Knight and Smith

by FirstKnight

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Secrets once thought lost are coming to light...

Orin, a young thief turned mercenary, is returning to his home for the first time in four years. Orin wants nothing more than to reconnect with his family and settle down in the city he loves, but fate is fickle and has another destiny in mind for the swordsman.

Now bound to the Princess of the Realm in ways he doesn't fully understand, Orin finds himself thrust into the world of Nobility, where no one can be truly trusted and his friends are few and far between.

To ensure his survival, and that of the entire Kingdom, Orin must learn to harness the power of a Knight and work with the Princess Elora to protect those they both love, all while dealing with psychotic Knights, a mad King and Elora's own protectors.

Well, if nothing else, I'm sure it will be an adventure.

The Sword of Stars: Book one of the Knight and Smith Saga is now available on Amazon!

This is one of the ideas I've been working on for a while and wanted to see how far I can go with it.

There's nothing really original here, just something fun I wanted to explore a bit more.

Chapters will be posted once a week on Friday at five pm GMT.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you enjoy Knight and Smith!

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Great quality and long chapters

Reviewed at: Chapter Twenty Six

What is better than high quality chapters? The answer is long high quality chapters. Keep em coming. The review has to be fifty words at least. So I am typing and typing and typing and typing and typing and typing and typing and typing and typing and typing and typing and typing and typing and typing and typing and typing and typing.


What a good read! Have not enjoyed a story so much in a long time. Loved the characters' interactions, storyline, pacing, everything is refreshing and high quality. Chapter 26 made me died a little inside though.. that's how invested I am in the story. Can't wait for updates.

11/10 would recommend

John Jungman

Finally, characters to get behind.

Reviewed at: Chapter One

The title of this review is rather self-explanatory. 

Many are the stories on the site which feature reprehensible leads whose pitiful lack of moral fibre are excused by the thin veneer of "realism". 

Indeed, similar weaknesses in tone and plot are justified by appeal to this much-abused genre. 

This is not one such story. 

If you want a lead, or rather, a pair of leads, for whom you might forthrightly cheer, who are competent without being Gary/Mary Stu/Sues, who are admirable without being Purity Stu/Sues, then you have come to the right place.

With its admittedly familiar setting, it concerns itself, refreshingly enough, more so with telling a tale well than with being "original", another much-abused term. 

If you are tired of cynical fiction, but not quite weary enough to justify reading poorly-written, naive escapism, then congratulations - you have found a well-written story with actually likeable characters. Seek no further. 


A work deserving of a follow

Reviewed at: Chapter Twenty Five

This novel Consists of an amazing story In which all characters have depth. In addition so far, all of the main characters, the majority of the secondary ensemble cast, and many of the side characters have undergone character development and changesm, this has been done without distracting from the story and main characters.

more importantly this story is wonderfully written with extensive use of  literary  devices For example it's usage of checkov's gun is exemplary all without beating you over the head with it. causing every event and character action to feel immersive and in character and providing proper buildup to twists without out right revealing them and causing them to become stale.

in conclusion this work definitely deserves a read and a follow.


I passed over this one a few times, the title made it seem kind of generic/boring, but wow, I'm glad I gave it a chance! I've been on the edge of my seat since the first few chapters. This story quickly took over as my most anticipated read. Can't wait to see more!


This is gold.

The premise of the story might be simple, but its execution is something I have never seen on this site. As some reviews have already mentioned this is not a webnovel royalroadl quality, but a quality of a professional paperback.

Both style and grammar are excellent. The premise of the story might seem simple (though there is some foreshadowing for something greater), but there seem to be little loose ends and it is very well executed.

As for characters, I believe that if you pick any random character from this story, it would feel more life-like than an average MC on RoyalRoadl. It is as if you are interacting with real people. Each has its own story and motives. Their past and experiences impact their decision and how they see the world.


You sir, are an unmitigated bastard.

Reviewed at: Chapter Twenty Three

Reviewed at Chapter 20

You sir, are an unmitigated bastard. I found a link on redit that led me here from the fantasy writing group and after a quick join, I noticed the title of your story. I've worked as a blacksmith so yeah, thought I'd have a look.  Most writers never get aspects of blacksmithing right.

Mild curiosity turned to real enjoyment and great immersion and read chapter after chapter until it was 2:30am when I finally tore myself away and went to bed. Bastard.

Observations: Some minor polish is needed. There were a few sentences that had missing words - I commented these at the appropriate chapters. Very minor.

There were a few things that seemed out of context. "Training wheels" and "Wheel chair" in a typically medieval environment seemed a bit jarring, but again, this is minor and was not a focus point in the story.

Overall, I had the "movie in the head" playing about a third of the way into chapter one and it kept me reading. Good flow.

Really liked the magic system and found it interesting and well thought out. There are a few logic holes but; it's a magic system. There are always logic holes and it is the ability of the author to keep the story going that allows you, the reader to suspend belief and just go with the flow.

Normally, when I see 'romance' in a story I just lick my thumb and start turning pages until it's done with. For the most part it's boring meaningless filler that just gets in the way of a good story. It's there because you have to have a romance. Tick the box sort of thing.

What kept me reading this story wasn't the action scenes, which were quite well written, It was the developing relationship between Orin and Elora. The dynamics between the major players is a trope but it deviates from that trope so well, that you don't have that OMG *sparkly vampires* feeling and slam the book closed. (metaphorically)

Looking forward to further chapters


The best thing ive read here ever

Reviewed at: Chapter Twenty Two

A cliche swordsman princess story excuted to perfection, amazing character development, pacing, setting, world-building, action, romance, foreshadowing, and more. My perfect version of a fantasy story. Once completed I would definetly purchase a paper back version. This feels a lot like The Wakening(Book1) to me, which is also one of my favorite books I've ever read. I'll be following your continued progress.


Read it. You won't regret it.

Reviewed at: Chapter Twenty

So far the best I've read on this site. Although the story is still young it looks to be shaping into something amazing. Definite 5 stars. Couldn't recommend reading it enough. 

Edit. Just caught up to chapter 20 and Oh my gawd is this shit good. I just hope this story gets more attention since It is so goddamn great. 


Frankly speaking, this story is basically ready for publishing. The quality is immense in comparison to basically everything else on RR aside from a rare handful. I wouldn't blink if I pulled this off the shelf of a bookstore, it's where this story belongs. Afterall this story has it all:

-Detailed characters who are all diverse, vibrant, alive and flawed. Absolute +++

-Excellent world building

-A strong sense of good literary techniques, including foreshadowing, withholding of information, pacing and excellent descriptive narration.

-Perfectly believable speech and conversation. 

-A slow building, believable and interesting romance. Even though all the signs point in one direction even at chapter 16 it's not hard to see it going in an undpredictable direction (though I doubt that will be the case)

-Fascinating twist on the standard 'fantasy magic' system. Creative in much the same way that Brandon Sanderson was, though with far less detail (at least revealed so far) 

-Excellently sized and satisfying chapter lengths. Do not be decieved by the 20 chapter length, I've been reading it for over 4 hours straight (I am not a slow reader) and only just got to chapter 16) 

Basically I wouldn't be surprised to see this story bumping off any of the the top 5 novels. I've read at least the first parts of all of them, and frankly, this easily holds up, if not outshines them, though obviously personal taste is always a key factor, however I believe that quality is not entirely subjective. There are reasons books and stories can survive across hundreds, even thousands of years, and ever culture in existence. Quality is not entirely subjective in art.

It's one of those situations where it doesn't "Scratch my itch" personally; there are other stories on RR I like better, that I get more enjoyment out of. But this story has a polish and a quality that simply demands recognition. There's a reason that literally every review so far has an almost universal 5/5. I only expect this trend to continue.

It's incredibly rare for me to get frustrated with a characters decisions, and ENJOY it. Why? Because I know it's the characters stupidity being portrayed, not the authors. That in and of itself should be all the evidence someone needs to understand why this deserves a 5/5 

After all, while everyone has their own personal tastes, you can enjoy modern pop more than classical music, for example... but no sane man can ever call them equal.