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Book 1: The Legend of Tot


Claud Primus, a self-declared master thief, has a simple goal. To live forever. It's a rather easy task, for miraculous objects called lifestones are able to extend one's lifespan. These lifestones are best found in the treasuries of nobles, lovely resorts that Claud pays a visit to every so often. Unfortunately, one of those nightly visits go awry, and Claud is forced to escape with just a single lifestone and a box in hand.

Normally, that's when things die down. The guards yawn, the gates close, and the night continues.

But this time, the night isn't that forgiving. A dozen schemes result in the murder of someone important, and with a convenient scapegoat — Claud — at hand, it doesn't take long for him to be framed as a heinous criminal, wanted for the indirect murder of someone high up...and it just gets worse from there.

Book 2: The Moon Lords' Rise


As ordered chaos sweeps across Licencia, Claud leaves for Julan Barony, intent on making some profits there. Accompanied by the erstwhile heiress of Julan, a fellow member of the Moon Lords, the two plot against the barony's wealth...as well as a promise to bring about its downfall. Meanwhile, back home, the Moon Lords have busied themselves with digesting their gains. Eyes, however, are beginning to turn to this proverbial fish in a small pond.

The fishermen are coming.

When they cast their hook, what will Dia and the others do?

 Book 3: Murders under the Moons


In the sleepy town of Nachtville, where Claud and Lily are forced to stop at, a set of nasty murders occurs. Victims scream out in fright, before a spear falls from the sky to end their suffering. Cowed and cautious, the master thief and his partner slink in the shadows, their objective that of home...

A new task, however, has fallen on Dia. With a trusty helper at her side, she has to set off towards Nachtville itself, to solve the mystery Claud had abandoned. Faced with an enemy whose sole skillset is geared towards killing, how will they succeed? 

And what dark secrets will they find?

Book 4: In the Dark of the Moons


The year has ended. The four months of the full moons will soon be followed by two months of the new moons. Duke Istrel's ascension is around the corner.

Amidst this political upheaval, Count Nightfall, Licencia's strongest defender, has been called away. The Moon Lords' largest task yet — to protect Licencia in the absence of its ruler — has begun.  And yet, trouble is unrelenting. A distinguished personage, one that Claud fears, has been found dead in the county, his brains dug out and his body disemboweled. The inquisitors of the White Church have been dispatched to investigate and apprehend the murderer...as well as the person behind this puppet. 

Tormented by a call to fight, Claud directs his eyes out of the city, looking for the puppetmaster. Skulking in the shadows, the master thief will soon confront his greatest foe yet.

A foe just like him.

Book 5: Moonlit Tides and Darkened Seas

Synopsis: ???

Release frequency: one every few days or something, I guess.


(This work is also being serialised on Webnovel under the name Revile as a trial run)

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Xel Vi Coronata

Xel Vi Coronata

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: The smallest heist ever ago
Chapter 2: Re-organisation and return ago
Chapter 3: A Twilight Encounter ago
Chapter 4: The blame game ago
Chapter 5: Closing up ago
Chapter 6: Stealing for the dead ago
Chapter 7: The eccentric bartender ago
Chapter 8: Princess in peril ago
Chapter 9: Crash course ago
Chapter 10: Princess at a pub ago
Chapter 11: Meeting the fakers ago
Chapter 12: The thief's first trace ago
Chapter 13: Spellhounds, suspicions and soldiers ago
Chapter 14: To the City of Trades ago
Chapter 15: Tutorial, start! ago
Chapter 16: Tutorial v.s Master Thief ago
Chapter 17: The master thief who talks to a jiggling box ago
Chapter 18: Forced acquisitions, forced meetings ago
Chapter 19: Adopted? ago
Chapter 20: Triple-D's ultra-pure, flammable water ago
Chapter 21: The ultra-weird Licencia ago
Chapter 22: Natural Selection in Licencia ago
Chapter 23: Planning a baron's end ago
Chapter 24: The exciting streets of the city and a story-teller ago
Chapter 25: Rumours of her escape have been greatly exaggerated... ago
Chapter 26: Tales of Tot ago
Chapter 27: Survivor of a past era? ago
Chapter 28: The Spear of Fate ago
Chapter 29: Odd skills, odder times ago
Chapter 30: The lifestone markets ago
Chapter 31: The thief's hobby ago
Chapter 32: A quick and easy heist ago
Chapter 33: Mana for the masses ago
Chapter 34: Shadows that strike ago
Chapter 35: A non-violent end to a violent confrontation ago
Chapter 36: The thief flaunts with a borrowed purse ago
Chapter 37: Creative applications ago
Chapter 38: Shopping, safety and surpluses ago
Chapter 39: Protection rackets and plans ago
Chapter 40: A very roundabout method ago
Chapter 41: The spear hanging above the City of Trades ago
Chapter 42: The Legend of Tot ago
[Book 2: The Moon Lords’ rise] Chapter 43: The shocked city ago
Chapter 44: The master thief's new life ago
Chapter 45: To lead, conquer and overawe ago
Chapter 46: Clearing the field ago
Chapter 47: The blade, the chain and the one that was spared ago
Chapter 48: The Moon Lords ago
Chapter 49: From one who understands another ago
Chapter 50: The master thief on a shopping trip ago
Chapter 51: Moon Street ago
Chapter 52: Moon Phase — a game of personality and luck! ago
Chapter 53: An unexpected guest joins the one-man party! ago
Chapter 54: In the same bedroom? ago
Chapter 55: Odd incidents, and odder ways of flying ago
Chapter 56: Cooking outdoors... ago
Chapter 57: ...can attract lookalikes that demand food. ago
Chapter 58: Exchanging intelligence with one of the lookalikes ago
Chapter 59: Bombs count as general items? ago
Chapter 60: The distinction between guards ago
Chapter 61: The epic clash in the middle of the street ago
Chapter 62: A shattered memento ago
Chapter 63: The true memento ago
Chapter 64: Novelties, news and national natters ago
Chapter 65: The dirtiest of bar counters ago
Chapter 66: The master thief strikes! ago
Chapter 67: Theft, arson and eavesdropping ago
Chapter 68: The end of a barony ago
Chapter 69: Witness to a robbery ago
Chapter 70: The odd box and a brand new day ago
Chapter 71: The trouble-maker and a new contract ago
Chapter 72: The mansion that took to the skies ago
Chapter 73: The trump cards of the dukedoms ago
Chapter 74: Nachtville once more ago
Chapter 75: Mercenaries in motion ago
Chapter 76: Mornings, mists and meetings ago
Chapter 77: The letter that came from the count ago
Chapter 78: The little harmless envelopes ago
Chapter 79: Of events in motion ago
Chapter 80: Bringing siege weapons to a two-man fight ago
Chapter 81: Flowers in the red moon's night sky ago
Chapter 82: The Moon Lords' Rise ago
Chapter 83: Spear from the sky ago
Chapter 84: Investigators arrive! ago
Chapter 85: Suspicious points and sorrowful partings ago
Chapter 86: The interrogation next door and the undercurrents below ago
Chapter 87: The benefits of being forced... ago
Chapter 88: Irony and responsibility ago
Chapter 89: Reactions ago
Chapter 90: Cornering and cooperation ago
Chapter 91: Of thieves and time ago
Chapter 92: The commotion at the east gate ago
Chapter 93: Awakened ago
Chapter 94: The aftermath ago
Chapter 95: Homeward ago
Chapter 96: The Moon Lords' first assignment ago
Chapter 97: The investigators, onward ago
Chapter 98: Getting to know each other ago
Chapter 99: A father's love is as silent as a mountain ago
Chapter 100: The duo from afar returns to rest ago
Chapter 101: The thief's debriefing ago
Chapter 102: The reason behind the emperor's anger ago
Chapter 103: Wrong process, right answer ago
Chapter 104: Mental Assault ago
Chapter 105: The opening move ago
Chapter 106: Preparations in the night ago
Chapter 107: Settling in ago
Chapter 108: Clairvoyance and countermeasures ago
Chapter 109: The investigators and the reinforcements ago
Chapter 110: The lookalikes cross paths ago
Chapter 111: Counter-measures and commencing capture ago
Chapter 112: Traitor? ago
Chapter 113: Dark clouds upon the mind ago
Chapter 114: The first foray ago
Chapter 115: Last preparations ago
Chapter 116: The inhuman spear-user ago
Chapter 117: The innocuous little bottles ago
Chapter 118: Bonding over the worst of topics ago
Chapter 119: The odd status screen ago
Chapter 120: Names and notions ago
Chapter 121: A triumphant return ago
Chapter 122: Webs of plans ago
Chapter 123: Towards Nightfall Palace ago
Chapter 124: Count Nightfall ago
Chapter 125: A familiar-looking skill name ago
Chapter 126: Absolute Domination? ago
Chapter 127: Sub-folders ago
Chapter 128: Reflection ago
Chapter 129: The Seekers of Truth ago
Chapter 130: The Verdant Interrogator ago
Chapter 131: Memories and confirmation ago
Chapter 132: Stress ago
Chapter 133: Exposed... ago
Chapter 134: A peaceful day ago
Chapter 135: Her first heist ago
Chapter 136: Her own way ago
Chapter 137: Yet another crime ago
Chapter 138: Floating sky ruins ago
(Chapter 139) The trip back home ago
Chapter 140: Back to the city ago
Chapter 141: Countermeasures against contact ago
Chapter 142: The welcome party ago
Chapter 143: A vast sea of doubts ago
Chapter 144: Training the newbies ago
Chapter 145: The broken spear ago
Chapter 146: Murder most foul ago
Chapter 147: The hollowed head and the murderer's motive ago
Chapter 148: The interim ruler of Licencia ago
Chapter 149: The fiancée from Lostfon ago
Chapter 150: Contacting the higher ups ago
Chapter 151: The deacon and the secretary ago
Chapter 152: Case Consolidation ago
Chapter 153: Taboos and inquisitors ago
Chapter 154: The bartender's counsel ago
Chapter 155: Mana Control Proficiency: Intermediate ago
Chapter 156: The coward's way of fighting ago
Chapter 157: The master thief's influence ago
Chapter 158: Suspicious personnel sighted ago
Chapter 159: Schwarz-style interrogation techniques ago
Chapter 160: Inquisitors! ago
Chapter 161: The Cord of Cause ago
Chapter 162: The Knife of Karma ago
Chapter 163: The Holy Daughter's thoughts ago
Chapter 164: Claud's influence ago
Chapter 165: The visit inspired by a skill ago
Chapter 166: Countermeasures against the Third ago
Chapter 167: The bar that opens for the new year ago
Chapter 168: The Moon and the Makers ago
Chapter 169: A story for the new year ago
Chapter 170: Preparing the encirclement ago
Chapter 171: Irrational Aggression ago
Chapter 172: Cause, effect and destiny ago
Chapter 173: The thief's own ambush ago

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Ben Arisson

Opening /Story - What a way to start a story. We begin their fo time in medias res, with the self-proclaimed chivalrous master thief - Claud Primus - running from the site of his latest score. I love how the author places the audience in the middle of the action while still delivering the necessary exposition so we quickly understand what's going on. 

Style - It seems to me that the author is has a clear understanding and grasp of their own style as we see them use it to great effect. The exposition and worldbuilding are seamless and well-integrated in the narrative of the story. The author knows what story they are trying to tell and does a good job of doing just that.

Grammar - The grammar was very good. No errors found at all which is really quite impressive. 

Characters - At first glance Claud the mater thief didn't really stand out to me. There wasn't much that drew me into liking his character. I still am trying to figure out why he does what he does and why he wants to live forever. There is a lot of potential here though, as he seems to be a chivalrous thief akin to robin hood. And admittedly, as a fellow apple juice fan, I found myself caring more about him as the story went on. 

I think the author's biggest strengths are their worldbuilding abilities. I found that I kept reading just because I wanted to find out more about the lore, magic, and history of this world. (I wish you had a wiki page I could read through, lol)


AMAZING! That pretty much sums it up.

Style: Absolutely wonderful. I appreciate that this story is written with a strong sense of chronological order and the perspective stays consistent so it is easy to follow and you don't get lost along the way. The scenes flow together beautifully which makes for a delightful read. 

Grammar: The grammar is impecable, as the title of my review states, this is probably the best story I've ever read on this site. From the first sentence of the first chapter, I could already tell that this story was going to be a winner. I do not have any complaints about the grammar at all, in fact, I wish I was as half as good as this author at parsing out my sentences. 

Story: AMAZING, WONDERFUL, CAPITVATING. Need I say more? I was wonderfully surprised when I started reading, and before I knew it I had read like 12 chapters! The story sucks you in and paints such imagery in your mind, I can't wait to keep reading!

Character: Claud has a good foundation, we are able to get a good sense of his character and his morals right from the get-go. My favourite character though, is Dia. There is just something so intriguing about her, I feel like I can relate to her even though I have never been a bounty hunting ex-princess. She's just delightful and I am excited to see how her character develops. 

Overall, this story is worth the read! :)


Great story. Uses a system sparingly and effectively. Giving 5 to make up for another review that gave a low score even though they say its a 5/5.  I would rate the story 4 or 4.5. The only issue is really how implausable the princess side story is. I like the side story a lot, but it feels forced to me. Maybe add in some more plausability by having a culture that is more likely to show respect by mimicry? If there were more people that mimic nobles and named people as a sign of respect, then id be more willing to accept 3 characters that all mimic the princess being in the same inn.... I mean a few references in inns to those Damn noble mimics. Even fads of copying different people's clothing and mannerisms... Or it being common for people to copy their idols skills would drastically increase my ability to believe that the side storys plausability.  Maybe press more into the experienced bootlickers being copy cat specialists or something....Anyway, its a great story. Well worth the time. 



This style is great, with a rather straightforward plot, and entertaining if simple characters. It’s a laid back story with some humor mixed in and a rather interesting perspective on life.



The story is in essence all about a big misunderstanding being blown out of proportion while the Main Character both reaps the benefits and suffers the consequences of his misfortune.


The skill system is interesting, though I feel like there isn’t enough emphasis on how it might affect a society of common people. While the main character does mainly interact with those more powerful or interesting, it’d still be cool to learn just what a skill like farm would do at a high level or something like that. It seems more like a society was built and then skills were added when it comes to the lower levels then the other way round.


There is also a cultivation aspect to the story (kind of). More fantasy like in its growth aspect, but still mainly about physical power. It’s quite an interesting addition, especially the cost of advancing each level.



Not really qualified to speak on it. I’ll just say that it’s more than good enough to be able to read without getting shocked because of some weird grammar. Everything follows smoothly.



The main character is quite interesting with a heavy emphasis on living forever. It allows for many funny moments, and makes advancing the plot easier. His desire to live forever and do so through stealing “time” makes it easy to push forward plot points without any continuity issues. My only issue with him is the lack of backstory, it’s been a full book and I still no nothing about him or his past. All we are told is that he is a master thief with some odd skills, and nothing else. There needs to be more scenes of him reminiscing over a drink, or some sort of flashback.


Now my problem with the story is the side characters. They are all a bit too one dimensional. The rich guy wants to get richer. The arrogant countess is arrogant. Sure occasionally there are a of couple moments of them being deep, but otherwise there is no real character growth. The only growth is in Día and that can all be explained away by her usage of  ‘Experimental Potions’ (which is the biggest cop out on growth I’ve ever seen in a book) Even if you dig deeper into characters as the story goes on like with Lily I feel like you need to show some more natural growth over time rather then some random moment of depth which is ignored later.


Overall a great book, which needs to focus on developing its character. It’s an easy entertaining read, which while it won’t leave your brain itching for more will still keep you entertained for hours. Definitely recommend.


Offers a nice hook within the first 10 chapters

Reviewed at: Chapter 11: Meeting the fakers


Environments and characters are described well; I thought that some of the more destructive magic could have afforded to be described with more gravitas, but I never felt as if I had a difficult time picturing what was happening. Conversations flow and feel natural, overall it is pretty competently written. The magic system is very video-gamey, as expected of Gamelit; there seems to be some hints of lore for why this is, which I hope the story gets into more later on - this seems to be for the most part a more classically written fantasy, so the Gamelit elements can feel a bit jarring, with the video game elements there without explanation. Characters, even though they might be very competent, don't feel pointlessly overpowered, which is nice.

Story Score:

It's an intriguing story, and well-focused so far: A thief pulls off a seemingly mundane heist, and ends up as the scapegoat for the death of a ruler and lots of political intrigue. The mystery helps in keeping the plot interesting; the stakes are reasonable and don't get blown up in magnitude way too quickly. I'm a little confused by the recent introduction of the princess; it's not exactly clear to me what the motivation behind her being used as a scapegoat is, or why she thinks her only option is to go and find the thief herself - to prove to people who certainly know they were lying about the cause of the ruler's death that...they were lying about it? Either I missed something, or the princess is kind of an idiot. I've given it a read over several times, and I'm still a bit puzzled about the explanation behind what's going on with the princess and her brother, and why she thinks this is a good plan (Chapter 8.) Since its seems like such a big moment in the story, it might be worth taking a look at rewriting that to clarify things.

Grammar score:

No mistakes noticed here; pleasantly easy to read.

Character Score:

The author does a good job of giving side characters personality, which is something I always appreciate, because it makes the world seem more alive.

The main character, the master thief, kind of comes across as a hypocrite - he sympathises with the poor and downtrodden, but doesn't really seem to feel that much torment or guilt that dozens of them get tortured and killed because of the actions he took. I don't know if that was intentional, but it does make him seem a little callous and insincere. (Which isn't a bad thing, if that's what you were aiming for.) He vows revenge on their behalf, and does get some on the people who torment them, true, but I would think it would be a pretty heavy thing to see people you sympathize with get tortured by the dozens because of something you did. 

The princess, by this point I don't think I've seen enough of her to really get a feel for her personality. (Honestly, the crone she talks to is way more entertaining than she is, at least by this point.)


Well-written, competent Gamelit fantasy with an interesting mystery plot and a world that feels well-imagined and alive. Biggest downside right now is the somewhat clunky introduction of the princess. But it's worth noting: While in other stories, such a puzzling introduction of a second major character might be a breaking point for me, but here the story is otherwise well-written enough that I could ignore it to move forward with the plot.

Edit: Changed "LitRPG" to "Gamelit" since that seems more accurate with how the genres are described on this site. (Sorry, I am a bit unfamiliar with these genres and where their boundaries are!)

Avery Light

Grammar: 5/5
The grammar is perfect, didn't find any mistakes.

Style: 4.5/5
It's a litrpg, the author makes it very light and didn't burden the reader with numbers or blue boxes, which was a plus for me. The words the author used are colorful and the sentence structure isn't repetitive at all. Again, a plus.

Story: 4/5
The start of the story we were shown the MC in peril. He showed his skills and abilities which serve as our initiation of how the gamey part of the world work. Our MC is a thief, he stole things. Hell, he made it his life's work by stealing things. He got away but conveniently become a scapegoat for something he had nothing to with it. The twist was shown in the synopsis which is quite unfortunate.

In the story, the disparity between the rich and the poor seems to be the centerpiece, how it correlates why the MC chooses to be a thief. The flow of how the MC escapes from the pursuers and blend into the masses is in the fine line of detailed and fast. The author has done a good job of trimming the unnecessary parts.

Character: 4.5/5
Claud has a solid foundation as an MC. He's an accomplished master thief, he has 20 years of experience in the business, we know his moral compass when he deals with the thugs under the employ of the government. Need more screentime before passing the final judgment but it's a good making for an MC.

Dia is where I felt a bit of a seesaw. Initially, she's shown as a naive princess and hard to like a princess but in the next chapters, the author showed me her naivete can be likable. Sure she conveniently got help like it was deus ex machina at the start of her journey but I enjoyed her story in the following chapters. Her naivete still remains but that's what character development all about isnt it?

Overall: 4.5/5

You're still reading this? Don't. Read the story instead!