Chapter - 021
The dinner which was supposed to be a celebration for Alex and Amber turned into complete chaos by Karen. She continued to drink alcohol without having a single bite herself.
All this while, Karen sat beside Alex and would yell at him or smack him from time to time. Alex, on the other hand, tried to get her something to eat but to no success, at last, he could only give up in failure.
When they were finally done, all of them left the room, and Ellaine paid the bill. The group left the restaurant while Alex carried Karen with the help of Jennifer out of the restaurant. All of them were looking at each other to who will take Karen back to her home.
"Does anyone know where she lives?" Ellaine asked as she looked at all the ladies.
All of them looked towards each other, expecting someone to reply.
"She never talked about her private life except for these occasional events". Hazel said.
"Yeah, but she was never this wasted before". Jennifer said with concern.
"How do we take her home". Someone from the ladies asked.
On the sides, Alex raised his hand slightly. Jennifer, who saw that asked, " Alex, do you want to say something?"
"I know where she lives?" Alex said with an embarrassed smile.
"How?" Ellaine asked curiously.
"I dropped her home a couple of days back," Alex told them.
All of them looked towards Alex then towards Karen who was in his arms, blabbering nonsense.
"Then it's settled Alex will take her home. Let's get going". Hazel said as he nudged others to walk away.
"Wait---". Alex tried to stop them for help.
But none of them stopped to hear out Alex, they hurriedly hitched cabs and ran away. Jennifer, who wanted to help him out, was dragged away by Hazel.
Alex was left standing in front of the establishment with Karen in his arms. He grabbed hold of her waist and stumbled along with her to the parking. With great difficulty, he got her to sit behind him on the bike. He rode the bike slowly out of the parking to the main road. On the road too, he was way below the speed limit. Along the way, there were times when Karen almost fell sideways, but Alex somehow managed to keep her on the bike. Alex made her wrap her arms around his waist while with one hand, he held her. The 'Springville' restaurant was quite close to her home, but the ride which should have taken no more than fifteen minutes took more than double the time.

Alex stopped his bike in front of her apartment building. He stared at her apartment, ' Umhh... this is going to be hard' he thought to himself.
He helped her get off the bike carefully and then looked towards the apartment she directed towards last time. He counted the floors and then with a sigh, grabbed her by the waist as he began to walk towards the entrance.
Alex finally reached her apartment, he rang the bell, and soon a man with unruly hair and overgrown beard opened the door. The man was wearing shorts which were extremely short and a wrinkled t-shirt with flip flops. He looked more like a hooligan.
"You are?" The man asked.
"Are you chief Karen's husband?" Alex looked at the man as he scanned him from top to bottom. Chief's choice can't be this bad, can it be?
"Yes, I am, by the way, is she my wife?" The man replied, but when he looked at the woman in Alex's arm, he asked.
"I believe so" Alex nodded unwillingly.
"Why are you holding her like that?" The man asked with suspicion.
"I am sure you can smell that she reeks of alcohol, so I am dropping her home, and now if you don't mind, please move aside". Alex gave the man a rude reply and pushed him aside as he walked in.
"Where are you going?" The man followed him and stood in his way.
"I am taking her to her room," Alex said, not backing down a bit in front of the man.
"Why do you need to do that? Hand her over to me. I can take her to the room". The man said as he tried taking Karen from Alex's hand.
Alex prevented the man from touching Karen, " No, thanks, but I don't trust you" Alex said.
"Excuse me---". The man was left speechless. This boy could not trust him with his own wife.
"Sure, you are excused," Alex said and walked past him.
"You--- I am her husband, why can't you trust me?" The man asked Alex, " And above all, why should I care whether you trust me or not". The man said as he hindered Alex again and did not allow Alex to go further in.
"It's true but---" Hearing this, Alex was left to think of an excuse.
"No, if and buts you can go now, I can take care of her," The man said as he held Karen by his arms.
"Are you sure you don't need my help?" Alex asked for the last time, trying to confirm.
"I am f***ing sure. Now, will you get out of my hou---?" The man was so angry with Alex that he did not want anything more than to just burst his head open.
The man could not even finish his sentence when Karen let out a couple of odd sounds and puked all over the man.
The man tried to avoid the vomit, so he pushed Karen away.
Alex, who saw her falling on the ground, rushed towards her and grabbed her, preventing her from falling.
"Are you an idiot?" Alex said as he looked viciously towards the man.
"What did you say?" The man asked as he backed off a little under, Alex's glare.
"Now you are deaf too? Get aside" Alex pushed the man aside, and princess carried Karen to a room.
"You---" The man who saw this was left speechless.
Alex walked up to a room and opened the door, he placed her on the bed and covered her.
When Alex walked out of the room, the man was looking at him with blazing eyes.
"I am going don't get angry, it's not good for health, for people of your age". Alex said as he ran away from the apartment.
"What do you mean by people my age? Come back here, you little rascal---". The man could only shout from behind.

When Alex arrived home, he was dead tired by all the running around. His parents were in the living room watching television. After chatting with them for a little while, Alex headed upstairs to his room and after washing himself up, he crashed on his bed and soon dozed off.
* * * * *

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