City of Vengeance

City of Vengeance

by Easy Tiger

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Sierra Rico is a legendary killer, trained from childhood to become the perfect assassin for South America's most ruthless drug lord. But after having his whole world ripped apart by a vengeful rival, Sierra is desperately trying to escape with his life. Now he is relentlessly being hunted by the drug cartel that raised him, as well as past adversaries, professional hitmen and an old nemesis who refuses to die until Sierra has suffered up to his last breath.

Kenji Kojima is a spoilt young heir to a worldwide Yakuza criminal empire, betrayed by his own jealous brother in a bloody rebellion to seize power. On the run and cast aside by the very men he was meant to one day lead, Kenji must shed his lazy playboy persona and become the warrior he needs to be in order to slay his traitorous brother and take back what was stolen from him.

Fido is a mysterious vigilante without a past or a home he remembers as his own. He has dedicated all facets of his life into hunting down a psychotic posse of killers who left him for dead. He kills without mercy, seeking not only vengeance, but also the answers as to why he was targeted.

In Panama City, Panama, a thriving metropolis brimming with corruption and on the brink of a massive international gang war, the fates of these three men will crash together in an epic tale of redemption, bloodshed and bullet-riddled vengeance.

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Easy Tiger

Easy Tiger

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Table of Contents
41 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: A killer forged by bloodshed. ago
Chapter 1: A savage duel to the death ago
Chapter 2: A new beginning ago
Chapter 3: A new character shoots his way onto the scene and vicious Russian gangsters are executed. ago
Chapter 4: Vengeful rivals and a shadowy mastermind set their sights on MC ago
Chapter 5: Voodoo posse of killers on a bloody rampage ago
Chapter 6: A mysterious vigilante arrives in Panama city ago
Chapter 7: Introducing Kenji Kojima: wannabe playboy and heir to a powerful Yakuza empire ago
Chapter 8: Introducing the MC's travelling companions ago
Chapter 9: MC's vengeful rivals arrive in Panama City ago
Chapter 10: Fido runs into an old friend ago
Chapter 11: The Voodoo posse wipe out a violent Jamaican gang ago
Chapter 12: The Yakuza call a meeting ago
Chapter 13: Some light into the mysterious vigilante's past ago
Chapter 14: MC arrives in Panama City, recalls a time when he was sent to kill a friend ago
Chapter 15: Yakuza heir and his entourage hit the town, corrupt cops target vigilante's friend ago
Chapter 16: Shit is about to get real ago
Chapter 17: Bloodbath ago
Chapter 18: Die the night away ago
Chapter 19: Shootout on the dance floor ago
Chapter 20: Hunters become the hunted ago
Chapter 21: An old enemy returns ago
Chapter 22: Yakuza insurrection ago
Chapter 23: Fallout from the massacre ago
Chapter 24: The first act draws to a close ago
chapter 25: The Voodoo posse strike back ago
Chapter 26: Los Diablos get ready for action ago
Chapter 27: Sierra and Lana ago
Chapter 28: Vengeance begets vengeance ago
Chapter 29: Guerrero vs Italian Mafia ago
Chapter 30: Los Diablos go head to head with the Yakuza's elite Lone Wolf Squad ago
Chapter 31: Tainted blood ago
Chapter 32: No honour amongst traitors ago
Chapter 33: Leon Sphinx is coming ago
Chapter 34: The price of revenge ago
Chapter 35: Warzone ago
Chapter 36: A chase to the gates of hell ago
Chapter 37: Turning Point ago
Chapter 38: To the Death with Leon Sphinx ago
Chapter 39: Act 2 of 5 comes to an end ago
If you wish to keep reading, check out the link inside ago

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I stumbled across this last week while I was searching for a new action story to satisfy my cravings. I must say, this is quite a hidden gem. The concept is an interesting one and I look forward to seeing how the writer ties the various plot threads together.

The setting and diverse multicultural cast of characters is another strong point. Here we have a near-future city run on a drug economy. South American drug cartels, Japanese Yakuza, Russian gangsters, Haitian killers, an Irish mob, a Jamaican drug gang, and an Italian Mafia group all seem to be vying for control (Did I miss anyone?), and all of them are getting blown away left and right.

And then you have these interesting Guerrero characters, of whom the main character was forced to be one but now wants out. They are basically a group of warrior/mercenary types from the war-torn South American continent and each on of these guys seems like a one-man army. The first battle between two of them in chapter 2 was insane. I can only imagine what the rest will be like later on in the story.

The action is gloriously over-the-top, bloody and well-written. Plenty of gun-fu at play, and there's been a very high body-count already. Speaking of the body-count, the ways in which various thugs, killers and lowlives have already been dispatched are all quite creative and there is some great traces of humour littered throughout to break up all the carnage.

The characters are all colourful and carry distinctive quirks. The gang of Haitian killers are particularly hateful and menancing, and I very much look forward to seeing every last one of them meeting their end. 

The pace starts out frantic, with multiple time jumps and action sequences but then quickly finds it's groove, introduces the relevant characters and goes about setting up what I can only assume will be a long-running and action-packed story to very the finish. 

So far I am just enjoying the ride. I hope the writer keeps up the good work.

If you have not already started reading, get on it!