The story of how a Cultivation Universe was Conquered by an Interstellar Weapons Platform

by Osamaru Ta

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Traumatising content

[Participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

|_+) Come, Read the Story. 
Watch Worlds be Conquered. (ALL HAIL YOUR NEW ROBOT OVERLORDS!)

See Arrogant Young Masters be slapped in the face (by a 170mm Rail-slug traveling Mach 3).

Find Grand, Valuable Treasure (which gets put into storage, because what use does an AI have with pill herbs?)

Explore Strange and wonderful lands (that will be shortly stripped mined and exploited for all usable resources)

|_+) JOIN US!


ALPHA-555-12-4412 (Designation: Star Conquer).
One of the 5 most powerful and advanced AI-driven Interstellar Weapon Platforms ever built, was programmed with a very simple mission.

Travel the stars.
Seek out new and hospitable Alien Worlds.
Establish a Forward based for their Master's eventual colonization.
And, If necessary, crush any and all native resistance it might find.

It was a Mission that Alpha took seriously and dedicated its entire being to.
However, when Alpha flies a liiiiitle to close to a Blackhole and gets sucked in, it is thrown into a situation that no amount of programming could prepare it for.

Now stranded on an alien, yet familiar world, full of dangerous beasts and strange phenomenon its database has no record or explanation for, Alpha must find a way to not only survive, but thrive.
And eventually to do what he was built to do.

Some things to expect from this Story

1): MC is an AI programmed with a very specific goal. Thus don't expect him to think or act like a human might. That being said, he/it is not bloodthirsty and evil either. He is specifically programed to work with, and indoctrinate Native species when possible. He is not a demon lord come to end the world as they know it, but a Conqueror come to subjugate.

2): MC won't be getting some kind of Humanoid form or suddenly start trying to think like a Human. Although an AI, he is perfectly Sapient, and fully understands both what he is and what is mission is. He is capable of adapting and changing his thought process, but at the end of the day, the Mission is what matters to him. He doesn't see the need or even WANTS to be Human. The only exception to this might be Humanoid body doubles or puppets used in places his main body isn't able to go.

3): This story is a mix of both Sci-Fi and Cultivation novels. MC with NOT be able to Cultivate themselves (for obvious reasons), but using his technology and knowledge, will be able to adapt and repurpose the strange and exotic resources you might find in a Cultivation World to increase his power and keep up with the powerhouses of this Universe.

4): The Intention of this story is to alternate between it and Parasite King, so I don't get burned out writing either one. As such, updates, while not slow, won't be to quick. Bare with me for awhile till the wheels get rolling.

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Osamaru Ta

Osamaru Ta

Innocent Puppy, doesn't know what he's doing.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: This is my Ion Cannon. There are many like it, but this one is Mine. ago
Book 1: Chapter 1 – “Thanks, Sherlock.” ago
Book 1: Chapter 2 – “If violence doesn’t work, then you’re not using enough.” ago
Book 1: Chapter 3 – “Alpha the Lady Killer” ago
Book 1: Chapter 4 - "Suspension of Disbelief" ago
Book 1: Chapter 5 – “If you can’t join them, beat them.” ago
Book 1: Chapter 6 – “Fallen Star.” (part 1) ago
Book 1: Chapter 7 – “Fallen Star” (part 2) ago
Military Service Records: ALPHA-555-12-4412 ago
Book 1: Chapter 8 – “Chaos Unleashed” ago
Book 1: Chapter 9 – “What was Lost” ago
Book 1: Chapter 10 – “When in doubt, blow stuff up” ago
The Conquering of Alpha Arietis D-3 (The D is for Duck) [Fan Art] ago
Book 1: Chapter 11 – “A Queen after my own Heart” ago
Book 1: Chapter 12 – “A Report on the Ecology of the Bearded Vulture.” ago
Osa, Where is the Chapter?! ago
Book 1: Chapter 13 – Alpha’s Survival Guide to a Hostile world where everyone wants to kill you ago
Book 1: Chapter 14 – “Plots, Ploys, Preparations and Popcorn.” ago
Book 1: Chapter 15 – “When stagnant waters begin to stir.” ago
Character/Organization Index (Optional, but recommended read). ago
Book 1: Chapter 16 – “Of Demons and The Price of Peace.” ago
Book 1: Chapter 17 – “Level Up!” ago
Book 1: Chapter 18 – “Hammer on Steel” ago
Book 1: Chapter 19 – “Cold Weapons can suck it!” ago
Book 1: Chapter 20 – “What is Spiritual Energy, anyway?” ago
Book 1: Chapter 21 – “Defend what’s Yours.” ago
Book 1: Chapter 22 – “Second Contact” ago
Book 1: Chapter 23 – “Prisoners.” ago
Cultivation Ranks and Updated Character List. ago
VICTORY! I WON! Update and the Plan going from here. ago
Looooooooooot! (Maybe) [Poll, plans and update] ago
Book 1: Chapter 24 – “The Web that Connects.” ago
Book 1: Chapter 25 – “Earthly Treasures and Spiritual Powers”. ago
Book 1: Bonus Chapter – “Meet the Conquerors”. ago
Book 1: Chapter 26 – “Shadows Moving” ago

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hakatri gin

Who muderhoboes the murderhobos? this A.I. does

Reviewed at: Book 1: Chapter 9 – “What was Lost”


The synopsis says it clearly: a literal war machine crashes on a cultivation world and learns that killing everything to achieve power is considered a respectable way of life


Did you heard that general?

Alpha was not wrong, it was merely ahead of the times!

Therefore when in murderhobo Rome do as the murderhobo romans... specially if you were already doing it waaaaay before

There is not much dept to the characters as that is not really the angle, this story is more of an exercise in coolness, both from the advanced tech and a little about the cultivation world, how much entertainment can be derived from both worlds colliding?

The answer is YES

The MC's relaxed and trigger happy attitude mirrors the cultivators whose first reaction is to attack first and to think little of violence, so there is little culture shock to speak off and so far the sock comes from the posibilities the MC offers to this world, both for better and for worse

And, well, to share morals with a literal killing machine speaks volumes of cultivation stories, and makes them acceptable targets so we can root for the MC even if his goal is to subjugate the world to please his greedy human masters

Hey, if my roomba has to kill colonies of bugs to keep my place clean so be it, at the very least the humans conquered by the Federation will have more rights than they do living under cultivators... yes... that is the reason for conquest and not Alpha's desire to use his sweet ion cannons... gotta go, the happy nuke hour will begin soon

As of Chapter 9 this is merely the opening scene and is very promising, stay tuned


This story is a non-serious sci-fi meets fantasy/cultivator world.

Alpha, a sapient A.I., is the main character and there is no doubt that Alpha will win.

The best part: Tachikoma reference 

2nd best part: Drawing of a weaponized duck in space.

The worst part: I can't take this novel seriously.

This is a mixed bag of a lot of genres stirred into a comedy soup.

This story isn't my cup of tea. It's more of a "plot? What is that? Will it help me set the universe on fire?" sort of story.


The story is quite different than you would normally see on RR. But in a good way If the story continues the way it is then I highly recommend that you give it a read. By the way if it wasn't obvious already advanced AI gets sent to world with cultivators and is currently freaking everyone out.


The idea for this story is great. I was really excited to see the mashup of sci-fi AI and cultivation/fantasy. I was interested in seeing science, rationality and intelligence vs biology, spirit and magic. That's probably why I was quite disappointed with what we have so far.

The MC is an AI, but thinks and acts more like a teenager. I wanted to see the capabilities of the MC layed out and then exploited in a very clever intelligent way to combat the overly hostile sect elders etc. Instead what we have is the MC spending weeks watching some ants and animals that are basically just very valuable raw resources in animal form.

Where is the mineral mining and nanobot production? Swarms of flying scout drones and underground founderies popping out combat drones? It just seems like the AI has a lot of capabilities and doesn't use them effectively and is just constantly fucking around.

The story we have here is more of a shounen protagonist that happens to have science abilities in a cultivation world. It is decent, but definitely not what I was hoping for reading the blurb.


I read to chapter 5 (including).

Chapter 1 is interesting. It establishes the MC as an AI suddenly finding himself crash-landed on a world of magic.

However, then chapter 2 gives us an info dump and a new character is introduced. She lectures the MC (and the readers) on the nuances of this magical system in a way that isn't easy to understand. It would be better if the MC unlocked all of these secrets through observation, spying, and testing the mechanics of the world, rather than these info dumps.

If the author "fixes" this somehow, I am totally willing to rescind this review.

- Spoiler:

I love how the MC would be cussing his ace off if not for the "automatic sensoring" protocol.

The fact that the world he crash lands on is encased inside of a mega structure preventing even the nearly immortal beings from getting out is a very thrilling idea. I wonder how this fits into the sci-fi aspect of the story.

It's also hilarious how MC's subroutines place bets on what the "main conciousness" does.

- End Spoiler.

Overall, the world building is solid. The style and formatting is easy to understand. And the grammar is nice and polished.


It's extremely exposition heavy yet the author is incapable of writing a proper dialogue. It's a native English novel but read like a badly translated JP/CN novel. What's with the NAME: "dialogue" format? It's not a screen play, you don't need to include names before every sentence.

MC also feels like the shallowest possible interpretation of an AI, random slur, moments of "Oh, I am so random teehee". Side characters are pretty bad too. I know it's a parody but the writing quality is so bad.


Awesome story! The only beginnig has made me already excited. I excpect a truly unique novel. Thank you, author-san! 

The system asks me at least 50 words to say for the review, so I say something like bla-bla-bla-bla-bla-bla. I like your humour in the text, bu the way, author. It's really cool, pretty funny.  


I love this story so much so far. It's much better than I hoped it would be and far better then such a goofy premise deserves. Characters feel like they have depth, there is plot and reasoning behind why and how things happen. And the MC while an over-the-top good ball psychotic AI, is loveable and has counters to his characteristics. 

Please approach this surprisingly silly and serious story with an open mind and enjoy!


Originally I was just bored and clicked trough new updates on the front page. Then I found this one. It was instant love.

Characters interactions are wondrous. The MC is crazy in a perfect way. The background stuff makes it even better.

When I decided these stars to give. I tried to find something wrong to reduce it a bit, since giving full stars for everything feels strange to me. So I take half point from style since some things are slightly extended more than perhaps should be, but its basically nitpick.

Grammar. Not native english speaker/writer, but I found nothing. I usually notice most glaring errors that even I know.

As said, story just feels perfect. This is one of the few novels that I wait for each update. Lets take half point away for some odd lore dump chapter.

Characteres. MC at least is good since he/it, is crazy. Read the story and you know exactly what I talk about. Right... lets take a half point away since some of the side characters are odd. Still, to a nitpick extent only.

I have yet to notice anything actually bad about it other than that its not really far yet and every chapter that comes out I consume instantly. Gief moar!

At this point this shall be the review. I might change it later, if quality changes, but truly hope the quality stays (or gets better)!

oofman . exe

This is some serious shat. I hope I get to see the end. and author also...Nukes.