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A horrific attack on a crowd ends with tens of thousands dead before Loren Parker abruptly wakes up in his bed, miraculously unharmed, two days before the explosion. Setalite City is on the brink of destruction, famous heroes and infamous villains are being systematically killed worldwide, and an unknown puppet master is pulling the strings. Lucky for him, Loren has all the time in the world to set things straight.

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Dull Summary, Intriguing Story.

Reviewed at: Chapter 7

Okay, so I'll admit, I really only started this story because I'm familiar with the author. I'm not sure if I'd have made it past the summary otherwise with nothing there to really hook me. Obviously this is an early review, but I'm definitely intrigued enough now, having read it, to follow it. Perhaps going into it blind helped to enhance the experience, so I'll spoiler the rest. Rest assured, it's at least worth a look.  

WARNING; Massive honking spoilers! Do not open unless you won't read this story otherwise!

So, first thing the summary doesn't mention; this is very much an Alternate Earth. While there's some parallels, in this world super-heroes and villains are common enough that a knock-down drag-out fight in the business district only rates a brief mention on the morning news before announcing the city's upcoming gaming competition.   

The story follows Loren, a competitive gamer who has a wild rollercoaster of a few days; waking up to a shattering lightbulb, witnessing a fatal car crash, winning 100 grand in a gaming competition, bombings in a neighbring city and coming to a pretty shitty conclusion by dying horribly alongside Paragon -the native Superman equivalent- in a massive explosion before waking up to a shattering lightbulb. 

That's right, it's a Groundhog Day scenario! With the added bonus of seemingly random new powers every time he wakes up again. I'm looking forward to shenanigans. Worldbuilding is solid, and there's some definite intrigue going on in the background that I'm looking forward to being unveiled. 


Needs a better blurb and possibly cover

Reviewed at: Chapter 16

The story is great, it just needs a better description and/or cover to pull people in. Cut down it tighter, but giving more information:

Thursday, February 24thโ€‹, 2022. Loren Parker, e-sports player and commision artist for super-porn, dies as bombs erupt across Setalite City.

Tuesday, February 22ndโ€‹, 2022. Loren Parker, e-sports player, commision artist, and super (?), wakes up with immense confusion and a random superpower.

Every loop, a new power; every day, new questions. Just who has set all these bombs? Why are they kiling all the heroes? And, how can they be stopped?

Luis Ramon Sierra Flores

Good Story? Check

Good MC? Check

Good Side Characters? Check

Witty Banter? Check

Grammar? Check

Make no mistake this is a hidden gem, the story follows the MC trapped in a loop without knowing how to get out, he has a clear objective, which might change as he develops. The MC is a sarcastic SOB and loves to banter with ANYONE, there are many similarities to Mother of Learning but it has its own twists and they add their own spices to this story. 

Now, let's go to the bad: No Info dump, this might sound like a good thing, but it's a cold opening from the get-go with only a few sentences of background information and getting into the action, what this means is that the reader only knows what the MC knows, he makes it all work great but I just wish we knew more information about what is happening before the MC. 


Enjoy the story!


Words for the author: Keep it going, man! You have a great story here. 



Fantastic start, action from the beginning. The world and characters are explored naturally, without long descriptions or infodumps. The writer knows you've probably read other time-loop stories, and doesn't stretch things out. Loren's perfectly fine with either revealing his powers, or trying to shield them by pretending to have similar ones, depending on who he's with. 

I love that the heroes and villains are professionals. They're not drunk on their superpowers; they are experienced, they are tenacious, they are careful, they are skilled, they are sharp. You might win big in this world's superpowers lottery, but keep in mind that that's just a good starting point, or you'll piss off the wrong people and get killed by a team of veterans.

Away from the well-done action, dialogue between MC and romantic interests is my least favorite part. It's overthought. The MC is witty and unflappable from the get-go. He always has a quick comeback, and the women are almost always responding cutely and on the same wavelength as him. Their back-and-forths are unnaturally perfect, nothing like real conversation. It'd make perfect sense to see that later in the loops. But having it before any loops neuters the character development and growing comprehension that Loren could have had.

In summary: Reroll has been an exciting story with excellent worldbuilding and superpowered individuals, which for some reason stunts its opportunities for character growth and romance.


Time Loop with Super Powers

Reviewed at: Chapter 9

I am a sucker for time loop stories and this one is off to a great start. Well written, good characters, good pacing and mystery hook, MC is relatable and solid dialogue with a dash of humor.

Glad I tried this based on the author's other work. Don't let the summary fool you, this is top tier for royal road. I think this was originally going to be published and it shows in the quality.

Also, for those worried his only power is the time loop, don't be. This is not a normal guy vs Supers story. Author adds an interesting aspect to reseting.


Time Loop, But Wait A Minute...This Thing Slaps

Reviewed at: Chapter 1

So at first I avoided this one because I was just thinking: "Ugh, another time loop story. Well, The Perfect Run was pretty good so I guess I'll give it a try....Wait a minute, this thing slaps.....aaaand I just read it all." 

So I guess I'll start this review off by saying that what makes the story is the MC's personality, the multi-layered plot, and that teeny tiny, almost insignificant addition of the randomized powers every run. It takes like 2-3 chapters to really get into it, but it's definitely worth the read. Some might say it's addicting, and that some is definitely me.

As of Chapter 20, the author has done extremely well with revealing extra layers of the plot and keeping the characters interesting through every loop. I maxed out the style, story, and character scores (They just wouldn't go to 6, sorry Elbowsnapper...) to reflect this. We don't get to have a perfect image of the universe, but it perfectly complements the charm of the time loop style. We get to see characters and their responses to all kinds of different scenarios and it really just works.

The only category that I didn't give the 5-star treatment is grammar, because it does have a few things here and there. It doesn't detract from the story at all though, and all it would take is some extra love, care, and strict proofreading to make perfect.

(Hey Elbow, preadandedit again. Hit me up if you're looking for a free proofreader, I'm cheap and do good work!)

Now that that's all out of the way....the part that I love the most about the story is the randomized powers every loop. It gives almost complete freedom to how each loop will play out, and they're almost always freaking awesome!

(I'm pretty sure the milk kinesis was actually calcium manipulation....so many bone jokes lost....)

Because he gets a new power each time and they're usually pretty useful, the MC gets to go through the plot in a completely unique way, revealing more bits and pieces of the overall mystery. Not to mention the source of this time loop thing and any possible downsides. It's like Elbowsnapper took all the best ideas and theories that fandoms, anime, and certain YouTube channels normally come up with and decided to run with them.

(Still want to see Davy Jones v. Cursed Black Pearl pirates... or maybe Harry Potter with cell phones. Freakin' awesomeness man....)

Almost every reset left me wanting more because they all had such good potential, which is exactly what should be happening in one of these kinds of stories. Every new power, relationship, and interaction left me wanting more. Seriously, read it......READ IT!


Great with some flaws

Reviewed at: Chapter 19

Overall its a great reroll story . The mc is wrapped into a timeloop mystery as all good restart groundhog type stories are. Hes got so much personality and love the cynical humor. The only thing that truly bothers me is his "neighbor" with so much sexual tension you never know when shes gunna make out with him despite the fact her boy friend recently dies or disappears, is so goddamn annoying with her pouting and trying to act cute shit she does. In general if you ignore some plot holes its a great story


Grade-A timeloop goodness

Reviewed at: Chapter 16

I'm a sucker for a timeloop story; I basically only stayed on this site long enough to get hooked because mother of learning was so damn good.  That this is shaping up to be comparable speaks to it's quality.

The main character is a likeable, wisecracking dude.  Some authors decide "this character is going to be funny!" but then forget they don't actually know what that looks like.  Not an issue here; Loren's patter is genuinely amusing.

The timeloop itself is also more interesting than the usual fare - normally the whole schtick is that the loop is the same every time, but here each loop starts with a roll of the gatcha; this both keeps things varied, but also means that tension isn't wholly absent - since the protagonists capabilities are constantly in flux, it matters a lot if they muck up and have to reset; they may not get another chance to attempt what they're doing again.

Finally, there's a big chunky conspiracy for Loren to gradually feel out over his many repetitions - we've only seen a bit of it, but it's satisfying to gradually find out more about what's going on.

In conclusion, the fact you're still reading this review means you weren't paying much attention - you should have already stopped reading this and started cramming this story into your eyeballs as fast as you can.

tl;dr - read the review from the top.


Good loop/hero story

Reviewed at: Chapter 16

This story's synopsis doesn't do it justice. Mainly: It doesn't tell you anything about the story!

This story revolves around a pro-gamer/***tai artist stuck in a time loop on a alt Earth with super-powers. 

If you think that job description is nonsensical- Don't Worry! Loren's actual job comes up very little. A tournament scene there and a funny line here.

You might worry that a time loop that has no visible outside influences might be a bit OP, and you might be right, but don't worry. The situation he's thrown into is hard enough that he might fail! (It's not re:Zero hard, but that's a high bar to pass.)

Loren also gets a new power each loop, so that helps with the spice of the story.

5/5 all around.

Good style, no funky scenes or (overly) weird set-ups.

Story is great, plenty of things to figure out, with hints sprinkled about.

Haven't seen a single grammar mistake, but admitedly, I wasn't looking all that hard.

Characters are relateable, but I would like a female character that he doesn't fight/flirt with. Take that with a grain of salt though, as there are only like 4 named female characters. They can do other things, you know.

All in all, 10/10, would recommend, seriously though, write a new description. It matters, most new readers base wheither they read a novel based off of the blurb.



Reroll, and roll a nat 20!

Reviewed at: Chapter 17

Great work! Fantastic pacing, good characters and I am absolutely loving the plot. This has scratched the super hero itch I've developed. I haven't seen grammar errors, but I'm not looking for them. Defintley need some work on the blurb though. You rate the highest praise I can give; I Want MOAR!!