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Another One

In the arrid landscape outside the border city of Murus an old man and teen duo confronted a ten man group of bandits. The teen glared at the bandits as he shouted.

"Leave that girl alone!" Edgar exclaimed.

"Who the hell's this kid and old man?" the head bandit asked looking at his men.

"We don't know Sir, Probably a survivor from the City of Ars" a bandits guessed.

"I heard the City was destroyed by a Beast Horde" another added.

"Tsk...Hey Kid, take your old man and get outta here before I change my mind" the Head bandit warned.

"Leave that girl alone first" Edgar pressed, not willing to give an inch.

"I guess you won't retreat till you are tought a lesson" the head bandit Sighed. Pulling out his curved blade he approached the duo with his nine followers behind him.

Clara not missing the opportunity was slowly forming a magic circle on her right hand as she pointed it towards the back of the distracted bandits.

*Wind Magic: [Gale Slash]*

A burst of wind blew towards the back of the unsuspecting bandits as it easily sliced through the back of two, before it was countered by a slash by one the bandits, pushing him back.


"That wench!" the bandit that was pushed back cursed.

"Kill her" the Head bandit ordered.

"hmph.. with pleasure" the bandit complied. With haste the bandit lounged towards the crestfallen Clara as he slashed his curved blade towards her neck.

Quickly responding to the incoming slash, Clara casted another spell overhead causing her to cough up blood from the abrupt cast.

*Wind Magic: Air Dome*

A huge dome made of air quickly appeared and repelled the incoming slash. Not missing the opportunity, Clara quickly scrambled to get hold of her magic staff, grabbing the staff Clara quickly started channelling another spell knowing that the Dome would not hold for long.

"SHIT!" the Bandit cursed. Looking at the wall made of air currents, the bandit started channelling his inner energy and performed a Technique.

*Iron Body Art*

A glint reflected off the bandits body as he slashed towards the Air Dome repeatedly, sparks flew as the bandit continued to hammer away at the dome causing cracks to form, eventually splitting the dome in half and revealing the young girl hidden under it. Spotting the girl attempting to cast another spell the bandit moved with haste to close the distance between them.

Clara activated the bright light from the staff in her left hand to buy some time as she continued prepping the spell in her right.


The Bandit covered his eyes as he pushed his way towards her little by little. Eventually the bandit manage to grab a hold of Clara's hand that was holding the staff, but when the bright light faded he was met with a Purple Magic Circle aimed right at his face. The Magic Circle sprouted a tornado at point black range.

"Wind Magic: Wind Storm*

The tornado quickly ripped through the bandits head causing his body to fly back as it landed at the feet of his fellow bandits with its head comepletely missing from his body.The blood started spraying out of his open neck as the body squirmed for a moment before going coming to a full stop.

The remaining bandits stared in shock at the headless corpse in front of them before quicky looking towards the deflated Clara. She was breathing heavily as she held on tight to her staff, keeping her from tumbling into the ground from the fatigue the spell had cost her.

"FINISH HER!!" the Head bandit Exclaimed grinding his teeth.

Hearing the anger in the Head bandits voice the six remaining bandits quickly swarmed the fatigued Clara, slashing their curved blades at her from all sides.

Seeing her current plight, Clara tried casting another spell but ended up vomitting even more blood instead and fell to the ground, fainting.

Before the blades could make contact with Clara a shadow quickly blitz its way in front of her and easily countered all six slashes from the bandits.


Pusing back the six bandits the assailant was revealed to be George.

"This old man is not normal" a bandit said backing up.

"We're no match" another added filled with dread.

Silence covered the field for a couple second before it was interrupted by the fury of the Head bandit.

"What the hell are you all waiting for?! He is just one man, KILL HIM!!" the Head Bandit yelled towards the stunned bandits.

Quicky making his way front of the other bandits, the head bandit charged towards George filled with killing intent as he slashed the blade in his left hand towards him. But the blade came to an abrupt stop in front of George as the tip of the blade was held tight by one of his hands.

"How?" the head bandit asked filled with shock.

"Nothing suprising. You are weak" George chuckled at the shocked bandit.

"Fuck You!!" the head bandit cursed at George as he unsheated another blade with his right hand from his waist and struck towards George's thighs, but was quickly met with knee to his head, knocking him back to the ground.


Falling to the ground the Head bandit rolled a few time before coming to a stop, as he tried to get back up George's leg came smashing down on his back pinning him down.

"Edgar. This is what true strength looks like" George stated looking towards the bewildered teen.


"I..I want to learn!" Edgar exclaimed with anticipation.

"Though I can't teach you the path of an Assassin since you don't possess the Dark Attribute, I can help you traverse another Path" George assured.

"So what do we do with these bandits now?" Edgar Asked.

"Death of Course" George said with no emotion.

"B-But we can just turn them in" Edgar Suggested.

"No. These bandits are part of a Larger Group than you know Edgar. They will continue to be a threat unless we completely uproot them" George explained.

"Is it really Necessary?" Edgar asked with hesitation.

"To be Merciful to these scums is to be cruel to yourself Edgar. Do you want what happened to your friend to happen again" George asked looking towards the hesitant teen.

"NO!" Edgar Exclaimed.

"Then you must be cruel to all those who wish you harm" George chided the young teen.

Edgar stood in silence for while as he recalled all the lossess in his life, from the destruction of the Divinus Church which he considered his home by the Kingdoms Knights. To the tragic faiths of all the Orphans he considered his brother and sister, how they were all treated by the citizens of the Kingdom as if they worthless and purged like animals. The Enslavement of both Mary and Daniel by the Lord of Ars, along with the Death of his close friend Maynard. How he was too weak to change any of those from happening.

"If only I was stronger, then I wouldn't have lost any of these things I held dear" Edgar mumbled to himself as tears welled up in his eyes and threatened to fall.

"So what will you do Edgar?" George asked.

"I will grow stronger than I am right now, So no one will be able to take away what's precious to me" Edgar stated, walking towards George.

"And what will you do to those who threaten to take away what you consider precious?" George continued.

Grabbing the blade out of George's hand, he stabbed it through the back of the Head bandits neck swiftly, ending his life.


A note from Dimos

Is Edgar going down a dark path?

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