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Claud Primus, a self-declared master thief, has a simple goal. To live forever. It's a rather easy task, for miraculous objects called lifestones are able to extend one's lifespan. These lifestones are best found in the treasuries of nobles, lovely resorts that Claud pays a visit to every so often. Unfortunately, one of those nightly visits go awry, and Claud is forced to escape with just a single lifestone and a box in hand.

Normally, that's when things die down. The guards yawn, the gates close, and the night continues.

But this time, the night isn't that forgiving. A dozen schemes result in the murder of someone important, and with a convenient scapegoat — Claud — at hand, it doesn't take long for him to be framed as a heinous criminal, wanted for the indirect murder of someone high up...and it just gets worse from there.


 Release frequency: one every few days or something, I guess.


(This work is also being serialised on Webnovel under the name Revile as a trial run)

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Xel Vi Coronata

Xel Vi Coronata

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: The smallest heist ever ago
Chapter 2: Re-organisation and return ago
Chapter 3: A Twilight Encounter ago
Chapter 4: The blame game ago
Chapter 5: Closing up ago
Chapter 6: Stealing for the dead ago
Chapter 7: The eccentric bartender ago
Chapter 8: Princess in peril ago
Chapter 9: Crash course ago
Chapter 10: Princess at a pub ago
Chapter 11: Meeting the fakers ago
Chapter 12: The thief's first trace ago
Chapter 13: Spellhounds, suspicions and soldiers ago
Chapter 14: To the City of Trades ago
Chapter 15: Tutorial, start! ago
Chapter 16: Tutorial v.s Master Thief ago
Chapter 17: The master thief who talks to a jiggling box ago
Chapter 18: Forced acquisitions, forced meetings ago
Chapter 19: Adopted? ago
Chapter 20: Triple-D's ultra-pure, flammable water ago
Chapter 21: The ultra-weird Licencia ago
Chapter 22: Natural Selection in Licencia ago
Chapter 23: Planning a baron's end ago
Chapter 24: The exciting streets of the city and a story-teller ago
Chapter 25: Rumours of her escape have been greatly exaggerated... ago
Chapter 26: Tales of Tot ago
Chapter 27: Survivor of a past era? ago
Chapter 28: The Spear of Fate ago
Chapter 29: Odd skills, odder times ago
Chapter 30: The lifestone markets ago
Chapter 31: The thief's hobby ago
Chapter 32: A quick and easy heist ago
Chapter 33: Mana for the masses ago
Chapter 34: Shadows that strike ago
Chapter 35: A non-violent end to a violent confrontation ago
Chapter 36: The thief flaunts with a borrowed purse ago
Chapter 37: Creative applications ago
Chapter 38: Shopping, safety and surpluses ago
Chapter 39: Protection rackets and plans ago
Chapter 40: A very roundabout method ago
Chapter 41: The spear hanging above the City of Trades ago
Chapter 42: The Legend of Tot ago
[Book 2: The Moon Lords’ rise] Chapter 43: The shocked city ago
Chapter 44: The master thief's new life ago
Chapter 45: To lead, conquer and overawe ago
Chapter 46: Clearing the field ago
Chapter 47: The blade, the chain and the one that was spared ago
Chapter 48: The Moon Lords ago
Chapter 49: From one who understands another ago
Chapter 50: The master thief on a shopping trip ago
Chapter 51: Moon Street ago
Chapter 52: Moon Phase — a game of personality and luck! ago
Chapter 53: An unexpected guest joins the one-man party! ago
Chapter 54: In the same bedroom? ago
Chapter 55: Odd incidents, and odder ways of flying ago
Chapter 56: Cooking outdoors... ago
Chapter 57: ...can attract lookalikes that demand food. ago
Chapter 58: Exchanging intelligence with one of the lookalikes ago
Chapter 59: Bombs count as general items? ago
Chapter 60: The distinction between guards ago
Chapter 61: The epic clash in the middle of the street ago
Chapter 62: A shattered memento ago
Chapter 63: The true memento ago
Chapter 64: Novelties, news and national natters ago
Chapter 65: The dirtiest of bar counters ago
Chapter 66: The master thief strikes! ago
Chapter 67: Theft, arson and eavesdropping ago
Chapter 68: The end of a barony ago
Chapter 69: Witness to a robbery ago
Chapter 70: The odd box and a brand new day ago
Chapter 71: The trouble-maker and a new contract ago
Chapter 72: The mansion that took to the skies ago
Chapter 73: The trump cards of the dukedoms ago
Chapter 74: Nachtville once more ago
Chapter 75: Mercenaries in motion ago
Chapter 76: Mornings, mists and meetings ago
Chapter 77: The letter that came from the count ago
Chapter 78: The little harmless envelopes ago
Chapter 79: Of events in motion ago
Chapter 80: Bringing siege weapons to a two-man fight ago
Chapter 81: Flowers in the red moon's night sky ago
Chapter 82: The Moon Lords' Rise ago
Chapter 83: Spear from the sky ago
Chapter 84: Investigators arrive! ago
Chapter 85: Suspicious points and sorrowful partings ago
Chapter 86: The interrogation next door and the undercurrents below ago
Chapter 87: The benefits of being forced... ago
(Chapter 540) B9 C41: Lightning and starlight above the North ago

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What we have is a world that is ruled by corrupt, power-hungry, egomaniacal, sadistic bastards. Dont even think about annoying one of them, let alone actually pissing one off. Dozens of innocents will die if some aristrocrat is in a bad mood while strolling through town. Its a harsh world. A bit unrealistic perhaps, but it is the perfect setting to make a first class felon look like a saint.

I love the characters. I mean sure, some side characters are rather single dimensional, but the main characters are awesome. Im absolutely cheering them on with every chapter. If i were to rate this novel based only on the interactions between the characters, then this would be hands-down first rate work. 

The story is good. Really good. Its clear the author has a talent for this sort of thing. Its mostly a drama broken up with some action and the authors quirky humor. He seems to be a natural at working with the tension to make the story flow.

When it comes down to the details of the plot there are a few issues. A couple of logical inconsistencies. A little forced in places. Some deus ex machina and one super convienent deus ex archa. Overall none of them stand out so much as to detract from the story, but they do exist.

There is a system, but its a super chill system. If youre not really into litRPGs then this might be doable for you. The main isnt the OP type and i seriously doubt there will be power creep issues later on. Its just not one of those stories.

The real travesty and why i say there is no justice is that this story isnt getting any attention. Trust me, it is far more worthy than many of those stories that are getting attention.



First, the Good:

- The writing/editing is much more polished than the majority of the stuff published on RR. I appreciate authors who take the time to proofread their work. 

- I read a lot on RR, and sometimes, it can feel as if there isn't a lot of difference between characters across a lot of the stories here as the characters often have a sense of sameness in that they're blase and kind of jerks. The characters in this story standout as unique individuals.

The Somewhat Good/Somewhat Bad:

- The humor. I much prefer a light-hearted tale to grimdark, and the humor in this story definitely lightens the mood. On the other hand, the comedic aspects didn't really resonate with me, making parts of the story just seem silly. While I like light-hearted, I don't care for silly. Obviously, though, this is a big YMMV element. What I find annoying, you might find hilarious.

The Bad:

- LitRPG lite. If you come to RR looking for LitRPG, you're not going to find the elements in this story satisfying. There's little progression and the system is very minimalistic.

- Unfocused Story. While the characters have clearly defined goals, their plan for reaching their goals is very wishy washy. They switch focus from one thing to the next too easily, and it's not always clear how their current path is supposed to resolve the overall plot.

- Lack of Satisfying Moments. Again YMMV, but while I found the story readable, I didn't find it satisfying. Take for instance the end of the first arc. Another author might have chosen to have drawn out the protagonist's struggle against the Big Bad and really shown off the ingenuity and grit involved. Instead, the whole thing was resolved anticlimatically with a deus ex machina. As a reader, it just wasn't satisfying. To be honest, this type of situation is pretty common for webserials where the authors aren't known as meticulously plotting out ways to manipulate their readers' emotions. For most of the stories that I enjoy, though, I find the progression satisfying enough to keep reading. This story really had nothing for me.

Usually when I find a story to be readable, I reach the end of the posted chapters before making a decision whether to mark it as "Not Interested" or to continue reading later. I ended up stopping reading this one a few chapters early when I realized just how bored I was.

TL;DR - I found this a little too unsatisfying, but the writing is decent quality. Check it out; you may like it a lot more than I did.


a good story, held back by lack of ambition.

Reviewed at: Chapter 68: The end of a barony

Its a good story, with deep interesting lore but it lacks ambition. its very slice-of-life, the short term plotlines dont tie into the main overarching story and are very small time, slice-of-life-ey. you may enjoy it for the lore and magic system (which is great) but the plot quickly changes from something cool, to lacking gravitas and is not epic at all. if you like slice-of-life youll enjoy this.

the good:

  • The magic system is unique, amazing and enjoyable
  • the system and skills leads to unique and interesting combinations and makes everyones skills feel important. 
  • the MC's personality and occupation is enjoyable, and great to read
  • him being so far out of his depth but also lucky and improving is great to read about
  • the worlds characters are interesting and unique
  • the MC outwitting his 'betters' is fun, smart & great
  • the underdog, against all odd, genious master thief trying to chase his dream of immortality.


i ended up dropping it because the story diverges from the main plot and goes on tangents and short term adventures that pale in comparison to the amazing main plot for lenghty periods of time. the first 5 chapters are the best in the story. after that it goes into things that feel like "filler episodes"

  • in short, the initial story about a masterthief with mysterious skills, who is a bit of a genius, and underdog, in an amazing world, full of interesting skills and characters, having to face things wayyy out of his league.... is abandoned for a much, much, lesser story.

this amazing, unique, fun, top trending level plot.....is completely ignored, the story ends up focusing on boring side-plots and story tangents that do not add to the main plot. its like a ferrari being ignored for a bicycle. it may get better as the plot continues. going to revisit this later because there is a lot of talent here and i think some of the authors later stories should be amazing.

if the whole story was like the first few chapters this couldve been a favourite, as i personally like epic stories. this is held back by a lack of ambition. murder mysteries and empire building is boring to me personally. if you are into slice of life, and empire building, this may be for you. 



I have given this story a middling score of three stars, because while it is sufficiently entertaining so that it kept boredom away as I read it for the day... it's not such that I feel at all compelled to continue. 
Not to say that I won't continue reading it if I get sufficiently bored enough again. I'm just really very "Meh.." about this one. 

The story and writing style were ok, though I should probably put under these categories, the fact that there were many small inconsistencies. Eg. Día says that she will give him the note book as soon as she gets it off her friends, only to produce it from her pocket to give to him later on in the same shopping trip, and not in a "I forgot I already had it" kind of way, but the author forgot that they already wrote that she didn't have it kind of way. (Many little moments like this) 

Grammer is fine for the most part, but could use some work to just refine the use of words (Not sure if that makes sense sorry, and I can't think of a specific example off the top of my head) Basically work on sentence structure and vocabulary. 

The characters are well thought out for the most part, but in some ways that just makers it more glaring when the are big inconsistencies to them. 

Such as the MC, who is frequently said to be 1, a survivalist, and 2, someone who will go to great lengths to avoid conflict and violence, just randomly agrees to take out the top mob bosses in the city, and become a mob boss himself..... also, another inconsistency in that scene, was the fact that Día was the one to make the proposition, but by the end, she was the one saying "We accept".. I think it was because he was the one who asked if her friends would join too, and she was speaking as a group, but in that case it should have been "They accepted" because Dia's participation was never the question. 

.... sorry if I rambled, I'm half asleep and going to go all the way asleep now. 


It is a must-read if you enjoy quirky main characters.MC  who mostly tries to avoid putting himself at ungodly risks(finally lead after my heart), little crazed fangirls, lethal bartenders, and more! 

the story itself has the funny tone and is self-aware about it. It is in stark contrast to various stories on the royalroad where mc is an idiot disguised as a genius protagonist with the whole world falling for him.

you should read the story if you want to try a different style.

ps-author please add some pirates in the mix,it would be legendary 



I don't read a lot of LitRPG but this is definitely the kind of story I can get behind. It focuses more on the character and his strugglers than it does the system itself and uses him to color the struggles of the world, building a solid picture of his conflict and how it guides his decisions.

Style: Action oriented and full of movement, the style is solid and keeps you interested in what is happening. When the pace slows down it can feel just slightly stilted, but that is a minor concern for the overall flow.

Grammar: It's great! Grammar!

Story: Heads above other stories in the genre I've seen. Thief of Time knows where it's going and what it wants to do and you can really dig into that has a reader.

Character: This is great! Claud, the main character, is featured prominently and most importantly he's not boring! You're (or at least I am) invested in his future and want to see him succeed. The interactions with his supporting cast are genuine and they don't feel like props of his amusement, greatly adding to the work here.

Overall, I definitely recommend a follow here. If LitRPG is your thing then you won't be disappointed. 


Sub-title: Wait, no, you’re too badass to be Robin Hood

- Style:

The style is full of energy and quick-paced, description, dialogue and thoughts linked flawlessly for an exciting effect. The content of the descriptions, in particular, is very good, giving enough to the reader to immerse properly in the action without creating a flood that would slow the whole pace down.

Another very good point is that the author knows when to tell, when to show, and when to only imply things.

5 out of 5


- Grammar:

Nothing to say, zero, nada, niet, rien.

5 out of 5


- Story:

The plot kick in right away and the tension is properly managed, the lows and highs flowing just as well as the description supporting them, all with a logical structure without any apparent plotholes.

5 out of 5


- Characters:

The MC is described as a thief and, throughout what I read, the author does a great job at building and reinforcing this vision, using details or side thoughts of the character to build him in a natural, yet comprehensive, way.

The second MC, for the tiny amount I’ve read about her, look really promising, by her own character and the interaction she and the thief could create.

5 out of 5


- Overall:

A perfectly balanced mix of preparation and action, Thief of Time is a great novel about a master thief following in instinct and stealing life itself from the hand of corrupted nobles.

When even the title of your thief novel is stolen, you can be sure this will be a treat.

5 out of 5

- Stray thoughts :

Seriously, why is this so underrated? This just doesn't have the followers it deserves

I mean, it’s just better than my own novel that hit Trending. I really don’t understand.

Okay but, seriously, this has the exact same name as one of Terry Pratchett, , which really made me laugh when I realised this XD

Welp, that need a proper Romance alright (tho nearly any novel need a proper Romance imo, but this one even more since there's already a proper dynamic that could be grown between the MCs I think)


AMAZING! That pretty much sums it up.

Style: Absolutely wonderful. I appreciate that this story is written with a strong sense of chronological order and the perspective stays consistent so it is easy to follow and you don't get lost along the way. The scenes flow together beautifully which makes for a delightful read. 

Grammar: The grammar is impecable, as the title of my review states, this is probably the best story I've ever read on this site. From the first sentence of the first chapter, I could already tell that this story was going to be a winner. I do not have any complaints about the grammar at all, in fact, I wish I was as half as good as this author at parsing out my sentences. 

Story: AMAZING, WONDERFUL, CAPITVATING. Need I say more? I was wonderfully surprised when I started reading, and before I knew it I had read like 12 chapters! The story sucks you in and paints such imagery in your mind, I can't wait to keep reading!

Character: Claud has a good foundation, we are able to get a good sense of his character and his morals right from the get-go. My favourite character though, is Dia. There is just something so intriguing about her, I feel like I can relate to her even though I have never been a bounty hunting ex-princess. She's just delightful and I am excited to see how her character develops. 

Overall, this story is worth the read! :)


Great story. Uses a system sparingly and effectively. Giving 5 to make up for another review that gave a low score even though they say its a 5/5.  I would rate the story 4 or 4.5. The only issue is really how implausable the princess side story is. I like the side story a lot, but it feels forced to me. Maybe add in some more plausability by having a culture that is more likely to show respect by mimicry? If there were more people that mimic nobles and named people as a sign of respect, then id be more willing to accept 3 characters that all mimic the princess being in the same inn.... I mean a few references in inns to those Damn noble mimics. Even fads of copying different people's clothing and mannerisms... Or it being common for people to copy their idols skills would drastically increase my ability to believe that the side storys plausability.  Maybe press more into the experienced bootlickers being copy cat specialists or something....Anyway, its a great story. Well worth the time. 


This is a more of a [Comedy] story than a [Fantasy] story but is missing the [Comedy] tag. It starts off pretty good with a great opening chapter and after that drags down into boredom with very little action. The characters are...strange and weird and regularly make irrational decisions. The MC isn't really a [Master Thief] but a happy-go-lucky lifestone-stealing guy who mostly bumbles his way through things thanks to his [OP Skills]. Now His bacon is now being regularly saved by a [OP Magical Box] that also keeps upgrading him. I stopped reading after he and the female MC and her sidekicks suddenly decide to become  [Crime Bosses].

On the plus points, the writing is good. If you can suspend your disbelief and ignore all the strange actions and weirdness of the characters, you might enjoy the story.