The City of Rama was the Captial of the Kingdom of Ortus named after their great founder Rama "The Great". The City was very prosperious, bustling with trade and commerce with the Kingdoms that sourrounds it from all sides, including the Northern Tribes and Eastern Unions.

They traded with the Kingdom of Lamen who were known for their Magical Artifacts towards the North West. The Kingdom of Navar to the South which prized themselves in their great Architectural Buildings dedicated to the God of Light that towered to the skies. The Kingdom of Fortis to the South East which was the strongest amongst the Kingdoms with their great army and weapons of war. The Eastern Unions from the East which had the most bustling Economy on the Continent of Pestis with Four Merchant Unions at the helm. The Twelve Tribes in the North which lived in the Boundless Wilderness who had access to the richness of the Wild to trade along with being notorious Beast Tamers.

The Northern Tribes shared borders with the Kingdom of Lamen, Kingdom of Ortus, and Eastern Unions, but due to conflict amongst the Twelve Tribes they broke into alliances of Four tribes to trade with each of the three powers causing the three powers to be bustling with riches. If not for the Great Military Power of the Kingdom of Fortis and its deep ties with One of the Eastern Union Members it shared borders with, Ortus and Lamen would have been the strongest Kingdom.

In the Capital City of Rama's Main Palace sat an old man on a Golden Throne, the man wore a golden fur robe with black trims along with a Golden Crown that had Crimson Rubies embedded all around it. He had short silver hair with a bit of gray mixed in, an intimidating silver goatee covering his aging face along with a scar running down his right eye blinding him. This man was the Eighteenth King of the Kingdom of Ortus, Bernard Ortus, the other kingdoms know him as the 'One-Eyed King'. The King gave off an intimidating pressure attesting to his power of a Heavenly Knight and sitting One step below his throne where the Five Guardians of the Kingdom. The Three Heavenly Knights who were the founders of the Order of Ortus and the Two Ancient Sages that led the Convenant of the Swallow. They were the Six Pillars that held the Kingdom of Ortus together and if it were not for them the Beast Hordes would have swallowed the Kingdom whole. Right now in the Throne Room was a meeting between the King and his Guardians with the 'Battle Lord' Henrick Blaine, reporting the sightings of an Elf.

"What did you say?!" King Bernard questioned, slamming his fist on the arm chair of his throne.

"An Elf was sighted at the Border City of Ars, Your Majesty" Henrick answered whilst kneeling in front of the throne.

"Interesting" A Guardian interrupts.

"This is a chance to claim the Lost Treasures of the Elfen People, Your Majesty" another Guardian stated towards the agitated King.

"I know Mr. Fuller. How strong is this Elf, Henrick?" King Bernard asked.

"I believe he is a Shadow Lord, Your Majesty" Hernrick answered.

"If we expect to catch this Elf, then we'd need to send an Holy Knight; for Assassins are the bane of Mages" King Bernard contemplates.

"Then send me, my King. I will track down this Elf and extract the location of the Treasury" Guardian Fuller pleaded.

"Me as well my King" two other Guardians interrupts.

"NO! We can not send Heavenly Knights or Ancient Sages into another Kingdom without arousing suspicions. Although, in order to track down this Elf, we must at least send a team of Holy Knights" King Bernard states.

"Where did this Elf run to, Henrick" King Bernand asks the kneeling Knight.

"I believe he is headed to Navar, Your Majesty"

"Alright, By Royal Decree I order the 'Battle Lord' Henrick Blaine to gather a Squad of Holy Knights; to find and bring this Elf back to me Alive" King Bernard Ordered.

"As you wish, Your Majesty" Henrick replies, bowing his head towards the King.

"Do not fail me, Henrick" King Bernard warned.

"Understood. If I may be so bold, can I take Jean with me on this expedition,Your Majesty?"

"Do as you seem fit" King Bernard replied, descending from the throne and heading for his chamber.

"Thank You, Your Majesty" Henrick bowed toward the retreating king. Henrick waited till all of the Guardians had left the throne room before he got up from his kneeling position and headed to the exit.

In a different area of the Main Palace, a women sat before a window showing the leaving Henrick.

"This is an oppotunity for you Naveen" the women said looking to her side where a young boy was sitting. The boy looked 15-16 years old with silver hair and blue eyes along with a cold face that showed no sign of emotion. Behind the boy could be seen a towering figure that was smiling at the womens comment.

"This indeed is a chance for Prince Naveen to prove himself against his two older brothers for the throne" the towering figure spoke.

"When are they leaving Mr. Fuller?" the women asked towards the towering figure who turns out to be one of the Five Guardians that had participated in the meeting with Henrick.

"Tomorrow at noon, Lady Jade" Mr. Fuller answered respectively.

"Wonderful, make sure Prince Naveen is part of the Team when they set out" Lady Jade commanded.

"As you wish, My Lady" Mr. Fuller complied as he made his way out of the room.

"Can we trust him mother?" the quiet prince asked.

"The 'Heavenly Crimson Knight' Christian Fuller is many things, but a liar he is not" Lady Jade reassured.

"I understand Mother. But how will my brothers react to me going on this trip without them" Prince Naveen asked.

"They won't know until its too late, So make sure this mission is successful if you want any chance at the throne my Young Prince" Lady Jade commented as she stroked the Prince's cheecks with care.

"I will not fail you mother" Prince Naveen assured.

"Who are we gonna take on this Expedition General Blaine" Jean asked quizzically.

"I have a few ideas" Henrick smiled as the duo made their way Inside a well know bar in Rama.

The Toxic Pleasure Bar was a big Pleasure spot for Civilians and Path Walkers alike and was a great place they go to de-stress from their life jobs. It housed Gambling Rings, Prostitution, and a great variety of Liquor from around the Continent.

"Bring all the whores, I got enough Silver to last me all night" a robust man yelled towards one of the bar staff. The man had wild brown hair and Lion eyes along with a aged face. He had his hairy chest laid out bare which was covered by three Large criss crossing slashes from his chest to his thighs

"Right away General Stein" one of the staffers complied. Gathering Six voluptuous ladies the staffer was about to lead General Stein to the room when two men in black Armor walked in.

"So this is where you were hiding Lionel" one of the men in black laughed.

"Well if it isn't The 'Battle Lord', for what do I owe the pleasure" Lionel smirked.

"I have a Proposition for you Old Friend" Henrick smiled.

"Not Interested" Lionel declined promptly while making his way to the pleasure room.

"What if it has something to do with Saint Carona" Henrick asked playfully.

"WHAT!" Lionel exclaimed looking towards the smiling Henrick.

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hmmm Who is this Carona?

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