Humanity has been introduced to the galaxy, and as such, so has their weapons. This story is narrated by an alien by the name of Ozis as they are assigned to view and catalog these weapons. The wonders of human kinetics and explosives will be revealed to Ozis as they watch various demonstrations, some intentional, some otherwise.

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August Farrell

August Farrell

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A really clean, well written story. Very 'HFY' in style and done in a superlative fashion.

No janky perspective swaps and I love what the author has done around food and drink. The overall style is very much show rather than tell. Instead of an info dump on what the narrator looks like (which can be very clunky) the points of difference are slowly teased out in what feels a natural manner.

I am looking forward to where this story goes.


It is an HFY story, so if that's not your cup of tea, this isn't the story for you. However, if you do enjoy the genre, it's a great take on the trope. The MC is an alien representative is sent to investigate the weapon capabilities of the newest race (humanity) to join the galactic stage. Things predictably go different than he expected.

The story is still developing, but I find myself invested in how the MC is going to represent humanity to the rest of the galaxy after his time on a human ship, as well as what will happen with the pirates and the division in their ranks.

The grammar and spelling are good throughout the story, though a few places might benefit from a second opinion, but that's just an optimization thing, and hardly a deal-breaker.

The MC is enjoyable and relatable as he tries to understand these odd monkeys and their strange obsession with ballistic and melee weapons, though a number of the side characters could use a bit of fleshing out.

When it's all tied together, the whole is greater than the parts that make it up, if you're a fan of HFY, I recommend giving this one a shot!


The whole story is told from the perspective of an alien species that is relatively less predatorial than humans. It muses a lot about the positves, the negatives and humanity in general as it goes thro the encounters. While the story starts off as a documentation and observation log, the mc soon gets dragged into what seems like a deeper darker plot hatched by the intergalactic species and everything doesnt look so black or white anymore


We are following a very confused alien that finds most of what they run into baffling, it is an interesting read, the grammer and spelling are done well enough to not hurt the story at all, and the plot is progressing at an interesting pace. I can't wait to see more of this story and where it leads.


This reads like typical /r/hfy material in which an advanced alien species is blown away by current day earth weaponry like guns and tanks. Which are, btw., being used inside a spaceship and are maybe more effective than plasma throwers.

For those that like this kind of story, this might be interesting, as it's written competently, but it's very not-for-me.