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The Magicians path is part of the The Upper Nine Paths alongside Warrior, Templar, Assassin and so on. It mainly consisted of forming magic circles also known as stars on the users heart to be able to be in sync with the mana inside them when casting spells and to feel greater sensitivity towards mana in ones sorrounding.

Each Magic Circle Corresponds to a new realm in the Magicians Path with One Magic Circle being a requisite to be an Apprentice Magician and Two Magic Circles for Adept Magicians and so on with the Maximum Magic Circles being capped at Ten.

The Quality of a Magicians Magic Circles are divided into Common, Uncommon, Rare, Unique, Legendary, and Ancient Grades which each correlates to the potency of the spells cast with it. For example a Common Grade Magic Circle can only cast Common Grade Spells like [Fire Blast] while a Unique Grade Magic Circle can cast [Flame Eruption]. But if an Adept Magician Stacks his Two Common Grade Magic Circles he can release the power of an Uncommon Grade Magic Circle and depending on what grade magic circles you fuse together it will be stronger.

When one creates a Magic Circle it is impossible to replace it with a better one later on, thus when one first tread on the path of Magicians the first magic circle is where your potential and talents for growth is seen. Most people are only able to form a Common Grade Magic Circle for their First, Second and even Third Magic Circles. There have been other talented magicians being able to form Uncommon, Rare, and even Unique Grade Magic Circles for their first, but only one man was able to make a Legendary Grade Magic Circles for his first.

The man became famous long ago and was referred to as the God-Sage Solomon and later created the Empire of Rook on the neighboring Continent of Eve which flourished even to today. But no one as been able to make a Ancient Grade Magic Circle as their first with only Solomon coming the closest by making his Ancient Grade Magic Circle for his Third Circle when even the people whos First magic circles are Unique Grade only managing to do so on their Sixth or Seventh Circle. Even the Most talented Ancient Mage of the current Era Drake Baylor who hailed from the Empire of Rook only manage to create an Ancient Grade Magic Circle on his Fifth Circle.

As the Horde came within the range of the Catapaults Joseph yelled towareds the soldiers operating towards it to launch.

"Fire the Catapaults!!" Joseph Commanded.

"FIRE! FIRE! FIRE!" the soldiers yelled out in unison.

The Sky was colored crimson red with balls of fire numbering fifty or so launched toward the incoming horde. The Beast Noble that was at the head of the horde took notice of the impending collison and ordered the colossal beast under his command to block the balls of fire with their bodies in midair negating its Area effect. Which resulted in the balls of fire exploding mid air with only a few managing to land critical hits. Noticing the action the beast horde was taking to reduce the casualties Joseph was livid with rage.

"These Fucking Beast!!!" Joseph Exclaimed.

"Get ready to barrage them with the Magic Cannons" Gendry seeing the situation commanded. Both him and Joseph were the two highest ranking fighters stationed in this city to protect the border. Usually there were four of them with one per gate, but when news of the Horde coming to the city, the city lord took two of the commanders and fled for safety stating he'll return when the dust settles. 

"Yes Commander Veld" the soldiers replied as they moved to get ready to light the fuse for the Sixty or so cannons stationed on the wall.

"FIRE!!!" Gendray Commanded as he began to float two inches off the ground and started casting his own Five Star spell.

The Sound of bombardents filled the entire city as the land shook from the explosive impacts the cannons caused striking their intented targets. Multiple beast were blown apart by the cannons as their limbs and guts sprayed all over their fellow beast as they continued charging.

Everything was going good until a Beast General grabbed a Cannon ball without setting it off and launched it right back at the castle walls.


The castle wall shook as multiple men on the wall were send flying by the aftershock down the wall dying on landing. Before the soldiers could understand the situation, more cannon balls were making their way back towards the wall devastating it.




Sections of the wall cracked as the Warriors standing on them starting falling back from the impact. The Magicians on the other hand had set up [Light Shields] Around themselves negating the impact of the cannons, though some were cracked they manage to fully protect the Magicians.

"CEASE FIRE!! CEASE FIRE!!" Joseph Ordered Frantically.

Complying with Joseph's commands the Warriors ceased operations of the Magic Cannons, silencing the loud barrage that was soon replaced with the rumblings of the horde as they got closer to the wall. Seeing the horde entering within the range of the Magicians he ordered them to cast [Starfall].

"Cast [Starfall] Now!!" Joseph Commanded.




The skies soon changed from crimson red that it once was and turned violet as purple stars were seen falling towards the never ending horde. The Horde was dealt a great blow as the stars disintegrate everything within Ten Feet of its landing leading to a great sum of casaulties among the horde as they were all packed together. Only the Generals and Heir rank beast were able to repel the power of the Purple stars while the rest was at its mercy.

"Keep Casting the spell!! The rest of you keep supplying mana to the Master Magicians!!" Joseph Ordered.

But even with the great destruction [Starfall] cost on the horde their numbers was still great as they got Ten miles closer to the walls of the city.

"Did you finish casting your spell?" Joseph asked turning towards the chanting Gendry.

"Done" Gendry spoke as he clasped his hand together causing a great light to erupt from his body which he then focused to his palm making a ball of light. He aimed his palm forward towards the impending horde and casted his spell that took him quite some time to form.

*[Light Sear]*

The ball of light turned into a beam as it shot towards the center of the horde at a tremendous speed managing to land in the blink of an eye. The Light burned everything in its path to dust including a couple General Beast as they were taken off guard until it finally landed on the leader of the Horde the Noble Beast who single handedly blocked the beam with his hands and pushed back causing the magic circle Gendry used to cast the spell to break apart.


Gendry dropped to the ground from the backlash as he vomitted blood all over the ground. Finally stopping to look towards the Noble Beast with eyes full of Fear and dread.

"SHIT!! We dont stand a chance!!" Gendry spoke as he panicked looking for an escape from the situation.

Joseph seeing Gendry's broken state clicked his tongue as he himself finally decided to abandon his post.


A note from Dimos

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