Immortal Conqueror

Immortal Conqueror

by edwardcastle

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

Non-RR tags: Overpowered Main Character - Losing power and "starting over" - Medieval world - "Adventurers" Guild

Release rate: 3 chapters per week for a couple weeks (as of 02/10/2021), then 4~5 per week.

Aaron hadn't had a good fight in ages. No one in the known universe could give him one, he was just too strong. So, he was going to search for it in the unknown parts of the universe.

That's when a portal appeared in front of him with a message: the dimension on the other side was in danger and requested his help.

However, inter-dimensional travel came with its own rules. One of them was that his overwhelming power needed to be left behind, that he must tread the path to power from the beginning all over again.

Not that it would truly hinder someone like him. Excited at the prospect of having found a worthy opponent, he stepped into the portal.

On the other side, he found a medieval world controlled by a mysterious system. Holographic panels appeared at a mere thought, defining each living being in numbers, determining their classes, and changing their very selves.

In a world where power reigns supreme, the morale is fluid and the enemies are diverse. But they weren't prepared to deal with him.

Witness Aaron's conquest of a world full of conflict, wild beasts, and magical items.

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Table of Contents
103 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
1. Prologue — START OF BOOK 1 ago
2. The Summoner and the King ago
3. Brave New World ago
4. Tia ago
5. Fire Wolves ago
6. Under the Light of the Stars ago
7. Bloody Night ago
8. The Journey Begins ago
9. The Captain of the Royal Guard ago
10. At the Borders of the Red Forest ago
11. Martial Training — Book 1, Chapter 10 ago
12. The Red Forest ago
13. Troop Movement ago
14. A Mistake ago
15. Four-Wings Blue Tiger ago
16. Beyond Red City ago
17. Ambush ago
18. Clans Arena ago
19. Registration ago
20. Second Step ago
21. Massacre — Book 1, Chapter 20 ago
22. Winds of War ago
23. New Clan Member ago
24. The Caves ago
25. Toll ago
26. Around the Campfire ago
27. Forged by the Past ago
28. Unexpected Visitor ago
29. Discussing Tactics ago
30. Golems ago
31. Soul Machinist — Book 1, Chapter 30 ago
32. Battle ago
33. Time Against Qi ago
34. Aftermath ago
35. Epilogue — END OF BOOK 1 ago
36. Prologue — START OF BOOK 2 ago
37. Stupid ago
38. Shaper vs Confluencer ago
39. Butterflies ago
40. Moving On ago
41. Waking Up — Book 2, Chapter 5 ago
42. Shalar Order ago
43. Wrong Place, Wrong Time ago
44. Rescue ago
45. Laws of Light ago
46. Back to Red City ago
47. Cultivation ago
48. Arcanist ago
49. Arcane Circle ago
50. Spatial Ring, Formations, and Money ago
51. Repossessing Items ago
52. Tribute ago
53. Seccos? ago
54. Topple the Board ago
55. Energies ago
56. Let Me Have Her Instead – Book 2, Chapter 20 ago
57. Freedom ago
58. I'm Here for You ago
59. Temple of Darkness ago
60. Hypocrites of the Light ago
61. Against Darkness ago
62. Rules ago
63. Lead the Way ago
64. Short Memory ago
65. Time and Space ago
66. Uncultured Swine — Book 3, Chapter 30 ago
67. One Day ago
68. Shall We? ago
69. Boastful Men ago
70. Worthy Opponent ago
71. Bug in a Jar ago
72. Three Seconds ago
73. Majestic Edge ago
74. Perfectly Unbalanced ago
75. Herald of Light ago
76. Epilogue — END OF BOOK 2 ago
77. Prologue — START OF BOOK 3 ago
78. Great News ago
79. Anatomy ago
80. Reality ago
81. As Incompetent as Unprofessional ago
82. Most Wonderful One ago
83. Eyes Like Emeralds ago
84. Vowcher ago
85. Fanatics ago
86. Clearance ago
87. Drums of War — Book 3, Chapter 10 ago
88. Three Days ago
89. March ago
90. May the March Continue ago
91. Ritual ago
92. Tribute ago
93. Chased ago
94. Three Hundred Thousand ago
95. Of Ants and Bugs ago
96. Ascended ago
97. Who is Coming for Us? — Book 3, Chapter 20 ago
98. Dig ago
99. Holy Politics ago
100. Experienced ago
101. Conflict of Interest ago
102. Loss of Profit ago
103. Meditation ago

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Solid Start. Wuxia Continuation.

Reviewed at: Chapter 24 - Toll

Note: This is a review written at the end of the first book (Patreon chapter 33 incl. Epilogue). So expect some spoilers. Please note that this review references content of Patreon chapters (above No. 19) which might differ from the Royal Road version. The author mentioned that he plans to revise the conversation in my last example.

Immortal Conqueror has a solid start but suffers later on from typical problems of the Wuxia genre. This mainly shows in an overly strong focus on the protagonist and dull side characters. Hence, this critique (rant) is largely about the main character.

The story starts going downhill when the protagonist takes on more responsibilities in his travel group and dominates future decision making. The following chapters unfold in a way that seems only to revolve around the MC and are laid out so that his views are confirmed without any meaningful verbal opposition.

Beginning with the act of kicking out the only antagonistic and male travel companion (harem hurray /s) and the subjugation of the rest of the female cast. 2/3 of the remaining party members are then taught the typical Wuxia spiel. Starting with having to call him patriarch and demanding absolute obedience from them. At this point, discussions between characters will get boring because the protagonist's ego and beliefs are the basis for everything right and good. Other people are only there to confirm his actions and opinions.

The protagonist himself seems to be quite unreflected for an ancient being that should have some degree of wisdom. He has mainly three bad character traits next to his slightly genocidal tendencies. 

Firstly, his black and white world view.

This manifests in Darwinistic explanations and the common Wuxia statements like "You're either for me or die.". 

Secondly, the wishy-washy moral compass that he talks about a lot.

For example, he kills whoever offends/attacks him but has various exceptions to that rule. These exceptions come up throughout the story, and he likes to explain them in detail. At one point, all that moralistic rambling could just be kicked overboard and be replaced with the sentiment that he does whatever he wants and thinks is righteous.

Furthermore, he has that one weird moment when he explains the best way to find out if someone is friendly. This is achieved by attacking them and waiting for their reaction. Enemies attack back, and friends defend themself. But by his own logic, the only end of such a confrontation is death.

Thirdly, his condescending and manipulative ways. There are two such memorable instances with two different party members.

The first is when he tries to teach female No. 3 the importance of not being naive. He implements this by forcing her under death thread to kill some pigs that offended him by being mind manipulated into attacking him. Is this really the best plan of action he could come up with? How about talking things out like adults do?

Note: The following example may change in the Royal Road version of the story:

The second instance is when he discusses the sanctity of souls with female No. 2 (the priestess) and enemy X. He and enemy X share the same opinion but to show a token effort for female No. 2 he gives counter statements. Why does he and not female No. 2 argue about this very religious topic? Well, after a lifetime of indoctrination and (likely) schooling in which this very topic will have played a role, she is only able to reply in a very emotional nonsensical manner. Aka "Souls are sacred according to common sense!". For the love of whatever god, female No.2 is a goddamn priestess. Knowing such things is her job. Whether her argument is ethical, ideological, or whatever. This is a question she should be able to answer coherently and show a bit of characterization. But no, MC saves the day by leading the conversation in a two-faced way by taking her side and showing how his opinion is correct and how hers is dumb.

All in all this story is ok if you like Wuxia. If not I would not recommend it.

+points for this sentence: "But at the same time, the Patriarch's words about dog breeders resonated with her soul." The absurdity made me smile :)


Warix Viviana

An authors guilty pleasure.

Reviewed at: 25. Toll

I very much would like to state that you should read rubrum's review "solid start. wuxia continuation" 

But it truly does not fully explain just how bad the main characters flaws are. I will say they kinda make 'sense' because he all but says that cultivation causes you to become rigid and unshaking in thoughts. It's a lousy weak excuse but at least there's something.  

A lot of what he does is just justifying himself. He's got very assholeish and purely black and white beliefs. Anyone that attacks him, dies. Now at first you might think "Well, okay. Self defense." 

No. Because we literally see him break this rule multiple times for various reasons. He can almost acknowledge that theirs better, easier ways things can go down if he just acted differently but no. God theirs so many examples of his backwards beliefs just being wrong. He's an insane, sociopathic, cherry picking moral, hypocrite. 

Next, let's ignore his idiotic at best world view. (it's so stupid). Lets talk about about the clan thing. Yup, all who've read this know what I'm talking about. Minor spoilers below. There's a single chapter where he becomes flat out boring and rips out the character from his party members. They just turn into blindly obedient people, with barely any dimension, for next to no reason. They are basically just woman 1 2 and 3. Fourth party member, who just happens to be male? left. Yup, nasty harem vibes. And I mean nasty. One of the character even states that usually respect is earned on ability and now it's on relation to who you know, with blind obedience. Like, actual spoiler: 2 characters literally give a holy vow to be blindly, fully, obedient no matter what. The other barely responds to a massacre when everything we know of her suggests she would attack MC but doesn't for no reason. The book isn't even self consistent, come on. 

The weirdest thing is that it's like the author is almost able to understand but not quite, as he gives explanations but they fall flat. Horribly flat. 

I and many others, can complain about the MC forever. He's ridiculous, awful, and the perfect example of what to never write as an author. but you'll notice that 2 stars and not half a star rating. The MC is bad but not unbearable. The story itself in principle, plot, and progress, is alright. The broad scope, minus the main characters interactions with basically any people, are great. The monkey and bannana, the kings action, general world, etc are okay. I find the end goal plot interesting, the enemies interesting and the method of cultivation he performs interesting. If he wasn't awful and the characters were actual characters past the Clan Arena, it might actually be a good story. 

If I had to guess, I'd say the author is into just, let's be very polite and call them bad, xiania stories and every moment he has to resist the insane urge to model after them and he doesn't always succeed. After 2 years and 5 more books, when he's developed as an author, I'll be the first to be excited to see what books he's wrote. Lots of potential, currently, lackluster. 


Basically a Xianxia plot. Some guy who reached max level, got bored and looks for challenges in other worlds. Sort of gets reset to zero, but not really and immediately cultivates back to serious power level, at least compared to the locals.

So much for the power fantasy, that I'm sure most Xianxia readers share :D And if it was just that I would have probably rated it heigher for being a good example of the genre. The problem is the thousand years old badass of an MC can't just stop rambling about the morality of his decisions. His really fucking arbitrary actions and his ideas of power dynamics.

And it's really painful to read. He doesn't come off as an ancient and wise badass, he comes off as an impulsive edgelord teenager. Since that's about the level of his moral reasoning. "He offended me, so I won't help him at all. Even if he had maybe good reasons to be offensive. I won't care!"

Basically that's a killer for me. Otherwise the story is pretty decent for the genre.


So let me start with the things that I enjoy about the story. I enjoy the premise of an Immortal Cultivator loosing his power to save an unknown Universe Core that is being harmed by the System. The Energy Segregation of the world is interesting if convoluted and I generally enjoy Over Powered Protagonist.

The grammar is better than most of the native English speakers works I’ve had the privilege of reading, so kudos to him on that.

The only nitpick that I have that I wouldn’t consider an actual dislike is that I don’t understand or know how to feel about Wuxia stories set in a Eurocentric/Western Fantasy style. Especially when the characters still kinda act in the manner they might would in a traditional Xianxia setting. But that’s a me probably.

Now for the stuff I didn't enjoy, at all. The Protagonist as a whole. I find him to have a contradictory moral system(which he is consistently going back on), is antagonist to any male he interacts with for more than a passing sentence, and has a very dismissive attitude that pretty much is set in stone.

The whole, "You must call me Patriarch and defend my frail honor." Thing just skeezed me the hell out as well. Like dude why are you starting a harem cult, like what, eight days after you arrive in this world? I don't know it was just the cracking point for me, a non-binary queer person. 


the story is not bad,

the grammar is correct, i'm not searching for error and could read the story without a problem.

the style and story are okay even if the constant worship of all the mc do is a pain.

The major issue in the story (for me) is the mc and the worship of everything he is.

the author want to make the mc an old master who reached the pinnacle, did everything and find life boring. 

However when i read the story i feel like i'm seeing a variation of the arrogant young master. The mc knows everything better than everyone (most of the time true but there's limit to how you presernt it) and each of his thought are the pinacle of wisdom (no there are not), each perceived slight to his honor must be compensated a thousand time.

I can understand confidence and pride in yourself but each of his choice is always the best. it's honestly becoming a pain to read for the n-th time how the mc is so inteligent etc.

there are also some inconsistencies and/or major over-reaction in his reaction to perceived slight to his honor and his code of conduct

it's okay to kill hundreds of gang members who did nothing to you because 3 thugs try to mug you and did not "respect" you, they try to mug you when you're some young guy sitting in an alley in the worst part of the city after causing a massive commotion (energy depletion causing a lot of people to faint)

but it's okay to let live the creepy evil banana because it's bad to upset the balance and beast, like human, might become better...

the second test he gives to the sorceress is also stupid, when reading i honestly was thinking the "good choice" was the first one, but because "insert plot" the second one was the only possible choice he'll consider "good"

i think a truly wise man would say there was no right choice and the second test would only change what he teaches her and the way he'll be treating her


honestly i think the story would be better if you made your mc less "i know everything and my choice are the best in the universe" and made him more likable.


This novel blends the three tropes of a litrpg, wuxia cultivation norms with a restart fantasy together and generally ticks all the boxes in that category. The MC is hideously overpowered from the get go and has already started to build a rather unapologetic harem around him, so if that's what you want then you're in luck.

The characters are fairly one-dimensional (especially the MC, who is basically a total sociopath). The magic/skill system is extremely vague and riddled with handwave spells that seem made up for the convienence of the plot but the story is paced fairly well and as a result progresses along at a fair clip. 

At the end of the day, it seems like the author is mostly making things up as they go along and taking us all along for the ride. It's not a bad time, but the rate of escalation is rather exhausting and probably too fast to match the long-term plans they might have.


I hate this much less than I thought I would

Reviewed at: Chapter 27 - Unexpected Visitor

Let's be honest cultivation novels are complete shite, You'll be lucky if the MC isn't the villain in most cases.  They honestly make me worry about Chinese authors, like 'who hurt you?'

But this is pretty good, just a solid story, loosely using some cultivation tropes I guess.

Honestly, the only negative is that every single sentence of every single paragraph wraps each word around the MC's member, and slowly fellates him to completion.


I despise cultivation stories with a fiery passion

Reviewed at: Chapter 16 - Ambush

Normally I despise cultivation stories and their weird rules.....but this I like. I  basically read for 3 hours straight and loved it.

A literal god who is bored of everything gets isekaid to another world and has to start from scratch.interesting worldbuilding that seems to be pre written and not made on the fly. The main character isn't a moron,perverted or any other annoying trait I can't stand reading about.Gotta love the update schedule, allot of content super fast always makes me happy 

I look forward to seeing this on trending and cannot wait to read more 

Mister Naz

Cultivation stories are usually hit or miss for me, but this one is definitely a hit. Found it earlier on trending and ended up binging the whole thing and thinking it so good I subscribed to the patreon. Super interesting MC, great world building, and all the characters have depth and identity (including the villanous ones). The cultivation tropes feel natural as well even when parsed through the LitRPG setting, so "Thumbs Up" to the author for a wonderful read!


Readable Westernised Wuxia

Reviewed at: Chapter 24 - Toll

Enjoyable easy reading. The MC's morals are typical hypocritical wuxia can be grating for some ('how dare you oppress me!' followed immediately by the MC oppressing others) but that's a trope in itself by now.


Definitely worth a read for anyone who secretly enjoys overpowered self-insert webnovels. 


Only thing I would change is have some of the female characters act more like the male ones and not immediately submitting to the patriarch - it's just a little bit 'yes daddy' at times.