Knight and Smith

by FirstKnight

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Secrets once thought lost are coming to light...

Orin, a young thief turned mercenary, is returning to his home for the first time in four years. Orin wants nothing more than to reconnect with his family and settle down in the city he loves, but fate is fickle and has another destiny in mind for the swordsman.

Now bound to the Princess of the Realm in ways he doesn't fully understand, Orin finds himself thrust into the world of Nobility, where no one can be truly trusted and his friends are few and far between.

To ensure his survival, and that of the entire Kingdom, Orin must learn to harness the power of a Knight and work with the Princess Elora to protect those they both love, all while dealing with psychotic Knights, a mad King and Elora's own protectors.

Well, if nothing else, I'm sure it will be an adventure.

The Sword of Stars: Book one of the Knight and Smith Saga is now available on Amazon!

This is one of the ideas I've been working on for a while and wanted to see how far I can go with it.

There's nothing really original here, just something fun I wanted to explore a bit more.

Chapters will be posted once a week on Friday at five pm GMT.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you enjoy Knight and Smith!

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Great story that’s not another Litrpg

Reviewed at: Chapter Twenty Four

Very enjoyable read. I like how the smiths and knights magic work and can't wait to learn more about it. It's also written well which is something I really appreciate it though I can look past it if the story's good. One thing I'm not really a fan of is the some of the romance elements between our two main characters. 


Really good but huge plothole

Reviewed at: Book Two: Prologue

This story is a really good one. The writing, the style and characters are all great and it is a treat to read. So definitely check it out.

Problems start appearing later on in the book though and since it concerns plotholes I will be spoiling everything. You have been warned.

Orin is an heir. We don't really know what it entails yet but we know it's a big fucking deal. However, the Dviritazi way of handling it makes no sense. They send Tessa to some strangers to be around him just in case. What ? Aren't they supposed to bond ? It's even more jarring because we know what should happen. A knight and a smith should spend time together to get to know each other and the knight should train to prepare his soul. Instead, there is no contact between them until a long time later and Orin is never made aware of anything. When was he going to be informed ? Trained ? In the fist chapter, Orin is 18 and leaves the band.

Moreover, let's talk about Boldrin mercenary band. Orin joins them at 14. Are we supposed to believe they predicted the future and knew he was going to join them ? Plus, the band already has a reputation which means they were not even staying around him. Tessa even joins the band later on. There is no way you can say Boldrin was looking after Orin before he joins them. We know he is malnourished and lives in the slums. He could die any moment in those slums.  And how about sending money to the orphelinage to say inconspicuous while helping him ?

The only reasonnable conclusion, is that the author added the whole Orin being an heir and Tessa his smith afterwards. Particularly, Tessa being his smith. Orin being an heir could have been a discovery but instead we are supposed to believe Tessa was his destined smith even though at 18 he still has not been informed of anything. The problem is that it is a huge plothole front and center in the story and yet you just have to ignore it. It really does leave a sour taste to what could truly have been a great story. Still get a 3.5 from me for the great writing.

P.S.: The band attacks a 100 000 strong army when their priority should be Orin and his security and still tell him nothing. Come on now. You can't just add stuff afterwards in the story without thinking how it will impact what you have written until now.


An absolutely amazing story so far. The style is eloquent and professional. The POV changes are welcome and provide great clarity and depth to our characters. The characters themselves are wonderful. Each one has a distinct characterization that makes them come alive. Their actions and thoughts are very well-reasoned in the context of the story, and their actions follow similarly.

The story itself has me on the edge of my seat every chapter. It is very exciting and worldbuilding is clean. Settings feel vivid and this first arc (which ended a few chapters earlier from where I currently am) was one of the best I've ever read. The following arc is shaping up to be great as well.

Grammar is fine; small unnoticeable mistakes that don't detract from the reading are sometimes present. A must read I would say so far for fantasy fans. ONLY slight thing that may put people off is a slight NTR tone, but fret not it doesn't happen to the mc/fl, but warning in case. 

I will edit my review for later chapters on thoughts for the next arcs and to address a possible new concern of whether the villains themselves/their actions will become bland? They are good so far, but some POV chapters from the villains perspective are a little too spoilery for my taste. I also have some people I think will become villains and it might be too obvious; I may dock a star in characters if that happens (unless writing/characterization of them is developed more of course). 

Flying JMW

So, I want to start off by saying I rarely leave written reviews. When I do, it's becuase the story is outstanding.

I've been reading on royalroad for years, and I've come to believe that there are 4 ranks of stories on this site. The bottom teir, which regretabbly is the biggest and is full of absolute garbabe. The next rung up, stories seem to have all the pieces needed for a good story, but somehow fall flat. Then there are good stories, not great, but good enough to fill your time. But every once in a while, you come aross a stories that stand out from the rest. They are true hidden gems.

This story is one of those hidden gems. From the first chapter I was sucked in and I immeditaly fell in love with this story. And I am very judgy when it comes to stories. I hope the author continues his amazing work. I will be following this story closely. 


This is a story of Orin and his adventures. In my opinion, It is definitely a winner. in this story the author has given a lot of thought to this adventure and we benefit from his careful crafting of the background and the characters portrayed.

We have a story of an up and coming young man that returns home and all of that draws you in. And wow what a ride it is. The only time I had any thought of boredom was when the last chapter I read ended. Otherwise, I could hardly put the book down. Of course, I was very glad to see that the next chapter will be due out soon. The struggles and intrigue going on in the background will leave you wondering  what is going to happen next.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story. The battle scenes were very well done and I do really like the character of Orin and those he interacts with. If it gets on Amazon, I'll be getting my copy.

enjoy the story!


Choreographed hero's tale

Reviewed at: Chapter Six

Really wanted to like this one. 

The writing is great. Descriptive enough but  not over-elaborate. There are times the narrator went into "fairytale mode" but you can bear with it. 

The mc and the rest of the characters are interesting and pretty distinct for the little time we meet em(I didn't get far into the novel).

The world building is getting fleshed out naturally. No "wall of text"  forced on the reader. 

.... And we get to the plot. I really wanted to like this but couldn't.  The first few chapters seem natural and the plot flows well but that changes later on. Chapter 6,  where i dropped this, is so over-choreographed to the last action that it feels the plot armor itself has plot armor.  The experienced merc mc just blunders through a sequence of scripted encounters to save the day. 

If you have no issues with fairytales then you will love it. (I'm guessing since i did not go far) 


If you enjoyed classical literature growing up, stories of knights in shining armor arriving just in time to save the princess, this is the story for you. It is a story that holds a classical eloquence over realistic probability; where characters love and comradery will succeed in defeating evil, even with the odds stacked against them. That said, this story is also so much more. It might believe in the power of love and friendship, but it also focuses on cause and affect, consiquences of ones actions, and character relationships, with a hint of hidden/mysterious past. Each story thread is not to short, but also doesn't drag on. Finally, it is one of the few novels I have read in a long time that plays romance right, it potrays the confused love of young couples. Something to note, many stories have a twisted/one-sided form of love, which is fine if thats what the author wants, but then it is played as being pure and innocent which it shouldn't be. This is NOT one of these cases, in my opinion. The characters, though make mistakes at times, are understanding, kind, selfless, but also protective, and  a little jealous when dealing with relationship issues. All in all its a story that I hope runs its course to completion with just the same level of quality all throughout. It truly brings back childhood memories, and I encourage all to at least try reading it till the first BBEG is shown.


Holy fuck. I thought I'd have to call in to work before I finished binge reading all the available chapters. I almost feel sorry for new potential readers before they embark on this wonderful journey. 10 out of 10. Bravo to the author. 1,000 compliments. Someone chain this person to a desk.


Amazing gem in the rough, I founf myself bound to read it in one sitting (chapter 24). A gripping narrative, some good old subplots, a drop of romance, fully fleshed characters that re their own people are working together to create one of the most pleasant work I have read to date. The grammar is near perfect, while style is compelling and not rushed. Steady supply of long chapter is making this experience even better. A big thank you to the autor for creating this. 


This was awesome. Read in a go until chapter 24. AWESome :-)

I'm usually into some litrpg stuff, thus I did not start to read it at first when it hit the list of promising new tidbits... Saw it two more times, appreciated the length and dove right in... that was a journey, that was