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[Complete at 8800 words] Set months after a viral apocalypse, Return symbolizes the hope of making it back to the people who need you despite all odds.

In need of supplies, Chris ventures into a city teeming with hosts--humans infected by a two-strain virus that creates two different types of creatures, both with a voracious appetite for living flesh.

The only thing keeping Chris fighting for his life during this dangerous journey is the promise he made to seven-year-old Lionel: to return.

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Cathal Ashenhand

A Great Little Short Story

Reviewed at: Eight

An enjoyable post-apocalyptic zombie short, with believable and likable characters - an impressive feat with so few words. 

There is not much in the way of genuine atmosphere or horror, which would be more to my personal taste, but this doesn't feel like a story about that. This is a story about it's characters that just happens to be set in a zombie apocalypse, so a lack of dense atmosphere and fear isn't as much of a problem.The ending overall is the most dissatisfying part of the story, I was gearing up for an emotional gut-punch that never came, and it left the final chapter feeling a little limp.

Overall, great work, I'm going to have to check out more of your writing!