Knight and Smith

by FirstKnight

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Secrets once thought lost are coming to light...

Orin, a young thief turned mercenary, is returning to his home for the first time in four years. Orin wants nothing more than to reconnect with his family and settle down in the city he loves, but fate is fickle and has another destiny in mind for the swordsman.

Now bound to the Princess of the Realm in ways he doesn't fully understand, Orin finds himself thrust into the world of Nobility, where no one can be truly trusted and his friends are few and far between.

To ensure his survival, and that of the entire Kingdom, Orin must learn to harness the power of a Knight and work with the Princess Elora to protect those they both love, all while dealing with psychotic Knights, a mad King and Elora's own protectors.

Well, if nothing else, I'm sure it will be an adventure.

This is one of the ideas I've been working on for a while and wanted to see how far I can go with it.

There's nothing really original here, just something fun I wanted to explore a bit more.

Chapters will be posted twice a week on Mondays and Fridays at five pm GMT and will be at least six thousand words long.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you enjoy Knight and Smith!

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What a treat of a story. Forget Isekai standards, this story is an incredible implementation of a fantasy swordsman and his story.


The style is clean and progresses the story nicely each chapter. There are a few POV switches, but only between a few key recurring characters, and each switch provides important information without rehashing the same scene over and over.


Almost flawless. I have noticed a few instances of the wrong word being used (fair vs fare I have seen at least twice), but these are inconsequantial and extremely rare. Spelling and sentence structure have been great, and there are no problems that interrupt the reading experience.


The story is gripping. Between wanting to know more about the core magical concepts, wanting to know more about the characters, and wanting to see what unexpected (yet reasonable or feasible in hindsight) event happens next, each chapter is exciting to open.


The 2 main characters are largely written as realistic, "knows their place in life" characters. Both have a streak of fatalism, knowing what to expect from their circumstances and not whining when said circumstances treat them poorly. But both are optimistic and strong and unafraid to take the actions required of them. Most of all though, the list of named and relevant characters has been kept trimmed down, allowing readers to keep up with all (or most) of the names thrown at them in different perspectives. Truly, this is a treat, given how many stories tend to bloat with extras.


I am writing this review at chapter 17. While this is a low chapter count, it is also 500 pages in, which is more than enough content to know the story is fantastic and worth reading. Current release pace is twice a week. Chapter size is large enough that even if the author drops to once a week in the future the story should continue to move briskly.


The world this author builds is, even with the low amount of chapters released until now, quite frankly amazingly beautiful.

I started reading and was drawn in with the first paragraph and could not stop until I was finished with the seventh chapter (latest release at time of review) and I look forward to whatever the author has in store for us next.

- The grammar is, as far as I can tell, perfect. I did not notice a single error when I read it. (I have to confess not having the best eye for grammar mistakes and spelling errors, since english is not my first language and I tend to get absorbed in good stories, like this one)

- His writing style paints a picture of the world so vivid as if you yourself were right in that moment, living the story.

- I love the story up until now and I hope it stays that way.

- The characters are (up until now) fleshed out, with their own goals, wishes and dreams, but we will have to see if they develop further (with the quality of the story, i have no doubt they will)


I can easly picture myself buying this as a hardcopy, the first few chapters have completely convinced me of that fact.


Read it you wont regret it

Reviewed at: Chapter Twenty Five

I read until the current chapter thinking of going to the authors Pantreon afterwards.
Only to find out there isnt one.

Now im sitting here on a cliffhanger unable to read the next chapter.

This Story is so dam good. It like a oasis in the ocean of medicore wirtting on this site.
I belive the first arc is coming to a close soon and its so dam well done.
Beliveble characters and their motives.
Side characters that have goals and dreams on their own and dont just exist for the Main character.

In time i will write a more in deph review but for now im just saying this:
"Read it you wont regret it"


This is quite possibly the most Young Adult Fantasy story I have ever read.

It takes all the tropes and plotlines that YA is often made fun of for, and then writes a story out of it.  It throws no surprises and is about the most generic story one could imagine.  But it is competently written.

This is the the epitome of YA.  YA condensed into a story.

Take that how you will.

to do

Writing is great, prose is on point(if a mite overly flowery at times), grammar and spelling is perfect.

The setting is vivid and easy to picture and the world-building seems to have some depth

The plot progresses at a natural pace and never gets too dull or too quick.

The magic system is unique and interesting.

With all that said though, the reason for the meh rating is that I just can't bring myself to enjoy reading about the main plot point of the entire story, the "Bond".

To me personally reading about the development of a relationship whose entire foundation is predicated on mind control is just not compelling.

It's obvious that the author put some effort into establishing that the MC still has some self-control and that he can somewhat separate his own feelings from the psychic shenanigans but when it colours every major interaction that occurs between the MC and the female lead it's just too much to ignore.

I don't like having to question every word out of a characters mouth and wonder whether an action is taken just because of magical mind buggery.

Obviously given the prevalence of this sort of thing in romantic fiction and the amazing ratings this has it's not a popular opinion, but that's just me, and I rate based on enjoyment more than anything.

Foolish Luke

The pacing gives me goosebumps

Reviewed at: Chapter Fifteen

This story does in a handful of chapters what many authors struggle to do with hundreds. The characters are all believably flawed with enough depth to them that keeps them both sympathetic and likable. No self insert MC's/Dead eyed waifu's to be seen here! I'm very impressed with how the author handles introspection, we are given very clear insights into the protagonists head without losing too much of the word count to whatever is going on in their head. Again I will say that a lot happens in this story very quickly.


The world that has been created has a real history and texture to it even though we have only glimpsed a very small part of the world. This is also due to change as at the time of this review we are about to take out first steps outside of the city where the initial action takes place.


The plot moves quickly, effortlessly straddling a fine line between being fast paced without feeling rushed. The characters actions are all consistent with their established personalities, and nobody really commits stupid actions to manufacture suspense.


The writing style is good maintaining excellent grammar and sentence structure whilst showing strong signs of being thought out well in advance.


The concept isn't all that ground breaking, (the whole Smith and Knight concept feels very anime) and the antagonists plots do feel a little simplistic at times but it is all so wonderfully executed that all of this can be forgiven. So far there are no dead chapters or filler content, just a strong cohesive story that deserves a shot.


My only criticism is that this story feels more like an actual novel than a web serial and I can only pray that the author continues to maintain this kind of quality as the story grows both in word count and complexity.


Great story so far! The backstory for our MC has been interesting and realistic, the characters have understandable goals and ambitions and their decisions make sense. This story has been wonderful to read and I'm looking forward to reading future chapters. The author has done a marvelous job in creating a unique story that is understandable from the beginning. 


I'm not big on reviews so this will be short.

like what I read so far. No comments on pacing, story, grammer and what not.

Only thing I hope for is that the author doesn't resort to me having to learn a new dictionary with words regarding to the smiths and knights.


Great story that’s not another Litrpg

Reviewed at: Chapter Twenty Four

Very enjoyable read. I like how the smiths and knights magic work and can't wait to learn more about it. It's also written well which is something I really appreciate it though I can look past it if the story's good. One thing I'm not really a fan of is the some of the romance elements between our two main characters. 


I'd say this is professional level and could easily be published as is, its all round impressive in every aspect. My initial impression was that it would cliched and possibly cringey; it should be - if it was written by anyone else maybe. The author executes everything so well that they've proven why some of the story elements became cliche in the first place, because they can be done right; if written by the right author. This is defintely the right author.

As an addition the characters are where this story excels in my mind. Seriously impressive, considering how fast paced the story feels.