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Almost to ten. 

In the distance from the city of Ars was an Army, the reinforcement for the city, steadily marching towards it. At the front of the calvary was led by a famous Holy Knight titled 'The Battle Lord' Henrick Blaine. Beside him was his assistant, a respectable knight in his own right, but before The Battle Lord he was nothing more than an assistant. The two marched towards the border city as they talked.

"So tell me what happen again?" Henrick asked the man beside him.

"I've already told you ten times on our way over here" the man complained.

"Come on, you know I'm forgetful Jean" Henrick said, looking for understanding from the man named Jean. If others were to see this scene they'd find it normal for 'The Battle Lord', a feared Knight in the battlefield to treat his men amicable despite his high ranking status.

"Alright but this is the last time" Jean sighed as he explained the situation to Henrick for the Eleventh time.

Apparently the Big Horde that sieged Ars City was just a small Horde when the Ortus Spies encountered them heading towards the city. But later on they merged with a Big Horde that was a Legion of a Tyrannical Horde that had just suffered a great defeat at the Border city of the Kingdom of Navar by one of their Grand Mages. When the spies finally noticed this change they quickly informed the Royal Court. The Royal Court then mobilize this force, headed by a Holy Knight to recapture what they assume is an already destroyed City.

Now drawing closer to the city they saw smoke rising, but strangly was really quiet.

"Strange, its eerily quiet for a City filled with beast" Henrick said.

"Are there really beast in there" Jean asked feeling puzzled by the silence.

"I can feel the Aura of a decent strength beast still in there, but for the rest I can't sense anything" Henrick said also feeling puzzled.

Making their way to the front gate facing opposite of the defense gate , they noticed dead bodies laying on the other side.

"Cut down the Gate" Henrick Ordered towards the spectating jean".

"Yes Commander" Jean Complied, jumping off his horse and drawing his sword, he coated the Sword in aura as he performed a technique.

*Sound Strike Style: [Cutting Air Strike]*

Jean sliced towards the iron gates with his sword as they easily slid apart demonstrating his skill with the sword.

Passing the front Gate, they noticed the dead bodies of men and women laying everywhere they looked with hopeless expression covering their face. Moving forward all they saw was blood covering the roads, human blood. Eventually they came upon the corpse of a beast that was sliced into multiple sections by a blade.

"This is the work of an Assassin" Henrick said whilst inspecting the beast corpse.

"Is it a member of the forgotten Shadow Hall?" Jean asked.

"No, The shadow Hall was completely Uprooted thirty years ago" Henrick Assured.

"Then who could it be? Theres no Assassin Halls beside the destroyed Shadow Hall of old in Ortus" Jean Commented

"I do not know, but I can sense great energy coming from the Gate over there" Henrick said pointing towards the destroyed defense wall.

"Lets go check it out Commander" Jean Suggested.

"I can feel the Aura of a living Beast over there, its quite strong but it won't be a problem" Henrick commented as he led his men towards the destroyed defense wall.

Leading the way, Henrick and his men found a mass of beast blood and intestines concentrated in the area as it painted the pavement along with its sorroudings in pitch black red blood, the blood was so big in volume it moved lik water as it slid down the cities sewer system.

At the end of the blood and gore layed a body of a humanoid beast leaning against one of the houses. The beast limbs were all ripped from its body, only leaving its head and torso along with a gaping chest where his blood and guts slowly spilled out. But even then, the beast refused to die as its abundant life force kept him teethering on the edge of Life and Death.

"What happened here" Jean asked with shock at the amount of blood.

"A battle took place here, a battle between this Beast Noble and a Shadow Lord" Henrick asnwered as he assessed the remnants of battle around the area.

"Shadow Lord!! A Practioner of the Assassin path that's only inferior to the legendary Shadow Monarch!!?" Jean asked, filled with Shock.

"Yes, this practioner is as strong as me, if not stronger" Henrick claimed with a serious tone.

"How can that be Commander, You are the strongest Knight underneath the Heavenly Knights of the Kingdom" Jean protested.

"I know my own strength Jean, and with that I can tell when someone is stronger than me" Henrick Explained to the protesting Jean. Leaving him with no time for a retort, Henrick approached the dying Noble Beast.

"" the beast noble muttered slowly.

"Your time has come to end, Beast Noble" Henrick stood before the beast as he proclaimed the end of its life.

"" the beast noble slowly laughed as the human in front of him sentenced him to death. Not wasting any time Henrick drew his swords and cut off the Beast head.


The Head fell off and rolled on the ground as jean walked up to it and crushed it using his feet.

"Filthy Beast" Jean muttered in disdain.

"Send a Hawk towards the capital tell them the situation is handled, the rest of you find any survivors still hiding in their homes" Joseph Commanded the soldiers in his army.

"Yes Commander" the Soldiers complied, moving into action.

Before long one soldier came up to report the findings of a certain Individual.

"Comander, We've found Gate Commander Joseph Clad in the rubble" the soldier reported.

"Bring me to him, I want to know exactly who this being that killed all these beast is" Henrick Commanded.

"Right this way, Commander" the soldier complied as he led the way.

In just a few minutes Henrick came upon the sight of Joseph as he was getting his injuries tended to, especially his head that was bleeding from the impact he took colliding against the outer wall of a building.

"Gate Commander Joseph" Henrick called out to the man that was seemed distracted as he was in deep thought. Quickly noticing the prescense of Henrick and recognizing who he was, Joseph shot up and gave a salute.

"Greetings, High Commander Blaine" Joseph saluted, filled with respect for the man standing in front of him.

"Tell me everything that happaned here" Henrick commanded as he sat down in front of Joseph, ready to hear his retelling of the recent events.

As Henrick and Joseph was discussing the events of the Horde attack, Ten miles out towards the border, an old man with a kid on his back can be seen traversing the rough landscape. The kid started squirming on the mans back as he woke up form his deep sleep.

"Where are we?" the kid asked looking towards at the old man.

"ah Edgar your awake, were making our way to the Republic" George said with a smile.

A note from Dimos

Onwards toward Pell

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