Fate’s Hymn

by manlyson

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Exandria, a world full of monsters, magic, and epic heroes. Threats are constantly lurking under the surface and the world is about to be hit with another one. Twenty years before, the adventuring group known as Vox Machina locked away an evil god known as Vecna. Now, Tharizdun, an ancient destroyer god, is rising. A new group needs to rise to the occasion, and stop it. However something else is manipulating everything from behind the scenes. Nobody just knows quite what.

      Adran Stormwind is a half-elf from a small town outside of Westruun. His mother sent him to Syngorn, along with his twin sister Leila, when they were young. Adran and Leila came back a few years later to find their mother dead. They spent the next several years traveling and surviving. They ran across old friends and new friends, but their life changed one day when Adran met a little halfling in a bar.

      Adran always knew that he wasn't cut out for this. After all, if he couldn't protect his mother, how could he stop a god? But he was chosen for this mission, by his heroes no less. What he didn't know was that Tharizdun was just the beginning.

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