Felice Hybrid

by BottledChaos

Original ONGOING Action Drama Fantasy Female Lead Gender Bender Secret Identity Super Heroes Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

When you gain superpowers, you become less... human. A hybrid, as it's called nowadays. But it's always a pure chance whether you keep some humanity, or turn into a mindless monster completely.

For Chris, however, gaining powers did the opposite. It helped him, or rather, her now, feel more human than ever before. It was a happy accident. Who would have known her power would completely reconstruct her body if she let it do its thing without paying attention?

Well, since she feels so alive now, why not become a superheroine? Unfortunately, it's not that easy. Obstacles of all kind crop up to make it harder to be one. For starters, it certainly doesn't help that after seeing her powers, the internet decided to give her the nickname 'eldritch horror from nightmares'.

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Fun, cute, action- what more do you want?

Reviewed at: Light 3-2

Lots of heartwarming moments, with characters that feel like they have real emotions and thoughts. A wonderful job giving the whole cast of characters motivations, personalities, and motivations, and I look forward to seeing them interact!

Also some good action that doesn't feel out of place with the lighter moments. The world is great too, with lots of interesting concepts and history I look forward to seeing explored!

Lord Turtle

Very interesting concept

Reviewed at: Light 3-2

Being honest right off the bat, this has content but not enough for me to properly give my opinion on yet. However, the potential and concept so far seems so interesting that I also can't just ignore it and would rather recommend you to give this a shot. Because ultimately I found it very enjoyable to read and the author clearly makes frequent updates, thus I'm not too worried about the amount of content.


Great story, keep up the good work.  Cute and funny with just enough action to keep you engrossed in the novel. The start reminds me of Falling Over on Scribble Hub but really great overall.  Thanks for the story and if possible I would like to ask if the author could update the story more frequently. 👍👍👍