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Characters in Chapter: 

Neban Main Character
Isona Secondary Character
Wey Secondary Character
Owain Secondary Character
Siren Neban's Sword

Hunters in the chapter: 

Vidan S-level, Leader, Mage
Tassan  A-level, Summoner
Kobe  A-level, Summoner
Ermes  A-level, Warrior
Samora A-level, Warrior
Valery  A-level, Warrior
Nefia S-level, Co-leader, Supporter

(Only Vidan, Valery, and Kobe are mentioned in the chapter). 


Monsters in Chapter: 

Ebis Three heads, Shockwave, Short Sword and Shield, 3ft
Aifin (eye•fin) ....

(Ebis were mentioned, Aifin is actually in the chapter). 

It has been two hours, and Neban was bored; he felt like the old expression, "I'm so bored, I could die!" The only thing keeping him from falling asleep while standing was his thoughts on the safety of his son. He wanted to pull out his phone to call Theo, but he had to pinch himself a few times to get rid of the urge.


Neban tried to keep a sighing sound from leaving his mouth, but even though he wanted to play the porter, it was boring.


In the beginning, when the Ebis jumped out, the hunters quickly killed them before the monsters could use their shockwaves. The leader killed most of them, but it was fast, nonetheless. Isona and Wey collected the ameis that the creatures have dropped with no problems.


After that, everything was smooth sailing. The hunters quickly killed other monsters that appeared with barely any struggles. Having S-levels and A-levels fighting in a mid-level dungeon was boring because the battle was not hard unless high-level monsters came out.


The only thing that Neban found excitement in was Siren waking up. Even though it was in his sub-space, the sword could smell the blood on the ground. Siren was whispering, asking for Neban to take it out. But, he couldn't, unless he wanted to expose himself.


Although he was close to doing it because Siren was beginning to annoy him; it would not shut up. Neban started rubbing his temples, getting a headache from all the whispering.


"Are you okay?" Isona quietly asked, trying not to catch Valery's attention, as she noticed Neban rubbing his temples.


Neban only hummed in response, nodding his head as he put his hands down. Owain and Wey were watching him. "I can pull out the first aid kit and see if they have any potions to instantly clear headaches," Owain added in.


Shaking his head at that, he tried to convey that he was fine without saying anything. The whispers were getting louder, and he felt like if he opened his mouth, it would not be kind words coming out due to his annoyance with the weapon.


'Shut up!' He screamed in his head as he tried to keep his face blank when he felt a frown coming.


'Feed me. Feed me. Feed me!" Siren kept whispering, practically screaming at him.


He was getting ready to say something back to the weapon, but Valery and Kobe abruptly stopped out of nowhere, making them (Neban and the others behind the hunters) stop too.


"Remain still and quiet; there is an Aifin walking across," Valery whispered.


Looking ahead, Neban saw all the hunters were standing still as they watched the Aifin that was a few feet from them. There were three openings near them. The first one was the one they were walking towards by keeping straight.


The second and third opening was a few feet ahead, on the left and right sides. The Aifin was walking from the right entrance, making their way across to the left one.


Aifin's are blind, almost 8ft, monsters that resembled a mythical wendigo. Except they were big while their limbs were normal. They had flesh-colored skin, almost like a human, but at the same time, not quite.


The Aifin only wore a cloth covering the area under their waist and chest while they had a belt around the bottom fabric, holding their weapon. Due to seeing most of their exposed skin, any hunter could see the black markings that covered most of it.


No one knew what abilities that the monster had because anyone who tried to go against it died. Plus, no hunter can account if there was more of the creature. It has also been the same Aifin that seemed to travel through the dungeons (high-level or mid-level ones).


It was hard to tell where and when the Aifin was going to appear, but hunters started to notice if they remained still while making no sound, the creature could not sense nor see them.


So, the hunters and porters remained still, almost to the point of not breathing as they watched the monster passing by. When they stopped, Isona grabbed his arm, and he could feel it trembling. He wanted to say something, but as long as her shaking doesn't become visible, then they would be fine.


Even though it was so silent in the dungeon, the only thing that did not quiet down was Siren. Once the monster appeared, the sword started to go crazy with excitement. It kept whispering how it wanted Neban to use it to kill the Aifin.


He ignored it, only to cause the weapon to get annoyed; it went from whispering to practically screaming in his head. He wanted to close his eyes and rub his temples, but he could not move until the monster was gone from sight.


The monster was moving so slow!


'Shut up!' Neban screamed in his head, his voice sounding more profound than before as his eyes flashed.


Siren shut up after that, abruptly cutting itself off. The weapon was quiet for a few seconds, to Neban's relief, until it started whispering again. But, it whispered in a small voice.


'Feed me the blood of that creature, and I will tell you the secret of the dungeons. Don't you want to know why they came into this world? Don't you want to know how you humans ended up with powers?' The weapon whispered, its words covered in honey as it sounded tempting to him; Siren was living up to the name Neban gave it.


And Neban would not lie that Siren was doing an excellent job with tempting him. He always wondered why the dungeons came twelve years ago and how they ended up with the abilities to fight the monsters. Where did these monsters come from anyway? And the weapons, loot? All of this was still a mystery that no one could uncover.


He wanted to know, but he couldn't, not now.


'Later. Later we will come back, and I will feed you. Hopefully, the Aifin will not move from here.' He replied.


'You stupid humans, wanting to keep secrets and masks for no reason. You will feed me later; failing to do so will lead to your downfall, human.'


After those words, Siren was silent, not saying anything at all. And due to Neban paying attention to his conversation with the sword, he did not notice that the monster passed. He figured out that the Aifin was gone when Isona let go of his arm and Wey tapped him.


He looked forward; the hunters were moving again.


They continued their original path, but the hunters were on edge since they saw that the Aifin was in this dungeon. The hunters had a tight grip on their weapons as they kept looking around. Neban noticed that Owain and Isona were both trembling because of the monster while Wey looked calm. But, he noticed that the man's eye was twitching.


The Aifin did not scare Neban, even though his instincts told him that the monster was dangerous; the government even had the creature marked as 'Avoid Immediately' on every information. It only excited Neban more; he wanted to fight it.


For three years, since he started going into the dungeons, he did not cross paths with the monster until now. He almost wanted to follow it, but he had to remind himself that he was playing the porter and later on, he can come back to see it.


They stopped once again when the leader did. Vidan was standing in front of a plain vast door that led to the boss room. He turned around to look at the group, "Remember how we did our positions back in the last dungeon?"


Once everyone nodded, he started talking again, "I want to keep with the same formation."


The leader turned back to the door, opening it, only to stand still, not walking in; he was like a statue. The others were confused about why he stopped, moving closer as they peeked into the room.


They also stopped, standing still as the Owain and Isona were shaking worse than earlier. Wey's eye twitch looked terrible as the man was clenching his fist hard; he can even see sweat falling from Wey's forehead.


Neban could not understand why the man was sweating; it wasn't even hot in the dungeon. He was even confused about everyone not moving to the point of not breathing.


When the group moved forward to look inside the room, Neban stayed behind because he was not comfortable being close to everyone. But, due to his curiosity, he moved closer, peeking into the room.


He silently sighed at what he saw, almost wanting to scream.


Inside it resembled a throne room that royalty would have, but it was darker, almost eerie looking as creatures laid dead on the ground; even what looked to be the dungeon boss was in pieces around the throne chair, their guts decorating it.


And sitting on the throne was the Aifin, eating the monsters' body parts as they had blood all over them. Almost like they bathed in it. 'Did the creature teleport to the room, or is there another entrance to it.' Neban thought as he touched his chin.


But his thoughts, which were starting, got cut off when he heard a whimper come from Isona before she slapped her mouth with wide eyes. The hunters and porters flinched at the sound as Neban cursed when he saw the Aifin dropping their food, turning towards the source of the noise.


Their creamy white eyes gazed around them before the monster gripped the arms of the throne chair as it let out a terrifying roar.


'No one move. No one move.' Neban started repeating in his head, but it seemed that he must have made someone mad because Isona moved as her legs gave out from fear, causing her to fall to the ground.


When the Aifin stood up, making their way towards them, this time Neban let out a loud sigh. 'So much for playing the porter.' He thought.

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Will Siren tell Neban the mystery behind the dungeons and everything else, or was it a lie? Can Neban ever play as a porter, or is he doomed to always stepping in? And why are the dungeons changing after twelve years? What is to come? All these questions, will be answered as we continue into the story.


We are halfway to the first book (part, arc), finishing!

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