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All the Warriors and Magicians on the wall were shocked by the power of the Beast Noble as it easily dismantled the power of a Titled Mage. As they were shocked the Horde came ever so closer to the city now entering the Five mile range bringing with it the savage sounds of the beast, along with the sensation of fear that quickly overtook most of the soldiers. Noticing the iminent collapse of the defenses morale, Joseph quickly called out to reclaim some sense of order.

"Get down the Walls and Prepare for battle!!" Joseph Ordered, realizing the Castle Walls wouldn't be able to handle the Hordes imminent collison.

Snapping out of their brief stupor, the Warriors and Magicians quickly went down the wall to the front gate were they quickly draw their swords and activated their inner energy to its fullest while entering their battle poses ready for the incoming collisions of the Horde. The Magicians on the other hand started casting empowering spells like [Berserk] and [Overpower] on the Warriors along with Protection spells like [Light Shield] and [Pain Negation] while also making sure to save enough mana for their own attack spells.

Before long the Horde made it closer and closer with the Generals, Heirs and leading Noble at the forfront, from Four Miles to

Three Miles

Two Miles

One Mile

Then eventually the collision.


The catastrophic collision completely devasted the walls as the bricks holding it together broke apart as multiple Warriors and Magicians were pushed back a couple feet from the impact while others were crushed by the debris that followed. The Horde having made it into the city quickly engaged the defense force in a bloody battle not noticing the the disapearance of a certain Knight in Silver. 

At the opposite side of the city two shadows were making their way through the City towards the Oppsite Gate of where the defense were stationed. The two manage to make their way to the gate unpeded since all the guards on the other gates were all moved to the main defense wall. But just as they were about to crank the pulley for the iron gates and escape from the city they heard a cataclysmic Explosion followed by smoke rising from the main defense wall followed by the roaring of beast and scream of men. The two shadows Edgar and George quickly turned towards the area of the noise.

"What the hell is going on?" Edgar asked looking towards the smoke.

"The Beast Horde has arrived, but they shouldn't have been big enough to break through the wall" Edgar Claimed with great concern.

"The Horde?" Edgar asked feeling puzzled.

"What? You haven't heard of the Hordes Edgar?" George asked with suprise.

"Well I've never left this city before and no one here ever talk about this Horde" Edgar explained.

"This is a border City, it should have been accustomed to Beast Hordes" George said also feeling puzzled.

As they were conversing multiple building close by the defense wall were exploding as Colossal beast rammed their massive bodies towards it destroying it as the hidden citizens scurried out like Cockroaches as they were easly killed and eaten by the beast.

The Warriors and Magicians fought hard to stop the beast offensive as they were repeatedly being pushed back and killed. Some of them even dropped their weapons and ran for the other Gates to escape the tragedy having watched their fellow man ripped apart and eaten. Even the Titled Mage Gendry Veld was combating a strong Beast Heir as he repeatedly cast spell after spell which proved useless as they were all swiped away by the Humanoid Beast Heir whos strength was on par with a Circle Mage which was the stage after Titled Mage .

*[Light Ray]*


*[Flame Eruption]*


*[Earth Spike]*


Eventually the Beast Heir managed to get close enough to skewer its sharp claws right threw Gendry's stomach incapacitating him. The Humanoid Beast looked straight into Gendry's eyes which was filled with Fear and Sadness as it smiled in pleasure.

" Sp..are Me" Gendry begged as tears ran down his face. But the only reply he recieved was having his Head ripped off his body.


The Humanoid Beast threw Gendry's head on the ground as it rolled over looking into the sky showing his expression, one of pure sadness. The Humanoid Beast went back into the battlefield as it contiued to kill all the Master Warriors and Magicians left standing.

The Noble Beast on the other hand had nothing to do since its power was way above the likes of the defenders of this city. It looked around for the man in silver armor he saw on the wall giving commands when he was charging over, but was not able to spot him. Realizing that the man must have escaped he ordered a portion of his horde to block off the remaining gates and entrap all the humans still in the city before they can feast showing its capacity for thoughts.

The Man in question was running towards the furthest gate opposite of the defense Gate, knowing that the beast would first secure the closest and that he was not fast enough to outrun beast that can travel a mile in mere minutes to reach the area first. Along with the fact that many citizens having noticed the Horde making into the city, were all heading for those side Gates thus impeding the path of the beast and giving him enough time to make it out the furtherest Gate.

Going back to the young teen and old man who briefly stopped due to the young man insisting on staying to carry out his revenge when he realized the Horde as given him a Opportunity.

"Dont be stupid Edgar!!" George bellowed at the young teen.

"This is my chance George, Joseph is fighting in the front lines and is distracted by the beast. I can sneak up on him and kill him" Edgar Proclaimed with eyes full of madness.

"Even if you manage to strike him, your feeble hands wont be able to drive a blade through his toughened skin!!" George assured while grabbing Edgars hand and pulling him towards the exit.

"LET GO OF ME!!" Edgar Exclaimed.

"NO! You're leaving this city with me one way or another!!" George Yelled.

"Why the hell do you care?!! You said we'd go seperate ways after we escaped!!" Edgar Complained, bringing up their agreement in the Prison.

"This is a Suicide Mission!!" George Yelled.

"SO WHAT!!! Let me die I have nobody left anyways" Edgar mumbled with his head facing the ground hiding the tears begining to rise in his eyes.

Hearing the teens words George froze momentarily and turned towards him and spoke.

"DON'T YOU STILL HAVE ME!!" George Shouted.

Edgar looked up towards George as tears began falling down his face.

"So just come with me, alright kid?" George pulled Edgar into a big hug as he comforted.

As the two were having a heart to heart moment a man in silver armor ran out of the darkness and spotted them.

"Well, What do we have here?" the man asked with a cold smile.

Edgar remembering this voice jerked his head around and spotted the robust Joseph with his silver armor making his way towards them as the Fury in his eyes picked up again as he yelled out with rage.



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