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A young man stumbles into a deep, lost cavern, he seeks power and prestige, the ability to become someone, anyone, worthy of praise.

When he finds an ancient crypt festooned in jewels and precious things he thinks himself the luckiest man alive.

And then the lich in that crypt wakes up and kills him.

That’s me. I’m the lich. Honestly, I just want to go back to sleep, and there’s no one, no ‘god emperor,’ sect, or uptight martial artist that’s going to stop me. 


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A bird that likes comfy and happy things, and also knives. Once ate a god’s eye and awakened the ability to see all that is good in the world. Known to steal shiny ideas and baubles. Currently forbidden from writing his own bios.

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Prologue ago
Chapter One - A Rude Awakening ago
Chapter Two - A Butler a Day ago
Chapter Three - A View of the Future ago
Chapter Four - A Hint of Civilisation ago
Chapter Five - A Novel Idea ago
Chapter Six - A Limpet and Books ago
Chapter Seven - A Picture of the Wider World ago
Chapter Eight - A Failure of Guest Rights ago
Chapter Nine - A Mediocre Battle ago
Chapter Ten - A Small Skirmish ago
Chapter Eleven - A Test Subject ago
Chapter Twelve - A Need to Experiment ago
Chapter Thirteen - A Chilling Touch ago
Chapter Fourteen - A Reason to Go ago
Chapter Fifteen - A Desperate Motion ago
Chapter Sixteen - A Good Showing ago
Chapter Seventeen - A Thoughtful Trip ago
Chapter Eighteen - A Charming Entrance ago
Chapter Nineteen - A Mission ago
Chapter Twenty - A Limpet’s Point of View ago
Chapter Twenty-One - A Maid's Uneventful Shopping Trip ago
Chapter Twenty-Two - A Matter of Economics and Sacrifice ago
Chapter Twenty-Three - A Godly Chat ago
Chapter Twenty-Four - A Time to Go ago
Chapter Twenty-Five - A Lesson in Schooling ago
Chapter Twenty-Six - A Knock at the Door ago
Chapter Twenty-Seven - A Difficult Question ago
Chapter Twenty-Eight - A Lesson in Humility ago
Chapter Twenty-Nine - A Bong ago
Chapter Thirty - A Talk and a Walk ago
Chapter Thirty-One - A Dead City ago
Chapter Thirty-Two - A Rocky Start ago
Chapter Thirty-Three - A Party ago
Chapter Thirty-Four - A Dramatic Run ago
Chapter Thirty-Five - A Wine-ing Proposition ago
Chapter Thirty-Six - A Leaf of Faith ago
Chapter Thirty-Seven - A Real Tool ago
Chapter Thirty-Eight - A Deeper Dive ago
Chapter Thirty-Nine - A Boss Fight ago
Chapter Forty - A Final Farewell ago
Epilogue ago
Prologue ago
Chapter One - Rem’s Revenge ago
Chapter Two - Shelf-ish Shopping ago
Chapter Three - Bath Battle ago
Chapter Four - Clean Clothes ago
Chapter Five - Belligerent Butlering ago
Chapter Six - Sparring Stupidity ago
Chapter Seven - Savouring Strength ago
Chapter Eight - Barbarian Buddies ago
Chapter Nine - Mantis Maid ago
Chapter Ten - Learning Limpet ago
Chapter Eleven - General Grievances ago
Chapter Twelve - Underwater Undead ago
Chapter Thirteen - Colourful Creatures ago
Chapter Fourteen - Boney Battalion ago
Chapter Fifteen - Family Friendly ago
Chapter Sixteen - Creeping Calamity ago
Chapter Seventeen - Mem Mumbles ago
Chapter Eighteen - Cowardly Critter ago
Chapter Nineteen - Tactical Terror ago
Chapter Twenty - Introduction Interrogation ago
Chapter Twenty-One - Memorable Mem ago
Chapter Twenty-Two - Novel Necromancy ago
Chapter Twenty-Three - Fossil Fortress ago
Chapter Twenty-Four - Dog Days ago
The Travels of a Desperate Undead ago
Chapter Twenty-Five - Malevolent Monologue ago
Chapter Twenty-Six - Analyzing Armies ago

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Dark Jester

I liked this a lot initially, but I've recently soured on it. I think this is because there is no tension at all to it. I enjoy an OP MC, but when the MC reaches a certain point it becomes boring. For me this chapter was that point, though its been near that point for the last few chapters. It also just gets a bit repetitive that half the humour comes from bad puns and the other half comes from the absurdity ofr the MCs power.

Don't get me wrong, its still well written, it just no longer appeals to me. The MC just walks into every situation head first and wins by virtue of being several scales of magnitude more powerful than everything else. 

Spoilers of chap 29 ahead

The last straw for me was finding out that the MC's back up back up soul is apparently greater than the gods combined. Honestly where can we go from there? 



The initial start of this story is actually... interesting and different.

This writing in this story isn't bad.

The characters are interesting and somewhat diverse.

The humor isn't anything special but it isn't anything bad.

The problem is once you get past the so-so humor, there really isn't much happening past the initial premise. The initial encounters you read about the protagonist with the rest of the world is basically every other encounter with different colors.

I tried to read this as satire of the wuxia/xianxia genre and maybe it is, but if so, its not particularly well executed. Nor is the story enriched by the humor, which after a while, starts repeating, like the rest of the story.

2.5/5 - because while not bad, its not actually good. If you're looking for something out of the box, try this fic, but don't invest too much time if you dont like it after the first few chapters.


A fansastic series for those who like necromancy and for those who wish for intelligent main characters who are well rounded.  Another fantastic series and I cannot wait to read more.   I love it.   I especially love the observational and experimental science sprinkled in.  I have to say while  they main character is very powerful the other characters seem well thought out and the entire series works together quite well.

Thanks you Ravensdagger 


An amusing mash up of traditional western fantasy and xianxia as a disturbed lich pokes about.

Stylistically solid, there is a rather heavy emphasis on dry humor and simple dialogue. Also sprinkled with a fair bit of typos. I cannot decide if the story is too self aware, or not self deprecating enough in its parody.

A magi-scientist lich with a bone dry sense of humor goes for a stroll and begins to unravel what has become of the world during his slumber. The story seems fairly original, with a sort of plodding methodical feel to it. While there is plenty of action, it all seems very restrained and pedestrian. Entirely reasonable, when viewed from the perspective of a god slaying undead. Tension stems from the curiosity regarding the mystery of the emergent culture the lich finds and certain individuals fostering it. The culture being the affore mentioned cultivation society, that exists in a nerfed or infantile version of its genre staples. From would little is seen so far, it would seem the entire continent is no more than a rank 2, debatably rank 3, cultivation country. Naturally, amusement is easily found when an inquisitive, straightforward researched encounters prideful cultivators.

Characters are mostly amusing carciatures, and unfortunately two dimenionsal. However, the genre crossing interactions of an eccentric and quirky cast are quite enjoyable to observe. From the neko trap maid to the arrogant young god, various character templates are filled in novel ways.


A great story that needs more story to be storied, so that Besters can be a happier person.  Do it for the Besters.

Ravensdagger has the best patreon out there as well, tons of content and a great discord community.  Join us there and support a great author!

I have no idea what to do with the rest of the required 50 words so here you go.


Premise: Calamity Level, God-Killer Lich wakes from his 2000 year slumber and travels through a xianxia world mocking the retrocess in magic, culture, social norms and power.

It's fun. A reversal of some novels/comics where a cultivator joins a medieval fantasy world and pwns everyone. No idea why some ppl are butthurt as the examples above exists and no one raged at then.

Pacing is on point, well written, fun and quirky characters with distinct personalities. The world is a cultivator's bland one, but that's exactly the point as part of the satire.

Go read it if you like a dark comedy/satire.

One star came off for 2 points. First lack of challenge. Harold is just too OP. It's part of the gag, sure, but makes things a little stale. He's just walking and getting everything he wants with overwhelming power. If there's no battle challenge, the author should make some other kind, social ones for example. It's the superman conundrum of storytelling writing challenges when the character is too OP.

Second is the system. Harold's magic is based on D&D, with spells following the book's standards. It didn't need the litrpg system part. there's already the entire lore of weave and divinity inside dnd to justify magic, the levels/classes part is just a game mechanic that exists outside of the main lore to help gameplay.

Instead the author opted for a system as universal entity quantifying and providing things with levels and skills, etc. introducing the game mechanic into the lore but also skewering level numbers. A level 50 in dnd would be a god, here it's a guard.

Having followed some of the Author's other works, seems like he's a little obsessed with the litrpg aspect as all his novels have one. Here it's unecessary and contradicts his usage of dnd lore.

But yeah, all of this only takes one star and doesn't mean you shouldn't read. More like feedback in case the Author reads it.


So this story should have another tag. OP protaganist tagg. Stories that start with very powerfull MC's have the tendency to bore me immensly. There is no tension. And while most people might find the story interesting, its not if you are already familiar with both systems of power. 

Spoiler: MC uses the magic system of D&D. 


This is a very entertaining story of an immortal, incredibly powerful lich in a world with a system who is obsessed with science.  Once he successfully killed most of the gods he decided to sleep until the end of time, but is woken up two thousand years later by a passing explorer only to find that the science and magitech based society that he went to sleep to has devolved into a cultivation world!  Armed with his trusty skeleton maid/butler who he made out of the remains of the male explorer and a female cougar, a limpet, and his phenomenal cosmic power he sets off to discover why the System can no longer be accessed by anyone born in the present age, spread the glory of SCIENCE, and figure out what went wrong with the world.

Overall, this is an incredibly funny story with interesting and funny characters, few to no real grammatical or spelling errors that I've found, and an engaging plotline that never ceases to amuse.


I probably won't finish readign this because that is just how I do things. But it is well written. The grammar seems good. The story is alright. Honestly I find Alex funny. He just keeps adding stuff into the MC's name. Which could get annoying or boring if done to much. But so far it's good, so I will leave the story here.

hoduka dakokty

Well worth reading for a fun time with great characters and excellent pacing. This story really captures the wondrous curiosity of a new world. All the characters feel very real and all the motivations and actions make sense. It really balances having fun exciting moments without needing anyone to hold the idiot ball. I'm really looking forward to seeing where this tale goes next.