STAR WARS Edge of the Empire: Life & Death on the Rim (Season 1)

STAR WARS Edge of the Empire: Life & Death on the Rim (Season 1)

by H.C. Ogden

Experience the galaxy of STAR WARS in a whole new way..

A Star Wars story told from the perspective of Killik Faz, a young Corellian pilot who grew up just like his hero, Han Solo, now thrust into a life of bounty hunting, choosing sides, and escaping "old friends", as he finds himself part of a mercenary crew.

This is an episodic adventure that will take you places you've never been, as well as revisit some familiar places and faces. Strap in, don't touch that lever, and welcome to Life & Death on the Rim...

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From the jump I'm in the crew and wondering what's happening next! I'm really interested in the characters of the crew and to visualize their idiosyncrasies. I would love to see that peppered in to really see things from Killik's perspective. Absolutely LOVE the adventure that the book brings me along for. What a ride.


Edge of the Empire: Life & Death on the Rim

Reviewed at: Episode VI: Planetfall

This fan fiction continuously keeps the reader engaged and on the move. The details provided transport the reader to the same locations as the main character Killik. The author includes witty comments from the characters back and forth creating a bond and relationship in understanding who the crew is together. Would like to learn how the characters all became a crew as one. Look forward to reading further on the next part of the journey. 


I've always liked taking the time to look at well-written stories concerning what goes on in the Star Wars universe (Canon or not), and this is no exception. The plot is engaging and I really get the feel of Star Wars when I read it. Really enjoying everything about it so far; keep up the good work.