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A young man stumbles into a deep, lost cavern, he seeks power and prestige, the ability to become someone, anyone, worthy of praise.

When he finds an ancient crypt festooned in jewels and precious things he thinks himself the luckiest man alive.

And then the lich in that crypt wakes up and kills him.

That’s me. I’m the lich. Honestly, I just want to go back to sleep, and there’s no one, no ‘god emperor,’ sect, or uptight martial artist that’s going to stop me. 


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
Chapter One - A Rude Awakening ago
Chapter Two - A Butler a Day ago
Chapter Three - A View of the Future ago
Chapter Four - A Hint of Civilisation ago
Chapter Five - A Novel Idea ago
Chapter Six - A Limpet and Books ago
Chapter Seven - A Picture of the Wider World ago
Chapter Eight - A Failure of Guest Rights ago
Chapter Nine - A Mediocre Battle ago
Chapter Ten - A Small Skirmish ago
Chapter Eleven - A Test Subject ago
Chapter Twelve - A Need to Experiment ago
Chapter Thirteen - A Chilling Touch ago
Chapter Fourteen - A Reason to Go ago
Chapter Fifteen - A Desperate Motion ago
Chapter Sixteen - A Good Showing ago
Chapter Seventeen - A Thoughtful Trip ago
Chapter Eighteen - A Charming Entrance ago
Chapter Nineteen - A Mission ago
Chapter Twenty - A Limpet’s Point of View ago
Chapter Twenty-One - A Maid's Uneventful Shopping Trip ago
Chapter Twenty-Two - A Matter of Economics and Sacrifice ago
Chapter Twenty-Three - A Godly Chat ago
Chapter Twenty-Four - A Time to Go ago
Chapter Twenty-Five - A Lesson in Schooling ago
Chapter Twenty-Six - A Knock at the Door ago
Chapter Twenty-Seven - A Difficult Question ago
Chapter Twenty-Eight - A Lesson in Humility ago
Chapter Twenty-Nine - A Bong ago
Chapter Thirty - A Talk and a Walk ago
Chapter Thirty-One - A Dead City ago
Chapter Thirty-Two - A Rocky Start ago

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Premise: Calamity Level, God-Killer Lich wakes from his 2000 year slumber and travels through a xianxia world mocking the retrocess in magic, culture, social norms and power.

It's fun. A reversal of some novels/comics where a cultivator joins a medieval fantasy world and pwns everyone. No idea why some ppl are butthurt as the examples above exists and no one raged at then.

Pacing is on point, well written, fun and quirky characters with distinct personalities. The world is a cultivator's bland one, but that's exactly the point as part of the satire.

Go read it if you like a dark comedy/satire.

One star came off for 2 points. First lack of challenge. Harold is just too OP. It's part of the gag, sure, but makes things a little stale. He's just walking and getting everything he wants with overwhelming power. If there's no battle challenge, the author should make some other kind, social ones for example. It's the superman conundrum of storytelling writing challenges when the character is too OP.

Second is the system. Harold's magic is based on D&D, with spells following the book's standards. It didn't need the litrpg system part. there's already the entire lore of weave and divinity inside dnd to justify magic, the levels/classes part is just a game mechanic that exists outside of the main lore to help gameplay.

Instead the author opted for a system as universal entity quantifying and providing things with levels and skills, etc. introducing the game mechanic into the lore but also skewering level numbers. A level 50 in dnd would be a god, here it's a guard.

Having followed some of the Author's other works, seems like he's a little obsessed with the litrpg aspect as all his novels have one. Here it's unecessary and contradicts his usage of dnd lore.

But yeah, all of this only takes one star and doesn't mean you shouldn't read. More like feedback in case the Author reads it.

Dark Jester

I liked this a lot initially, but I've recently soured on it. I think this is because there is no tension at all to it. I enjoy an OP MC, but when the MC reaches a certain point it becomes boring. For me this chapter was that point, though its been near that point for the last few chapters. It also just gets a bit repetitive that half the humour comes from bad puns and the other half comes from the absurdity ofr the MCs power.

Don't get me wrong, its still well written, it just no longer appeals to me. The MC just walks into every situation head first and wins by virtue of being several scales of magnitude more powerful than everything else. 

Spoilers of chap 29 ahead

The last straw for me was finding out that the MC's back up back up soul is apparently greater than the gods combined. Honestly where can we go from there? 



So this story should have another tag. OP protaganist tagg. Stories that start with very powerfull MC's have the tendency to bore me immensly. There is no tension. And while most people might find the story interesting, its not if you are already familiar with both systems of power. 

Spoiler: MC uses the magic system of D&D. 

Paul Boyle

I've read Ravensdagger's other stuff and it's all so much better than this.  This book really just feels like someone going to a pet shelter and finding the ugliest & stupidest puppies they can, and kicking them repeatedly, just because they're a cat person.  The writing and grammar are decent, but plot, characterization, and story are all inspid.  I don't like xianxia myself, but doing a takedown that consists of satirizing the absolute worst of it and kicking the crap out of it with a boring OP MC is not my cup of tea either.

Tbh it's better read as a satire of how boring OP D&D mages can be.  Would totally re-review if at the end that was the plot twist.

Simbaro Narasa

At some point, the awkward perspective and thrust of a western power colonising and 'pwning those backwards orientals' becomes disturbingly archaic. And more than disappointing...especially coming from this author.

Whilst I recognise the need to tell stories, please respect the need also to call an author out on their biases.


I'm leaving a basic review as the story is still on its first actual chapter, but what I've read so far has been a delight.  I'm especially interested to see the cultural clash between what appears to be a western fantasy LitRPG lich and a Wuxia/Xianxia setting.  This is only further increased by the clear methodical and scientific mindset of the MC as contrasted by the far more esoteric practices commonly seen in Wuxia.  "The Dao that is spoken is not the True Dao." meets "Any sufficiently analyzed magic is indistinguishable from Science!" The clash should be fantastic.


 Funny satire of the common tropes of cultivation novels. 

If you're a diehard fan of those,  consider not reading.

If you're a fan and can handle the jokes,  let's laugh together at the not-so-adventurous unlife of a lich with too much power after he sleeps for two thousand years and wakes up just to see that the leveling system he was used to doesn't quite work anymore.

Oh, expect lots of un-dad jokes. They may tickle your funny bone.


This is a story about a literally mass-genocidal, civilization ending lich.  So when I say that the primary descriptors are hilarious and heartwarming, that's pretty impressive.  The story manages to strike just the right balance of keeping everything funny (even or really especially when the main character is killing lots of people, though since the setting is based on Xianxia, the hordes of people who are asking for it make this easier), while also still being an interesting character you can at least sort of empathize with.  Not a particularly serious work, but it's very fun to read.

Eritis sicut Diabolus

Now, I'm not into trap catboys but at least I understand why it exists in this story. Certainly quite a bit of fun, I tried several of the authors other stories and found they weren't for me. Maybe this is for you, if you have a sense of humor or don't like wuxia.


A undying scientist wakes up and is disappointed

Reviewed at: Chapter Thirty-One - A Dead City

Style: it's aight. Just enough detail about the world, and it doesn't go in depth in the Litrpg mechanics, which are definitely DnD based. And the MC is sane Vechna.

Story: Peak undead magic practitioner wakes up after a little 2000y/o nap. Find out that no one can apparently access the system, magic is f'ed, humans, not having access to the system cobbled together cultivation. Then Bone Daddy proceed to try and be reasonable and not kill anyone while learning. Middling success on that.

Grammar: few typos.

Characters: the main cast is the usual wierdos. You got "mad scientist" Lich, a devoted Catboy trap maid, and a go-getter MC "apprentice". The rest are xianxia fodder so far.

Is it bashing xianxia? Yes. But logically so far. The interaction is similar to a modern surgeon meeting an archaic shaman, but instead of medicine it's magic and power that's being compared. The archaic shaman has power compared to your everyday caveman and when the surgeon comes in and says "no, you're doing it wrong".

Add to that a classic culture clash between a godlike lich that can gauge power levels and xianxia young masters that cannot, and so far what you get is murder.

I am loving it so far. And if you like ravens usual writing style, bet you will too, even if this seems different.

Enough rambling. Read it.