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Looking around the rugged terrain with his hazy eyes Edgar seemed to remember something as he quickly turned towards George and spoke.

"Where is Joseph?" Edgar asked in haste.

"He was distracted by the Beast Horde, so we managed to get away" George lied as he continued trudging the harsh landscape with no end in sight.

"IM GOING BACK!!!" Edgar Exclaimed, jumping off George's back and runnig back towards the city of Ars, but George was one step ahead and grabbed the teens hand tightly.

"Don't be stupid!!" George admonished the rampant Edgar.

"LET ME GO!!" Edgar cried out.

"This is the only chance I got to kill him" Edgar exclaimed.

"NO! You are too weak to even injure him let alone kill him" George chided the foolish teen sternly.

"Then what am I suppose to do, forget everything thats happened and move on?" Edgar asked filled with anger.

"Of course not. You train and become stronger, then you get your revenge" George said with conviction.

"I'm just an Orphan, who would be willing to train me on a path" Edgar questioned annoyingly.

"I can you brat" George said with a smile.

"You're a Path Walker" Edgar asked in shock.

"Yes, I walk the Path of Assassin" George proclaimed.

"Assassin? I've only heard of the Warrior and Magicians Path" Edgar Admitted.

"hahahah. There are more Paths than just those two" George Assured.

"The Path of Assassin is one of the Nine Combat Paths, and besides those are the Nine Support Paths which are used to support those of the Combat Paths" George Explained.

"Can you make me strong enough to get revenge" Edgar asked clenching his fist.

"With my teachings, you'll be able to kill hundreds of Jospeh's" George proclaimed with confidence.

"Alright, I'll trust you George" Edgar replied having come to a descision within himself.

"Just train hard and you will become strong" George promised.

"How strong are you on the Assassin Path" Edgar asked out of curiosity.

"I'm fairly decent" George shrugged.

"I bet you are weak old man" Edgar laughed seemingly forgetting his urge to find Jospeh.

"hahahhah" George laughed as he continued trudging on with Edgar tailing behind him.

Managing to convince the young Edgar to train first before going after revenge, the party of two continued on their journey towards the Republic. The two traveled for days as they made their way across the border region of Ortus towards the Kingdom that shared borders with it, The Kingdom of Navar who were known for their Templars. Along the way George tried to teach the way of the Assassin to Edgar, but he showed no talent for it leaving him greatly frustrated.

They soon came upon the border City of Murus where they came to a stop Ten Miles outside. As they noticed a young girl was sorrounded by a Group of Bandits, getting closer to assess the situation the two overheard the conversation between the two.

The Girl wore a zipped up long velvet Coat that reached down to her shins with Red boots covered in soft fur covering the rest of the way. The Coat had a Symbol of a Sun with a Sword through it engraved at the front indicating of Nobility.The only parts of her not covered were her soft hands and small head, despite having a hood. She carried in her hands a staff and a book of spells, items only seen carried by aspiring mages. She looked around 15-17 years of age wtih a full hair of blonde running down her back and a cute face filled with innocence, Until she starting talking which turned into that of arrogance.

"Do you know who I am Peasants?" the girl asked arrogantly towards the Bandits.

"Of course Lady Clara Moldrain" the Head Bandit answered with a wicked smile.

"The you know of the consequences of stealing from a Noble" Clara Asserted arrogantly.

"How will anyone know if you are dead?" the Head bandit spoke menacingly.

"Can I have a taste of her first boss?" one of the bandits asked towards the head bandit whilst licking his lips.

"Of Course Boys, We will all have a taste" the Head bandit assured.

"You dare speak towards a Noble this way" Clara Raged towards the bandits as she stomped the staff in her left hand on the ground causing a bright light to blind the bandits momentarily, as she opened the book in her other hand to cast a spell.

*Wind Magic: [Gale Slash]*

A slash of winds hurled towards the group of bandits as they recovered from the blindness from the light. The head bandit quickly grabbed one of his subordinates as he proceeded to use him as a shield to block the incoming wind slash.


Blood splattered as the wind attack cut deeply into the subordinate bandits body instantly killing him. Making through the attack, the head bandit quickly threw the dead body of his subordinate towards the mage whilst drawing his curved blade from his blelt. The mage quickly dodged towards the right avoiding the dead body as she started to cast another spell towards the incoming head bandit.

*Wind Magic: [Gale -*

But before her spell can complete, the head bandit managed to close the distance and slash towards her magic circle, destroying it in the progress.


Clara flew back from the backlash as she rolled on the ground and coughed up blood in the process. The head bandit sheated his blade as he saw the young girl reeling in pain from the backlash of her broken spell. Walking towards the defeated Clara, the head bandit looked down on her with disdain as he spoke.

"What can a mere Apprentice Magician like you, who can only cast one spell at a time possibly handle an Adept Warrior like myself" the head bandit spoke as he spat on her. Clenching her hands clara looked up towards the head bandits with eyes filled with fury.

"I've heard all about you in the city. The Trash of the Mordraine Family who's talent is mediocre despite coming from the Famous Templar Family that fought against the Beast Emperors on the frontline, the mighty Mordraine." the head bandit snickered towards the livid clara.

"I also heard you were chased out of your family for being inept, So you are not even a true Noble" the head bandit continued.

Hearing the mans statement the furious Clara froze as tears began building up in her eyes as she recalled the recent events she went through.

She was born as the third daugher of Lord Mordraine, a Divine Executor of the Kingdom of Navar who fought against the beast hordes alongside the Kingdoms Hero. The Mordraines was a family of Templars dating back to the days of the Empire and have always been great practioners of the Templar Path that was rare, for people required the Light attribute to be able to become a Templar. They have even produced three Apostles of Light which was the highest ranking of Templars, equal to that of Heavenly Knights and Ancient Sages. Yet she was born without the Attribute of Light like her siblings and was shunned as a consequence, even the validty of her birth was taken into question as all heirs of the Mordraine Family had the Light Attribute and only her being the singularity. Because of this her mother was hanged for Adultery while she was banished to the Border City of Murus to live out her days, which she refused to do and instead took up the Magic Path and going out to make a name for herself which landed her in this situation.

As the tears in her eyes were about to fall she noticed a young teen running towards where she was along with a Old Man chasing after him.

"LEAVE HER ALONE!!" Edgar Yelled towards the Bandits.

A note from Dimos

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