The Beast are all divided into ranks based on their level of evolution starting from Wild Beast. They can then kill other beings including beast to consume their flesh and energy to trigger an evolution. The Beast start from Wild Beast when they are born then progress into a Ferocious Beast then Monstrous Beast followed by Colossal Beast with each transformation making them bigger than the last and granting them great destructive capabilities. The strength of a colossal beast is equivalent to a Master Magician or Master Warrior in theory.

Beast then go through a different change when progressng to their next evolution the Beast General, as they aquire the innate ability to rally lesser beast to form a small horde of at least one thousand beast along with a humanoid body that compresses their abundant energy and life force. The Evolution that follows is the Beast Heir whos rallying power along with innate strength is greater than the General with at least Five Thousand beast in their Hordes including a couple Generals. They are followed by the Beast Nobles who are pureblooded beast whos descendents are Beast Heir when they are concieved and they lead Big Hordes of at least Ten Thousands beast with Generals and Heirs mixed in. After the nobles are the Beast Tyrants who command certain regions and lead Tyrannical Hordes of at least Twenty Thousand or more beast and are the bane of Big cities. They are succeeded by the Beast Lords which used to be the strongest amongst the beast whos Royal Hordes consisted of at least Forty Thousand beast and were a nightmare to kingdoms after being driven from their nest.

The horde was more than just one entity, it was split into many factions that was each headed by a Beast Lord whos strength was equivalent to that of a Holy Knight and Grand Mage in theory. Before the founding of the republic of pell the Beast Lords would never leave their nest in the Western part of the continent. Due to the republics sudden emergence which housed the Piscus Covenant alonside the Empyrean Order, the Beast Lords had no choice but to flee their ancestral nest or risk the possiblity of extermination.

Over time the Hordes began enroching the Six Kingdoms lands as they were less of a risk than the republic which was a singular entity. But because of the multiple factions of the Hordes they were never succesful in claiming any lands of the Six Kingdoms for some time. The horde were easy to repel with the Kingdoms forces but overtime they started noticing the strength of the Hordes increasing until the first Evolution of a Beast Lord on the Pestis continent took place that led to the birth of the first Beast Emperor Dragnus the Flood Dragon. The Emperors power rivaled those of Heavenly Knights and Ancient Sages and even showed signs of surpassing them, with his newfound power he managed to rally multiple factions into his Horde which would later be called the Dragon Horde the first Imperial Horde. He later claimed the destroyed lands of the Kingdom of Everos that was being colonized by the Six Kingdoms.

The Kingdom of Marv which was at the time the 3rd strongest amongst the Six Kingdoms tried to reclaim their lost lands, but were beaten back on multiple occasions that resulted in the loss of one of their Three Heavenly Knights along with the crippling of their only Ancient Sage. The other Kingdoms fearing the same fate decided to relinquish their hold on the Everos Lands and retreated albeit taking pleasure in the weakening of their rival kingdom. After the incident the Kingdom Alliance commenced a meeting to plan further actions against the Beast Emperor threat which led nowhere with each kingdom trying to safeguard their own interest. At the end they came to the consensus that if the Dragon Horde invades one of the Kingdoms the rest are all obligated to send a considerable force headed by a Heavenly Knight or Ancient Sage or risk being excommunicated by the other five Kingdoms.

After the meeting the Kingdom Allliance started blocking off the lost lands leaving their citizens who were on the other side to the mercy of the beast horde. As time passed more Beast Emperors rose amongst the many factions spread out around the Six Kingdoms with the notable ones being the Phoenix and Tiger Hordes. Fearing the growth of beast hordes the Kingdoms send out multiple adventurer parties to find the root cause of the Beast faciliated growth, but none were successful as they were all killed except a few lucky survivors.

Eventually this led to the Republic taking great interest and invading the lands of some Beast Emperors to find the secret. This led to an incident of Two Beast Emperors joining into an alliance to siege the Republic which ended in their demise, but not before dealing considerable damage to the Republics Armed Forces, but not managing to slay any of their Heavenly Knights or Ancient Sages which goes to prove the Republics Might.

Now on the border city of Ars a Horde that spread beyond the horizon can be seen charging towards the city with a sandstorm trailing behind them. Standing on the city wall donning a silver armor was the Gate Commander Joseph Clad and next to him was a Titled Mage 'Gendry Veld' that was casting an observation spell to estimate the numbers of the Horde.

"How many?" Joseph inquired.

"Around Ten thousand, Commander" the mage answered.

"So its not a small sized horde" Joseph said clenching his fist.

"No Sir. Its a Large sized Horde, the Report was wrong" the mage hissed.

"Fucking Great!" Joseph exclaimed.

"Men, ready the catapaults" Joseph ordered.

"Yes Commander" the Soldiers complied.

"How many Magicians do we have Gendry?" Joseph asked looking towards the mage.

"About Three Hundred Commander, with Ten Master Magicians, Thirty Expert Magicians, Seventy something Adept Magicians and the rest Apprentice Magicians" Gendry Reported.

"I'ts not enough to take on a Beast Nobles Horde" Joseph said with certainty.

"We need at least a Eminent Knight or a High Mage if we hope to defeat this Horde" Gendry Ascertained.

"Gather all available personnel from all the other Gates here even the guards in the Hold" Joseph Ordered. 

"Yes Commander" the Soldiers replied moving into action. 

Joseph watched the soldiers move out to execute his command as he turned his attention to the horde coming closer when he went into deep thought.

"Dammit I'm not planning on dying here, if I got no choice i'll abandon this post and seek asylum in Navar. Seeing as I'm a titled Knight they would be more than glad to have me. The only problem is that these buffoons will run too if they see me abandon ship and then we'll all be fucked over by this horde. Theres no way im dying for this shitty Kingdom though it was fun executing everyone who broke the law here and having my way, but sadly all good things must come to an end." Joseph thought

"Commander" Gendry said waving at Joseph who was in deep thought.

"Sorry, What were you saying" Joseph having come back to reality replied.

"What formation are we doing to combat this horde?" Gendry asked.

"Get all the Master Magicians on the wall to start casting the Four Star Mass Spell [Starfall] and have the rest replenish their mana with [Mana Link] Spell. Also get all the Master Warriors on the wall to protect the magicians if any beast make it up the wall and have them shoot the Valinx Arrows until they arrive. Get the Catapults ready when they get within firing range I want them all fired as one" Joseph ordered having come to a decision with himself.

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