get there then I am wasting my time. It's just not engaging enough to get to the supposed "good part" off on the horizon.

In other words, it's boring. I don't recommend it.